Success Success And More Success!

I haven’t posted on here or replied to PMs for awhile because I’ve been focusing on fine tuning my majick.Figuring out what I’m doing wrong and what I need to improve on.

I’m proud to say my majick has been working consistently without failure!

To fill anyone in on what my situation was a few months ago…well here it is.

I went to jail on a bogus charge.
My house was robbed for everything down to the change on my altar I have dedicated to my father.
I was facing eviction because I lost every penny I had.
My job was in jeapordy because of my incarseration.
And I was a flat out mental mess.

While in jail I used Belial’s sigil to get one of the charges dropped and a few days later used it again for my family to come up with bail money.

When I called my boss about my job he said the administrator refused to let me back.
I used King Paimon to influence that bitch’s decision.

I was suppose to go into work the next day to basically beg for my job.
My boss called me that morning saying the administrator had already made up her mind to let me back.

My next hurdle was money.
I was flat broke.
I cast a money drawing spell and won $125 in a raffle at work which payed for my gas bill so it wouldn’t get disconnected.

The spell also got my rent played by the trustee with no charge to me.
$600 I didn’t have to worry about.

Now onto the more recent stuff.
Ive been wanting the supervisor position at work for awhile.

I entered a pact with Belial and that was one of the terms.To receive more pay.

Now Belial made it clear that he would help things along but he wanted me to see the power I HOLD withing MYSELF.

So another part of the pact was for him to increase my power in majick.
And when I say majick in this context I mean spellcasting.Not help from spirits.Which means I would use MY power.Not the spirits.

Belial instructed me to remove the current supervisor and he would do the rest.

I placed a curse on my supervisor using a lemon freezer spell.
I sliced open the lemon with my athame and placed a me paper with my name crossing hers.
I “five spotted” the paper with controlling oil and covered it in Master of the Woods herbs for domination and poppy seeds for confusion.I then prayed psalms 1 & 3 over the lemon after sealing it with 9 pins.I covered it in water,wrapped it in foil and stuck it into the back of my freezer.

The target hurt her ankle on am extended weekend before the curse.It was just a sprang.

Shece back to work on Tuesday and I placed the curse that day.By Thursday halfway through the day she could barely walk.

She went to the doctor who wouldn’t let her back to work.The sprang turned into a hairline fracture.She has to take over 2 months off now.

My boss needless to say was pissed at the situation and said she wasn’t coming back as supervisor.
He said he would bump me and the shift leader up just for the title.
That wasn’t good enough for me.
I didn’t want this other person bumped up with me.She’s only been working there for a couple months and can’t even perform half her work duties.

I called on Belial to ask why the hell wasn’t I being given full resposibilty over the supervisor position.

He assured me it would happen and I was instructed to talk to my boss about it.

So a couple of days ago I went to my boss’s office to make my case on why I should be fully promoted and receive FULL responsibility over the position.

My boss sat quietly as I made my case.He let me finish and grabbed some paperwork and said.
“I’ve already made you supervisor.The owner signed it today”.
I was ecstatic!
I asked about the other person being promoted and he said it wasn’t happening.

When the supervisor I cursed does come back (and she won’t if I have anything to do about it) she will now be under me!.

I am now right beneath my boss on the food chain!

I received a pay increase that will give me a little over $100 extra on my paycheck.

Now for success.
I was short on rent this month.
NY landlord is an unforgiving old lady that demands full rent when its due.

I had a receipt with her handwriting all over that motherfucker.

Iade a name paper using domination herbs and controlling oil along with lemongrass that’s said to bring luck in buisness transactions.

I folded the he paper after annoimting a black candle with controlling oil and rolling it in the herbs.

I held the receipt over the flame and ran a.sentence through my mind of my landlord saying “pay me when you can”.

I did this until my concentration began to wane as a sign of my desire being spent.
I placed the receipt under the candle.with the name paper.

For good measure I whipped out the sigil of King Paimon that was beautifully crafted by TWF and asked him to persuade her in my favor.
As an offering I anointed the sigil with my blood and.burned frankense.

When I went to my landlord’s house the next day she had.absolutely NO PROBLEM with me being short and worked out a paymemt arrangement with me.

So that’s my story of the last few months.
I was having my doubts about majick but I’ve proved myself wrong.

Bottom line.This shit is real folks.
Don’t give up.
I’ve been struggling.with majick for a couple of years now mainly because I take a lot of breaks from it.
If I had stuck with it this shit would have started happening a lot sooner.

Once again DO NOT GIVE UP!!
We all have the power within us to do this.
It’s a matter of our dedication to the art.

You can’t become a virtuoso guitar player if you practice a couple times a month.

Study.Learn this thing of majick inside and out and IT WILL work for you!!

Thank you to everyone that has given me guidance on this forum.Ya’ll are just as important as the occult books I’ve read!



Holy fuck, I was wondering where you got to - fucking hell, mate - NICE WORK!

Wow… hope you’re as happy with this as we are, I am, reading it! :wink:

If you aren’t the inspiration of the day! That is awesome.

Excellent success story - glad to see all that hard work paying off! Hat’s off, man.

Thank you guys!
LadyEva I had a feeling you’d be the first one to respond! lol

I forgot to mention.
The suboxone doctor I was seeing discharged me.
Now this doesn’t sound like much but let me explain.

I was discharged for testing NEGATIVE for a medication I take everyday.

I had a feeling Belial was up to something so I questioned him about it.
He said it was a weakness and in short would not allow me to depend on substances to do my work.

I’m not out of meds yet but I plan on doing a healing to remove the toxins from my body so I won’t go through crippling withdrawal.

You’ll also be proud to hear I’ve cut back on my drinking TREMENDOUSLY!

For the first the in SO long I feel good about life!

My next hurdle is my court case which I’m already working on.

Wish me luck!


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Excellent Musta! Most inspiring.

Great stuff.

It’s funny isn’t it, how this shit really works when you ‘push’ it into your reality at the most desperate of moments.

The situation sort of ‘resolves’ itself immediately before, during, and after the ritual.

I still have alot of fine tuning to do myself for more accuracy…but yea, good to see you working it. I’m in a similar situation, life is a freaking whirlwind right now due to demons shaking up my life. We’ll see where this all lands…so-far, things are looking up.

Yeah I’m almost %100 sure that Belial caused all the havoc in my life.
Before my life went to shit, I performed an intense possession ritual with Belial and he told me by speaking through me that I would be cleansed by fire and put to a test of will.

At that time I was low on self esteem so I think he put me through all this shit to show me I have the power within me.

Once I saw one success I saw no reason why I shouldn’t be able to do it again and again.

Belial (as far as I’m concerned) is THE demon to go to during your first stages of ascent.
He’s shown me my inner God and now I feel like NOTHING can stand against me.


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Great work MustaN, I am impressed

I’ll say it again… this is the shit I like to read.

Congratz for your success Musta, keep it on!

Helo MK,

I was thinking from few days to write to you the PM how things are going, but I am happy everything is fine and you get out of deep shit. I hope you will solve that court issue also with your will and everything will be find. Good to hear you are happy with your life now and smile is on your face.

Thank you all for the kind words!

I’ve noticed there are a lot of new members to the forum and quite a few newbies to majick.

Now I’m by far not the most advanced member on this forum but I know what it’s like to struggle with majick and have doubts about it’s reality.
I know what it’s like to feel powerless while reading other peoples successes and feel like I just didn’t have it in me.

Hell when I first came here I couldn’t even open a fuckin sigil.I posted about it and had tons of people give me advice and even PM me shit that worked for them.
I won’t mention names just in case this member doesn’t want other people to know but when I first became intrigued by Belial another member took the time to channel Belial for me and PM me his message,just for the sake of helping me out. I didn’t even ask him.
Even though the message scared the hell outta,it helped and gave me perspective.

Where I’m going with this is that if ANY of the newbies here need advice or just to vent about their frustrations,or hell if you want a free tarot reading I’m willing to do what I can to help.

I’m not saying this because I think I’m the greatedt majician that ever lived,I’m offering this because when I came to this forum wonderful members like Orismen, LadyEva,TWF,and a hand full of other great majicians and flat out good people took time and STILL take time out of their day to offer advice on anything I asked.

The people I’ve reached out to here have been just as crucial to my development as a majician as all the grimoires and spiritual practices have been.

I want to give back what was given to me.
I don’t mean to sound corny but I truly feel at home here and feel like I have brothers and sisters I can reach out to when I need help or m just feeling down about life.

This is what this forum is about.
Adepts and Neophytes alike coming together to help one another to claim back the power that has been stripped from us by media, public schools,and secret societies that want to keep this knowledge to themselves.

Once again I want to thank all the members that have helped me and genuinlly care about what’s going on in my life.
Ya’ll are like a family to me.

Now if you ask something I don’t know about I won’t blow smoke up your ass and feed you bullshit.But I will do the best I can to help.

With much love and power

that’s what i like to hear, and frankly, that is why i joined this forum in the first place.

i’ve been procrastinating like crazy. however, i have also been doing quite a bit of broadcasting and i’m seeing some results of my own, and some remarkable ones too.

i do believe word is getting out about what i do. people talk. magick isn’t occult anymore, it’s out in the open. so i’d like to kick up my abilities to a much higher degree to flatten skeptics all around me. and there are quite a few.

i’m missing some important information that i need to get to the next level, but i’m on the verge of a breakthrough. i just need to keep going until i get to it somehow.

[quote=“Musta_Krackish, post:13, topic:3993”]when I first became intrigued by Belial another member took the time to channel Belial for me and PM me his message,just for the sake of helping me out. I didn’t even ask him.
Even though the message scared the hell outta,it helped and gave me perspective.[/quote]

Is this a service that someone here is offering? If so, that would be awesome. I need help.

You really are the fucking man! ( translation of the meme, because in spanish sounds better )

I friggin’ love reading success stories and knowing that others are utilizing this power and making real changes in their lives. That feeling of knowing you can get things done in a real and significant way even when the odds are against you and then having that stuff manifest, LOVE IT! So happy for you, Musta!