Evocation of Lilith for a love ritual/ritual to get an ex back

She’s more likely to help you get over your ex, than help get you back together with one.


What if she’s asked to get him back though?

That would be up to the person evoking Lilith and also up to Lilith.

There is no “typical” when it comes to magic, it can take minutes or it can take years. Also depends on a few factors like the strength of your intent in the spell, and how many factors are working against you (i.e. your ex being angry at you); magic tends to take the path of least resistance, it can take longer to manipulate circumstances in some cases.

Also there are other demons you can call on – Orias might be a good one, or Sitri, or Dantalion.

@RoyalAquarian I appreciate you have strong views on this but moralising isn’t really helpful to the OP.


Thank you! I paid the person already to do the ritual. She has not done it yet. And she works specifically with Lilith only.

Fair enough. You might want to read some success stories to bolster your faith in the meanwhile. :slight_smile:

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There is not one specific time period for manifestations. If you truly let go and accept that the magick will work when the time is right, then the right time may come very soon.

Read any book on magick , and you will find one theme that comes up over and over again; lust for results. It is said that if you lust desperately for results, then you will not get them.

I know it is hard to do when the need is important but whenever your desire comes into your mind, let yourself feel relief, as though you already have what you want. This method defuses lust.

Know that Lilith has heard you and will manifest your desires, and be patient. Leave your rituals open, and be grateful when the results come. Results can come to you instantly, or they can take hours, days, weeks, months or more.


Thank you, that’s very helpful.
I have faith in Lilith that she will get my ex back. I do not want to get over him. I want him back. It is up to Lilith. I know she will get my ex back - I love him and do not want to get over him only to start having sex with some unknown man. No thanks, the mere thought is repulsive. No other man will touch me except my love. Hail Lilith!

It hits to close to home dude. I almost killed my self over a girl. We messed each other up and in the end, even know I miss her and wish things could have gone a diffrent way, no amount of magic is worth getting her back. I should have handled it like an adult, not like a 9th grader. I’m just saying don’t go flinging magic at your problems like your not the one that cause them. We are all still human, just admit that you goofed and want to start over. I don’t understand how you could just want sex form a person YOU hurt.
I’ve been there man, don’t go messing with the Cosmos because you don’t want to handle your issues in person. People are way more understanding then we give them credit for.

so what do you mean here? did you use magic to influence that person?

It take 3 to 3 months to get one back.lilith is approaching whit a little caution.and yes offering did I ask the caster wat was the offering? I’m a guy but I work whit lilith 2 times,basic but I got learning from people and friends how to make it work,offerings ,blood to tis kind of magicka is necessary.

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He hurt me as much as I hurt him. It’s a very long and complicated story.

This honestly isn’t the appropriate place to be giving out relationship advice. I think you are in the wrong forum. I was asking about rituals that evoke Lilith, not relationship advice about myself and my ex. This is making me not want to post on here, seeing that I am being personally attacked, so to speak. Lilith will do as she pleases. Hail Lilith!

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3 to 3 months? What does that mean?
When you say, to get one back, are you referring to Lilith acting upon what you desire? Thank you

You talking to me?

yes i am asking you?

Ask me again, sorry

so what i was saying you said you did use magic to get the girl you want right? how did it end?

also, i understand what are you saying and i agree with you. for instance, i wouldnt force someone to love me by using a demon, i would rather ask them to influence them to come and to have a chat about reconsidering things.

Yes I agree with you as well.
No I was saying I could have use magic but after I sat with myself and combed through my emotions/ reevaluated the relationship, I realized that the lesson was more important than getting her back. I only wish I could set things right between us. The relationship had a very gross ending and just over all isn’t worth trying to patch up. Sometimes, moving on is better then staying miserable together. She was not mine to begin with, she choose him, and held it against me. They used to dry hump and make out under the tree out side my dorm window knowing full and well I was watching. She would guilt trip me and manipulate me. In the end, when it was my last day there and I was openly saying good bye to all the people we hung out with (both of them were sitting there with his arm around her watching me too) she said nothing, she had two other chances and nothing. And the three months after I got home, my friend told me that she said she missed our good Ol days.

What I’m trying to say here is, don’t let things get out of hand. I fucked up bad, and I know I did, she did too. There is not a magic great enough to fix what happend. I just hope she has a good life, with or without me in it.
I don’t think I’ll ever love again.

My situation is nothing like that and definitely not as severe as that. Although this is off topic, I definitely am sorry to hear you went through that. I’m on the younger side as far as age and trying out something new. What happened between me and my ex can definitely be resolved and it is worth it.