Demons save lives. Contact story of Marbas

It’s February 7th and a couple months ago Flu Season had begun in the United States. Last year I was caught off guard by the Flu and had spent weeks dealing with an extreme fever.

I decided I would use conventional means to prevent any chance of catching a flu again this year but also tap into some Magick for reassurance.

I skimmed through the book Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield and discovered a demon I had never worked with before by the name of Marbas, who has the ability to cure one of an infectious disease among other things.

I had also read elsewhere that Marbas has the ability to cure all illnesses and diseases in general. I decided to conduct a ritual calling on Marbas to bestow this power on myself and members of my family. It was then I realized the greatest benefit of this ritual… My uncle being the stubborn man that he was had always refused to visit a hospital.

At the age of 68 he had only been to a hospital once at the age of 12. Often my mom and I feared what type of diseases might be affecting him. This fear came from the fact that he often showed early signs of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

In my request I asked Marbas to cure myself and specific members of my family of any infectious diseases. And if it was possible to also cure myself and those I chose of any psychological or physical illnesses / diseases that we may have.

Within a matter of three days I began to see results… My mom suddenly had the urge to buy specific types of supplements and wellness shakes that she intuitively felt would help her mentally. My brother had the urge to obtain a gym membership and change his diet after watching a quote “eye opening” documentary, and I had an intense dream encouraging me to quit drinking alcohol completely.

In the dream I sat a bar and while drinks were being poured for me by the bar tender there was a rock tune playing on the radio that went something like “The more you drink liqourrrr… The more it makes you sickerrrr…” (LoL) Even with this clear warning I struggled to quit drinking then to my surprise after getting drunk at a shopping plaza I unknowingly stumbled into a vitamin shop in a desperate search to find the nearest place with a bathroom.

Once I left the bathroom I was approached by a saleswoman who asked me if I was looking for NAC, confused I asked her what she was talking about. I followed her to an aisle where she handed me N-Acetyl L-Cysteine.

When I asked her why she felt I needed this she replied " You look terribly hungover…" After doing some digging around on the web I discovered that N-Acetyl L-Cysteine is a supplement used in hospitals through IV lines to help patients recover from minor to severe liver damage.

I took this as sign to take this supplement regularly and quit drinking completely if I wanted Marbas’s power to work. My uncle unfortunately came down with what seemed like the flu causing him to become bedridden.

For the next couple of weeks his mental health deteriorated. My mom and I where shocked to see him talking to a plate of food, wandering around the home, walking in circles, hiding behind doors and constantly looking over his shoulder.

One morning at 3AM he sprinted out the front door in fear. When searching for him throughout our apartment complex we eventually found him hiding behind a dumpster.

He would often ask if there was anyone else in our home even though we were alone. It seemed as if the more he refused to go to the hospital the worse he illness became.

Astonishingly he eventually gave in and for the first time in 56 years my uncle visited a hospital. There it was discovered he was suffering from diabetes and extremely high blood sugar, so high it would not measure on the meter. This would have eventually led to a stroke and from there Dementia.

When we returned home with him from the emergency room he explained that during the time he was ill he would frequently spot a shadowy figure following him. This was the reasoning for his odd behavior and why he hid behind doors, constantly looked over his shoulder and sought safety behind a dumpster that morning.

He also mentioned to my mom and I that when we picked him up from the hospital he spotted what seemed like a demon standing on the roof of a bank of america during our drive back home. I laughed and told him it was obviously an hallucination from the medication he was given at the hospital. o.O

I publicly thank Marbas for the work he has done on behalf of myself and my family and definitely encourage others to seek his services.

My uncle now visits with a doctor on a routine basis, speaks about the importance of visiting hospitals to his friends (who would’ve thought) and is on a road to recovery with the help of Buer who I have also called and encourage others to contact.


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Will do. Thanks for the heads up.

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Awesome results there though, seriously. :+1:


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Hello Matt
That’s a great story
I have thought about contacting this spirit myself
My mum has Alzheimer’s and it pitiful to see her life taken away from in a short space of time
My life is also unable terrible mess due to my health
Would like to find out more if that would be ok


Yea it’s cool. What do you need to know?

Very, very interesting. I have just picked up Demons of Magick and have been impressed by the sigils. I have no doubt that demons can help with healing. For my own case I have evidence that a succubus (Oh how I hate terminology) assisted me in my recovery from an awful viral condition this winter. Best of luck with your rituals.

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Thanks. Other than calling on some angels this was my first request to a demon regarding health and noticed dramatic results.

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Outstanding! NAC and Oxidative Stress are on the leading edge of mental heath research right now.

It’s what I’d give to anybody experiencing depression or anxiety in any form. In short it helps make glutathione which mops up crap in your body (main antioxidant you make). It goes a lot further than anthocyanin from berries or red wine does (for the soccer mom who “does crunches” and likes to Yas about CrossFit on FaceBook)

Powerful stuff… Marbas also helped prevent me from contracting something from a girl with questionable lifestyle choices earlier this year. Sweet girl, fun time but not somebody I’d ever want to have one break with. Found out she regularly set up 3/4/more ways and didn’t ever use protection… And let all of them finish inside her. She disappeared shortly after and I’m still clean :metal: Feels good, we had wild primal chemistry but I’d rather not spend that sort of time with someone you’re praying it doesn’t break with through the whole act because you’re sure you’d probably catch something.

Long story but he delivered by disappearing her.

Gonna look into him for OCD next


Your story is amazing. I petitioned marbas another way because my mom is very I’ll right now but so far no real changes have occurred. She’s on a ventilator trying to come back from septic shock. Did you just do the ritual from demons of magick??


Maybe I was meant to see this.


Sorry to read that, please try this among other things:

This is also effective:


Thank you.