I have a little idea for a new thread on here. Moderators please give advice/instructions. Please read details below

Hey guys, i want to start a thread on here where new mages can just put from their direct experience something(s) they tried and succeeded with on their magickal journey/in their practice. Specifically, people should/would come to the thread and say what they did, the reaults of their efforts, and why they think it worked for them, etc. They can only put something they tried themselves and saw work successfully, or tips the spirits told them directly. Nothing from other people that is not confirmed, nothing from books that they have not attempted themselves on their own time, no speculation. Their’s already some threads on here for what some texts claim should be implemented into a person’s Craft but few about actually trying it and the results in real life. I was able to make some progress with Thoth and some other knowledge spirits so i could share a bit of what has helped me successfully so far on the path. I’m viewing Magick as some kind of a forbidden Science and with Science, there’s Trial & Error in Experiments. I just would like to document our successes and the variables that led to our breakthroughs/bits of knowledge. Ideally, once everyone starts putting their combined knowledge into the thing, new Mages can see the thread Just testing the waters for rn. When someone responds with pointers or objections, I’ll start with a little list I have of breakthroughs and the methods and the spirits I was working with/was attempting to contact, what worked and why I think it worked.

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We have a thread for this :smiley:

Some entries are contributed long after the respective author has interacted with the forum by mods or other members, but everyone - new mages and experienced practicioners- is free to post their successes and their reasoning behind the success in here :muscle:


Great minds think alike! The success repository hasn’t been posted in in a while, it would be great to revive it :slight_smile: