Newbie summoning Demons to improve in studies exponentially

19 M Singapore

Spiritual Experience 7/10. Magical Experience 2/10.

Have read a couple of books over the past weel. I learnt quite alot but there seems to be many conflicting information in many different sources that I am just confused. For eg, some say the invocation process does not need to be that strick, some say there must be three invocations and a goodbye if not it will mess you up. Some say you should not say goodbye. Im wondering what is the quickest and correct way to summon a demon who can get me into that trance-like semi possesed state so that I can gargle down 2 years content in 2 month and get top 10 percent for my high school living exams. It is absolutely crucial I ace it. Now I am near 90 percentile despite studying but I feel like my cognitive abilities is not fully being pushed despite me trying so hard.

Appreciate any direction


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You might find this post helpful:

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I had already looked into that post and a few others before creating my account.

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I still feel like there has been little anecdotal experience of people invoking demons for academic success. I would like to hear more of those and how much they helped you.

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What does this mean? This tells us nothing.

What kind of experience do you have?

Do you actually practice anything?

If so, what do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

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Like I mentioned in the following paragraph, the only magical experience I have is by reading books for the past week. This is what I meant by magical experience 2/10. However I am spiritual and have had above-average spiritual experiences. And I am a newbie so I havent practiced occult related/witchcraft before, or any other ‘magic’ for that matter. Most were jusr mantras and etc related to spirituality not magick

What kind of spiritual experiences?

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I dont want to get into details as they are quite personal and plenty small small incidents which point to this conclusion. I was told I was spiritually gifted by many people at a young and have had strong clairvoyant abilities which I no longer possess. Most of them happened when I was even before 15 before I even knew what they were. Now only I am learning the terms associated with them. Its like deep within me I knew what to do? I have done astral projection just because I knew how to,

Well Belial seems to be a go-to for academic success. Most recently. there was this story of Belial basically boosting the intelligence of an entire class of kids:

Although to be fair, im not sure if it was an actual intelligence boost as much as it was just a boost in work ethic.

For future reference, I have a thread that i update every few months or so with links to success stories from various users which you may find useful on your journey


Hey- I knew my kids knew their shit for the most part, I just needed them to not choke on test day (as so many do)….I should add though that I never would have expected those numbers in a million years. The test is just too hard…,but, Crocell is who I call when I need to learn a lot of stuff quickly!


If you are confident enough in your English, the demon Kalotes from the book Lucifer and the Hidden Demons can help you learn fast and easily. I’ve summoned this power multiple times and have had good results every time. You still have to study but the demon will assist. There are also demons in the book that can make you calm and clear minded during intense situations, like a high-pressure exam, and other powers that can help with academics.

If you’d rather work with the Goetia demons instead of Lucifer, Demons of Magick and The Magick of Angels and Demons are good books. Back in the day I worked with Barbatos on a science project with good results.

You don’t need to have dramatic manifestations in the ritual for the magick to work. Follow the instructions and the demon will hear you, whether you sense the demon or not.

For some mundane advice, focus on testing yourself, not rote repetition. Think of it this way. On the actual exam, you have to remember the material or solve the problems without your notes, so you should practice doing this before the real thing. It’s ok if you mess up or get it wrong during studying - that’s the whole point. There should be no concern in your mind at all as you walk into the exam because you should be able to remember every single thing that you think could be on it. Focusing on quizzing and testing yourself will get you to this. Don’t just read about a topic, try to remember as much as you can first, then double-check yourself. Try to solve any problem on your own first, then look stuff up only as you need to. This will feel more difficult at first but is most effective overall and will actually end up saving you study time.

For information on the science of learning, check out this website. In my opinion the order of importance is - Retrieval Practice, Spaced Practice, Interleaving, Elaboration, Concrete Examples, Dual Coding. Basing your studying around these will let you learn more in less time. In case it helps build some confidence within you, I got into one of the world’s best universities (around 13% acceptance rate) and used these study techniques to climb from the dumbest to one of the most knowledgeable in my class while also doing music and being a martial arts club president, and maintaining a social life. I realize that university entrance exams can be brutal in Asia, but if you summon a demon to assist and study smart you should be fine.


Actually just to second this…I was looking through the Demons of Magick book today and I stumbled on an entity that does exactly what you’re looking for called Vapula. According to his description, he can rapidly make you an expert in any field of study, so you may want to try him out.


Oh my goodness.

I went to buy candles for her yesterday and was thinking of summoning here after reading so many praise posts in her regard for academics. I fell asleep last night by accident and when I woke up I was thinking of summoning belial.

I am thinking of using petition to results and follow the methodology in Demons of Magick.

Do you think the effects could be rather extreme? I know asking stuff like making someone a billionaire without any means does not work since there is almost no way for it to happen. But I am asking something rather unrealistic as well, jumping from the bottom of the class to the top.


Jumping from the bottom to the top of class is not unrealistic. There have been many success stories doing just that. My suggestion here though if you’re going the Demons of Magick method is to go with Vapula first, as his description in the book is more in line with what you’re looking for (ie. an improvement in your learning ability). With belial, im more under the impression that he can help boost your work ethic, but he wont necessarily make you smarter (ie., making it easier for you to understand and absorb the material you’re reading). I’d probably do a separate ritual with him. Crocell as @56cpdb pointed out may be even better than Vapula for what you’re looking for, because he is especially good at helping folks in formal study (ie. college courses). If you do a thorough look through all the descriptions in the DoM book, you’ll see all this



The last will teach you more than you can know, and speaks softly and abruptly.

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I mean that’s exactly what I did so I wouldn’t call that unrealistic. You have to put in the time to study and to do the magick, but if you do that then you will see the results.

Demons of Magick is a good book. I’ve manifested many results with these demons. The petition ritual works well, but I would encourage you to move on to the practice of evocation as soon as you feel ready. You may also wish to petition Vine to assist you in improving your magickal abilities.

If you study the methods I linked to above, these will improve your studies tremendously. Very few know of the work done by modern scientists in the field of learning and memory, and even fewer respect this work. Put it into practice and you will see why I value it highly.

And somewhat off-topic, but you can do magick to become a billionaire if that is what you want. There are pathways to such wealth that exist in the world, and magick can reveal the path. Your path will be unique to you. It is up to you whether or not you choose to walk this path.


Just did my first evocation with Vapula.

  1. I made a few mistakes, like skipping ahead of procedures mentioned in the Demons of Magick. For instance, under core ritual, I skipped the part of calling her and her angelic emissionaries formally despite evoking them through the evocation keys and went on to read my petition. After reading the petition i realised i forgot to call her and went back to recite the formal address.I only made two or three mistakes like this which I went back to rectify.

  2. I did not feel much of a presence because I was reading out from the summary while performing the rituals to ensure I dont miss out anything as I practised it, so it could be because I wasnt 100% solely focussed on it like I would do when I am meditating.

However, there was this one brief moment where as I got up to get my phone after doing the ritual I felt like my body was lagging, like my shadow behind me was out of sync for a while. I dont believe that this was a sign of Vapula’s presence as it could be because I had to use a lot of sensory imagination during the ritual and this was a spillover effect.

I just hope vapula heard my petition to result! If any more advices do let me know ie: Should I do it again tomorrow?



If weird shit happens right after you summon a demon, it was probably the demon.

You don’t need to repeat the ritual. Close enough is good enough.