Help with money

Hello all. Im very sceptic to which i need to pray or meditate in bune, or raziel or any different entities. I dont know nothing about evocation or invocation or summon because im new and really i need any help what to choose or what to do please?
Just i can pray or meditate and call her/his name because i dont know how to do rituals and also i dont have comfortable conditions to do that.
i have very bad finance actually and im in a deep debt which i need to pay soon , and also im father and i have a little kid to grow up.
Thanks in advance

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im doing now. Thanks

You shouldn’t dive straight in to Evocation or Invocation. Especially not Goetia demons.

Try performing some sigil magick to bring some money your way.


How to do that sigilis Jaydos447? Thanks

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Try searching the forums. :slight_smile:

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That’s bulshit, people can advance at whatever pace they’re comfortable with. If you wanna start with evocation then go ahead.


You can star with What king posted above then get the Evoking Eternity book to learn to summon.

Also for some cash do this spell.

Also any of these

Good luck


Thank You Laith_wavey

Of course you can jump into evocation first, but having no foundations of your magickal practice, what are the odds of succeeding or even screwing yourself up? Most of the time when people recommend not starting with evocation when you can’t even banish and have barely woken senses, it is because they are trying to help and save the person in question trouble.


Evocation is some very powerful money magick, but there are also many, many strategies you can use to draw money magickally if you do not succeed at first, or even want to build a foundation that builds to successful, ass-kicking evocation. Here are some articles you may find useful:

To answer the original question, though: who to call for money evocations really depends on where your money comes from. I.e., if you want a random winfall, Bune, or if you own a business, Lord Clauneck.

Here are some audio books of a non magickal nature which may also be of interest:

In terms of magickal texts, I like Magickal Cashbook by Damon Brand.

Hope this helps.


That’s a very low likelihood evocation is what I started with and progressed rapidly from it.

Besides banishing can be learned very quickly.

These things aren’t as hard as people make them out to be, and yes they can be learned without telling people they must do countless hours of meditation first.
Don’t get me wrong meditation is essential in any type of magic.
But I do believe it’s these warnings are overstated.
No ones gonna progress slower because they started with evocation.


I do agree that people can progress at whatever pace they want and start with whatever they want.
But, I also personally wouldn’t like to see someones entire perspective of life change due to realizing the truth and then end up in a mental asylum.