Occult and mainstream science

hey man jani is a fraud…i did the sun gazing over 9 months…as described by hrm one of the proponents of breatherianism…and guess what i am still not a breatharian…

try searching hira ratan manek sun gazing

i also tried kriya yoga but it only led me to trippy experiences…

just prove to me that the masters are just not your hallucinations

tell them o master just give us one piece of advanced never before seen technology just to prove your existence and produce it…thats it…we require nothing more…you will be a legend

if the masters ask us to worship them well do it…just prove they exist

Right? I am not claiming that title, lol, but I definitely see a pragmatism in magickal elitism. Just imagine your average American voter having the knowledge to do high magick…terrifying.

I would not be so sure it has not happened before, albeit unintentionally: Tesla, for example.

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u guys should read ramanujans account…his village deity gave him entire equations and he didnt know anything about those equations…go and read his story,its a classic occult case study and he is one of the greatest mathematician inspite of being a poor Indian brahmin.It almost was as if he had channeled the data.

Lol not that far enough in magic to have trippy hallucinations, I’m practically armchair with lucid dreaming abilities. Don’t know any masters but I assume that after a certain point there are people that are uber mages.

Also is that mathematician not enough? Surely his example should be all the proof you need that the occult is real.

tbh, i dont really know what hes looking for. He came here looking for people to prove the use of magick as a utility to better ones life in a visible way…i provide a link with literally hundreds of examples from users on here over the years…and silence. Before we start moving the goal posts (now he seems to want proof of mages using magick to solve math problems)…can we actually address the presented evidence of people here actually using magick in a tangible way? heres the link again


That’s the real problem. It’s not consistent, at least in my case.
In my 25+ years of magical practice, I witnessed only once something completely unbelievable and few other things very hard to explain. Everything else was more of subjective nature.
The scientific method puts much more on how to disapprove hypothesis than how to find the answers that would be devastating for the science in totality. JMO


thanks for the link

Some of us just aren’t in it for the fame.


How do you know you have astral projected?

That’s been my experience as well.

I would say it is more about how mainstream science applies the scientific method in regards to that. Egyptologists are notorious for this sort of thing. Any time new data is literally unearthed that could force them to rewrite events they have a tendency to go out of their way to try to prove it wrong without also delving in to why the modification of historical accounts could be correct, or at the very least changed.


Yes. It helped my change my psychology so I don’t want to harm myself anymore and my pain subsided when I looked to a goddess for help. It changed the way I think and the way I live. I don’t know how much of it is hard science and how much of it was “from my head”, but I can tell you; it works if you know what you’re doing.

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In response to your reply to me, @Thedarkpilgrim … Some people in the occult do study botany and herbal medicine, especially when they embark on a herbalism path. Placebo effects also happen sometimes with crystal and faith healings. In fact the crystal placebo works on me, even though I understand it’s a placebo effect. Psychology is unfortunately one of the less-understood areas of study in general, everywhere.

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Oh absolutely.I would even go so far as to say it is fringe science much in the spirit of what magicians do.

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I have been through the link verdo sent…its purely coincidental that these things occured…if magick were real there would be a mechanism a time frame signature symptoms and signs by which spirits work and you could predict how your target will die or fall in love with you consistently…for example if i kill you with a knife everytime i will leave a great wound and there will be blood loss in great amount otherwise you cant die…and its verifiable every single time…thats how forensic medicine works…so it can be predictable if a spirit works how it works,like specific delusions symptoms consistently in all targets and that can be even used to identify the spirit…i congratulate u on ur success definitely but i dont think its magick its just chance, fucked up socio economic and family situations,natural health problems, ,psychological problems ,environmental problems of your target…

it is also a noted fact that occult related problems are prevalent in communities who believe in them…so ur enemy knows u r a mage and believes that u have power…they may self harm themselves…occult is hardly a problem in atheistic developed societies…

so unless occultists can prove they have verifiable strange info like koetting claims about the nabatean language the demons speak to him…so far through histories

there must be a specific time frame,specific signs and symptoms,duration of the signs and symptoms and specific patterns in which they manifest,specific mechanisms of action,specific treatment that you and i can readily observe and reproduce consistently, for a spirit activity otherwise you could just say anything as spirit activity.

if the target dies 2 yr 6 yrs even 20 yrs late with just about any fucking disease or accident anyone could claim magick worked, when simply it was other natural factors …

plus koetting never gives evidence of performing the devils stone ritual which would be a hard proof of materialisation which he says he has mastered.

Do you honestly think that just because a civillization has sorcerers that those sorcerers will work towards the good of the community as a whole? Most sorcerers quite frankly don’t seem to care what happens to their country. They just go up into a mountain and are never heard of again.

Especially with the Buddhists, most are all too happy to just stay in some mountain without being heard of by anyone. MAGICK IS REAL. You can’t say otherwise after having seen blatant telekinesis at work. It’s just that a lot of people who can do this simply don’t care one bit about fame, recognition or wealth.

Also, people are SO BLIND that they won’t believe in magick even after seeing it right in front of them. There are VIDEOS for goodness sake. People try to rationalize away blatant demonstrations of supernatural power instead of just accepting what is real.