Ever Killed With Magick?

NP, just know yourself, and more importantly, know your enemy.


The Great thing is you can curse some one in a million ways. THE KEY IS YOUR IMAGINATION AND DESIRE FOR RESULTS. You can curse their relationships - making them lonely. You can Curse their mind- you can curse their dreams, curse their feet - making them immobile, Curse their stomach so they never fell full making them an enormous heifer. Curse their wallet, Curse their business- Curse their fingers so that what ever they touch turns to shit. Curse their ears so that they never hear birds sing or children laugh. You don’t have to kill anyone- unless they cant seem to get the hint. Some idiots are head strong on getting what the want, the key is you need to be even more head strong.

Some times even a nice little curse that when ever they Speak of you, think of you, or See you the simply feel the deepest pain and regret. And if you can send the remains of this curse to them a gift having them touch this will give some additional umpfff… I have seen the results of this one first hand- very nice.


whats the curse that when ever that person speak of you, think of you, or see you they simply feel the deepest pain and regret? Like whats the name… might do this curse


Its a hoodoo type curse here it is a video referring to a mother in law but exchange the name - you need to use your mind and your creativity on your magic. - YouTube google is a great place to start looking -


look above… :wink:

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I have quite a few stories of baneful works done by other balg members recorded here. You’ll find some new methods in there too


Hi everyone, I haven’t killed anyone with magic recently since my formal acknowledgment and realisation of me being a natural witch after my mother died, but that said, in my twenties, I started a series of killing my dad’s relatives with one simple ritual.This was 2003.

See, they used to sacrifice black goats to make my mother and father fight.They even managed to get me sick and scared in my teenage.Needless to say we spent our days in misery as they all eyed my father’s wealth.

then one day, when something poked me in my shoulder I literally shot something from my soul.A pail full of hot boiling oil (as I envisioned it) onto that entity that touched me.I heard women screaming.

A month later, the deaths started,First my paternal grandmother, then an evil uncle, then an evil paternal cousin, three aunts and so on.So much was my hatred at the abuse I had been put through, that even my surprised father acknowledged it and begged me to stop.
I would just say, ‘I have judged them’.

The last death just occurred like a month ago.Since the last 13 years, not a single year has passed without someone dying.

How did you do it? With my pure hatred, never underestimate a teenagers hate.
Why did you do it?Those people wanted us to die.Pure Self Defence.

How did you feel afterwards? Stellar x 100% avenged even though I have yet to see a couple of abusers die painfully and be exposed.

Now, today 2018
The point is, that I am starting off on death magic just today, after a formal acknowledgement of my inner witch.I have no idea what will be the outcome, but I need to act in the interests of my kids and family.I need to remove an asshole from our office who has creepily come in as a friend and is a master manipulator.After creeping into my business for a month he is pretending to be the co-owner (I over heard him on the phone).He also wastes our time daily 4-5 hours, pretending to make business calls for our benefit.

So I did check some cards today.This was the outcome from a psychic friend who saw the 3 of swords in my deck , her explanation was " there may be someone in your life in the future that you will have to be very careful about allowing them to have too much power in your life. This may be someone who comes to you in the guise of a friend who are on the face of it seems to be wonderful! But actually is out for what they can get. So what this somewhat difficult card is telling you is to be very careful who you allow it to your closest circle within the next few years, and if you sense that someone is likely to betray you then make the break with them as soon as possible."

My suspicions were confirmed.

Why do I wish to kill this person?

He pretends to be poor.Does zero work.Wastes time of other people with false leads.Has a large bank account but is still an asshole.Wants free office space and to ride the coattails of our good will.

If I just do a banishing or deterrence, he will bad mouth us and seek to damage us once we kick him out like a parasite.

So we are going to stick to him as ‘friends’ and swiftly kill him, making things seem simple and sweet.Im thinking of long and damaging illness which makes a person very immobile.

Took me a while to think this through.

Will keep everyone updated.Right now I am looking at my jar of graveyard dust which I got from my mothers grave (who was a witch too).
Then there is my cool radionics machine, and this cool jar, and peppers and nails, and my awesome 9 kings of hell and then I have my loving BALG forum.

I am going to write down the curse as a story before I start the ritual.


But we’ve already been there, done that. Not just with the Spanish Inquisition. I wonder if it could be considered going backwards if we went that way again.


The last two responses are stellar! Great stories. And yes I think history will always repeat itself because all things are cyclical. Think of the Midgard serpent, Jormungundr, who swallows his own tail in much imagery. Think of the 4 seasons. Humanity is no different. Every race has been enslaved. Then we get free and enslave someone else. It’s all gonna happen over and over again albeit in different ways via technology.


This was a long time ago when I didn’t bother with anything, before the internet. My stepdaughter was being physically and sexually abused. I had tried the authorities. I tried turning to family. I was literally the only person in her life that gave a crap.

I had an altar cloth I’d made myself and hand-embroidered with thread. I would put it in the spare bedroom of the house we rented, light a candle, and pretty much concentrate on something being done for her. I was targeting the wrong person it turns out, but I wanted them dead because I thought they were the culprits. The cards even had confirmed it. Then I’d leave the candle running.

One day I woke up and literally one half of the cloth had been burned. I mean perfectly, too. There was a square burn mark in the floor, and the cloth had been burned away and cut off at a clean edge. I stopped doing the spell.

Shortly thereafter her stepuncle fell to his death off a building, and then it came out he was the sexual abuser. Well, one of them. Her mother and stepfather it turned out later weren’t any better - but by the time I learned that she barely remembered me and was 18 years old so out of my hands.

Lesson in this is you shouldn’t assume. I’m glad I set my spells to direct at the guilty, so the innocent aren’t harmed. The right person was removed from her life.

Never have tried anything so hard like that again, really. I’m usually content to put out a thought and hope for things to straighten out. I’m a lazy person.


Just to add , anyone remember how the poor child is burnt in Silent Hill and how the darkness gets everyone as it emanates from her wasted body x I am speaking of that level of hate which can kill.Magic is only the facilitator in that case.

Strong emotions= guaranteed success for magic that kills


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Hey. I am a new member here and been reading some of your posts. I got some questions for you. Can you send me a PM? I cant send PM because Iam a new member.

Yeesh, you’re ruthless. Remind me not to piss you off rofl

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Honey most of us here have been there and done that :wink:

On another note, that’s a Xian viewpoint. People don’t usually sling death curses around for no reason.


I agree, I have had aunts in my family curse men and make them run mad through this


Minority Report? I know it’s about future crime but that could be adapted to this as well.

Yes! That was the premise of my “what if”

Is there even a hell or heaven

I started out with poetry, the strong kind. That seems to unlock the emotional energies and gives me a start on the intuitive state that I use for casting.
I gathered my materials. They all seemed to be right at hand, as is often the case when I get serious about an operation. I swiped a sword from the male, and a science textbook from the female. I used a blue footlocker as an altar and a red candle.

I wore only a brown hooded cloak, lit the candle and dripped red wax along the blade of the sword and closed it in the middle of the book. I placed the book in the center of the altar and put the lit candle on top.

Kneeling in front of the altar, I stared into the flame and chanted some lines of my poetry that came to mind. Entering into a trance I visualized the male, he seemed to be above me to the left. I reached up and locked hands with the apparition as if we were playing mercy. I focused all my anger and destructive force into my hands while the apparition became scared and tried to escape. I crushed my astral opponent down into the darkness and immediately sensed a backlash in the form of a green stream of light moving towards my forehead. I “dodged” the energy and lost track of my physical form. I directed the green force into the center of a splintered wooden cross that appeared in the center of my vision. My awareness “zoomed in” to the cross and I saw the green energy being dispersed and absorbed into the grain of the wood. Finally I was physically and emotionally spent, and fell asleep almost immediately.

I was angry and hurt that the male who was a friend had taken off with my brother’s girlfriend. It was a very childish matter, but I was not in a good place spiritually.

I felt a lot better and moved on with my own life. Later, I heard about the results. My target’s home was infested with a strange “flesh eating virus”. That whole group of people split up and went their separate ways. The particular manner of death that I had prescribed fell upon two cats instead of my human targets. I knew both animals and deeply regret making them give their lives to protect their people.

That might seem like a cop-out because no humans actually died, but that was a death spell of great magnitude. My target was a practicing lightworker. He was also the best man at my wedding years later.

Baneful magic is where most of us learn how real our power is, but love and wisdom are better concepts to align with, in my opinion.