2 recent Success Stories

I was feeling bored so I thought to share my recent success stories with you…

1.) Made a Seduction talisman using spirits from Black pullet to woo a girl in my college…With whom I had NEVER EVER talked… The very next day I had a exam .so i was studying ( studying = checking out girls :stuck_out_tongue: ) with my friend…on the stairs near examination hall…

Suddenly that girl came and said to me -" ( My Name ) you are going to help me in the exam …right ? " … I was shocked as we had never ever talked … I was like WTF! We never talked , so how I am supposed to help you ?

I don’t know what happened to my friend suddenly… He said to the girl…that I ( adhi69 ) has been looking for her on facebook and couldn’t find her …

The girl ( in very blushing manner ) took her phone out and sent me friend request at that moment only…I could see her the spark in her eyes… Wow… We have been chatting for quite some time now… So its upto me now… How I handle this situation from now onwards… I got what I wanted… :slight_smile:

Also I have noticed that I get very lovely " glances " from other girls… :slight_smile:

2.) There was a very boring lecture of Engineering graphics going on… The teacher was absolutely a sucker…

So I had an idea…( inspired from a post on some other forum)

I began chanting EA’s 3rd incantation i.e to Rouse Vengeful Destruction while visualising a dak black Mist enclosing my teacher’s body…

After 5-7 minutes of repeated chanting and visualization… Suddenly my teacher started feeling dizzy… He drank some water … But still he was feeling weird… So he left the class as ge grew unwell… I was happy … That was exactly what i wanted…But he sent another teacher to continue the lecture… FUCk :confused:

Hope you Enjoyed reading it :slight_smile:


Hahaa! sounds fun and cool.

It’s so nice to read about success.

LOL, you are having fun bro.

Hi where can I find information about the black pulley. Thanks

There’s a surprisingly large amount of magickal info on the normie web by now, and you’re in luck with this one, because there are many texts of it freely available, and out of copyright. :+1:

Just make sure to check your spelling, copy-paste a name if it’s a bit complicated or whatever.

Click here for Mysteries… :wink:


Can you share the black pullet talisman method?

Awesome man thats great

Glad to hear you’re discovering the only real power in existence, i.e. your consciousness/imagination. Continue the path of self-discovery my friend.