Belial-Paimon got me in top college

Hi guys I wanna share my awesome experience working with belial and king paimon.

It was A level results release day and I wasn’t exactly over the top with my results but definitely good enough to into a average college, so I thought. However, things didn’t turn out the way I expected because to my astonishment, I was rejected by all colleges despite exceeding the requirements by some amount.

As a devout Christian( used to be ) I prayed day and night to yaweh, begging him to grant me a college placing and I really didn’t want to upset my parents. Either I wasn’t sincere enough or that Christian god dont give a fuck, my subsequent appeals were rejected as well.

I was helpless, depressed , lost my hope for my future(I was planning so much for college then). My guilt and sense of failure were intensified by my parents disappointments on top of the expensive school fees opting for private college.

I was dead inside. Desperate.

A year after( this year), I reapplied for college again and I realized that hurdles were higher than previous year. I was about to give up when I came across this forum
(Paimon has given me definitive proof that magick exists. -All hail King Paimon!) where I found out about the wonders and miracles that ancient deities could do for you. I summoned belial at first and subsequently paimon right after I submitted my applications. I didn’t feel or hear anything during the invocation but somehow I felt that they’re listening. I dripped a few drips of blood into a cup of red wine each for both belial and king paimon.

A week later which is last Tuesday, I randomly checked on my application and since I didn’t receive a email from any college I wasn’t expecting anything. When I opened it ,I froze, I thought I was dreaming and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing…I WAS OFFERED A PLACING IN ONE OF TOP COLLEGE( I fell short by a large margin btw). It was unbelieveable and family and I were over the moon it was the BEST surprise and the BEST gift I’ve ever received. From not being able to get into any college to getting in a top college with the same results not mention it was specifically the college that offers huge amount of subsidies, a large burden off my parents’ shoulders … man if it wasn’t a miracle idk what is.

So that was my experience abt working with belial and king paimon although I’m still pretty new to this but I think I’ve got myself a new religion now :slight_smile: the ones that actually cares.

So to all those high schoolers applying for colleges this is what belial and king paimon can offer. Glory to Belial and King Paimon.


Look at you go! Congratulations!


Thanks @Raven_Maleficus! Belial and king paimon gave me life and I’m planning to set up a altar for them in my dorm as a form of gratitude.


I see you have been on the forum for a week now and have not yet posted an introduction in the Intro thread. Please do so, as it is one of the few rules of this forum.


Alrighty thanks @DarkestKnight

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well done man :slight_smile: yeah i was also a christian who prayed and prayed to get things done, but never could get what i wanted in that faith. Cant argue with the results that these supposedly evil entities bring


Congratulations. Well done. Keep up the good work!


It was my heart to read things like these ! You don’t quite find it like BALG.

Yes bro, now go to college and get out into the world ! I’m so happy for you !


Congratulations!! I wish you the best.

I just started the get in touch with King Paimon and same, amazing results. I just can’t stop talking about him, reading about him, wanting to bond with him. He’s just perfect! I think that if you want to have someone at your side to help you with knowledge he’s one of the great ones in my opinion.


Belial is very good with jobs and promotions


Awesome news. My situation is kind of similar. I need to get my financial life in order and made a pact with Belial. I haven’t yet received a new job or high-paying job but that was only like a week ago I think.

I also was a very religious RIGHT HAND path person and was always praying to the gods. And while the gods did give me some high realization about the divine, in terms of material things they did nothing for me.

In the end i don’t make the distinction of right hand or left hand, it’s all one path to me. It’s all leading to the same goal. And after making that pact with Belial, i suddenly felt a very strong urge to start reading certain Vedas again. If the “left hand path” gods are “evil” or “demons”, why would they urge me to read right-hand path religious scriptures?


Wow, what an amazing and powerful experience you were granted Mombromm. I want to learn the CORRECT way to also summon Belial and king Paimon just like you did!! I applaud your amazing and wonderful success!!! Congrats


Congrats OP on getting into such a great college! :blush:

The Elders Are Not EVIL

Definitely one of my favorite success stories on here. Also one of the posts which led me to work with King Belial regarding education-related matters too ( Preschool Teacher by Day, Practitioner of Magick by Night: A Journal - #16 by ParadoxicalPAT ).:heart:


Congratulations! I am so happy for you.