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Hi, I’m Bloody Butterfly

I was born in a muslim family, but I found many bugs and irrational reasons for my religion so it’s about 4 years that I’m an atheist.
I have studied different religions and I’m here to learn about magick, and I like magick because it has the freedom I’m always searching for.
All I want from magick and spirits is knowledge and I hope you teach me your art…

Thank you :slight_smile:

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If you are truly seeking the truth. It will find you.


hello everyone.

im 24 from germany but im moving a lot because of work.

i have been practicing since 11.

Practicing what, exactly? Please tell us what you have experience in, because this tells us absolutely nothing.

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Hi friends!
Hope Your OK
I’m newcomer but i hope it’s OK
My real name Bwambale Yasin but I am not a Magician but i help from you such that i should have my the life i desire.

Since 15th year i started away to become a cult but till now i have never gained my dreams and I’m now 24 years
So i came looking for help from you because i need fulfill my dreams

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Greetings! :smiley:


I like to practice in summoning demons
I do not want to share my name and would like to be referred to as Carmasiel or just remain anonymous.
I only want to be able to summon the strongest of demons, but struggle in doing so.

Thank you for doing an introduction as requested, but you haven’t told us if you have any actual experience.

What exactly do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

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I practice Evocation and have for approximately 1 year. I really would like to know more.

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Hi I’m Akari and I’m pretty new to all this. I came across demons literally today and want to become more advanced in Demonology. Trying to find some sort of teacher to help guide me through the different ways of demonology and just give advice on the dark arts in general. Thanks

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Hey im Liz. Im new here and I hope you guys can help me and teach me as i go through lkfe. I’m currently struggling with trying to get back with my ex. He wont even talk to me right now and 2 weeks ago he moved into his dads an hour away with my son. I only get to see my son on weekends. I miss my family and just want us to be whole and living together and happy again. Any help would be appreciated. I’m pretty desperate cuz I know were meant to be together and I feel like im losing him and myself at the same time. Thank you all in advance and much love in ur own travels.


Welcome @Lizzy

Do you have any experience in magick?

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Ive been a pagan for 5 years. But ive never had anyone to mentor me and teach me anything. Ive kinda been blindly trying to figure things out on my own. Now ive hit rock bottom and I really need help.

What do you mean by “pagan?” Do you follow a particular system of worship?

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I dont actually follow any particular religious practice. I was told that I believe is called paganism. I believe in the power of nature and spirits, and the power of the mind. That magic is real and offerings to spirts and gods and goddesses will help with spells, but ultimately the outcome of a spell depends on ones intent. There there is no such thing as good and bad magic its all about intent.


Hi there! Im yui6748,0yeah that girl dis is my second account and i cant reply from dat anymore

Thank you for elucidating more @Lizzy, and welcome :slight_smile:


Hello! I am Hailee. I have never personally practiced any magic before, but I have always found it extremely beautiful. I know beautiful may be a odd word to use, but the practice and art of it seems extremely beautiful to me. I really like the darker kind of magic and rituals. Here is some of my current goals followed by my struggles.
Some of my currents goals is to have a Good life, and make many memories along the way. But also explore the unknown, I believe there is tons of unknown things in this world! I would like to slowly bring myself along the way to start opening myself up to doing some light magic. I want to learn many things about magic. Of course while doing it safely.

But among other things my life has some downsides. I have never been capable of keeping friends for too long, or any lovers. I have struggled with depression as well as anxiety my whole life making it hard to socialize or even get out of bed. I struggle but refuse to let anything get me down! So I look forward to the future and not dwell on small things.


Sorry for time taken to post an intro just figured it out​:nerd_face:My name is Alfie my path before was Golden Dawn for almost 30 yrs but faith wears thin.I was introduced to lhp about 2 yrs ago after a health scare and docs meds I shouldn’t have been on caused me a full yr of anxiety and panic attacks,I was at my wits end couldnt see an out.I contacted someone I knew from school who said she worked with demons and it didnt faze me I’d have sold my soul for respite.I,m a great reader so I started working with this girl and slowly but surely I could feel,see an out but little did i know the girl was scared of most demons.After 1 bout with Asmodeus she was terrified and left me to fend for myself but I thought it was amazing and decided there and then to start working on my own.After a while I started to realise I had been the one healing myself not her and wondered why she kept asking me to join rituals which i presumed was fir healing but upon doing my own research i soon figured it was to further her business aims and actually made me really I’ll again.I was really mad by then and vowed i,d never be had again so i started working with 1st Dantalion but it seemed like temporary relief maybe 3 days then after going through with help of this site near every spirit that healed and found Beleth and right away I noticed my anxiety had left but still wary I kept working with him and realised It really was gone and even when I did feel anxious I had a strength to deal with it.I owed there and then this was my path no doctor or angel had done nothing for me so I owed them nothing.I started studying and had heard about long invocations and started few 21 day invocations after 1st one which was a mistake I did one with Belial and from there everything changed including my awareness.I felt his energy so strong and after about the 3rd day I started hissing,mouth wide open and the energy I had after was unbelievable.I started also getting my old mental strength back but this was more than normal my anxiety was gone and I had this confidence and my initial fear of demons was gone too and shortly after and everytime since I have had partial possessions where I started noticing I was moving my head from side to side like a snake,then as I said the hissing started and I was taking intakes of breath no human should be doing but the energy was empowering me in every way possible then I started hearing in my mind "dance of the dragon? I hadnt a clue what was going on and since after another few 21 day invocations to Lucifer,Hekate and I’m doing one right now with Lilith I have went through all sorts of dances that I can only describe as animalistic?I feel I’m a serpent then a big cat animal?Then a dragon and sounds mad but I feel my shoulders being pulled back and I have wings,I hadnt a clue what was happening to me but not once have I been frightened and through probably a month of research and asking questions which nobody seemed to know either I’ve found out it’s my own dragon awakening.I am still a but confused to why its happening to me but im in it till the end and again I havent a clue how long this will last but it’s my path now,that im 100% sure of now.I also noticed I can go into this state without just by closing my eyes now and I said to some friends I dont think I need any equipment now and I’ve proved that to myself by summoning demons without a sigil or enn just my intent?Honestly I havent a clue what’s happening and even folk on this path for yrs cant tell me what or why it’s going on as none have been through it except one a girl I know who I said I’d go in with Lucifer with for moral support has started mirroring my actions so much so we even swap videos and experiences daily to show how similar they are.We are as surprised as each other as to why us maybe someone can shed some light on it?I’m sorry this was so long winded but I feel I’d be doing a disservice if I didnt explain how much this path and demons have helped me and gave me a purpose again I dont know what yet but I feel my lifes just starting now.:black_heart:

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Hello everyone