Thank You Belial and Mammon and Lakshmi

Thank you Belial and Mammon and Lakshmi Today I had a huge bid for a very large account. I requested the help from these 3 entities and decided to carry their talisman on me to work. I came in 2nd on the bid and I was upset that the power of those 3 could not get the work done. I yelled in my car “I cant believe you ALL couldnt get the job done!”…( was pissed)… i took the talisman and was legit about to throw them out of my window until I heard a voice, DONT YOU DARE!, BE PATIENT.

Erghhhhh was my reaction but I held onto them. 10 minutes later the buyer calls me and says, even though you did not win the bid, i rather do business with you. Please send samples…

I couldn’t fucking believe it and still cant.

Going to get wasted tonight. Drinks on me!!


Awesome news!


nice win mate

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Thanks man

I smiled reading this. Awesome!

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