Seal magic experiences

How many of you have been successful with seal magic? Can you tell me your experiences?

Seals as in entities seals or like chaos spare sigils?

Honestly, most of the people practicing for any length of time have experienced success with one or the other. Many, many of us have had success with both and some of us would need pages upon pages to begin to recount our stories and simply won’t be bothered as we already have somewhere on this forum- either in replies or journals about our practices and workings.

Maybe take a look at this, I’m pretty sure there’s some stories in here that cover the question and if not the search function with the word success and a few days of time will help you find plenty of reading material on the subject.


Chaos magic seals. Seals built to achieve certain results. I took a look at the link you gave me. Thank you very much. It is interesting, however, the information is very “diluted” in the various threads. I was hoping to get more concentrated information in one thread.

once during a journey im quite convinced i turned into a whale.

I used to enter certain competitions. Before going out, I’d consecrate a Seal of Fire from the 6th and 7th Books of Moses. I carried it on my person. Used to win a lot. To compete, I had to generate an incredible amount of power, quickly, in front of a live audience (it involved performance.) I won prizes, cash and even trips, so I feel it was helpful.