My experience with opening the first gateway of pacts

I had decided the day before yesterday that I was going to perform an evocation from this grimoire, but figured that it was a bit too soon to do it the very night I had decided, so I waited til the next day. Infact it has been a decision brewing over many days. There are some aspects of my life that I want changed dramatically and been figuring out how I would want to approach fixing these things. From the first readthrough of The Book of Azazel I had in particular noticed 1 sigil.
The portal-like sigil of Pent’osch. That sigil really looks so awesome and everytime I think of the sigils of this book I automatically think of this sigil. This is usually the way I judge my intuition is trying to tell me that this is where to go, so I usually follow this type of fancy.
I decided to read up on what this spirit can do. Before reading it I was weighing up whether or not I would summon the demon if the demon’s character turned out to be something else than what I needed.
But, when reading the character of this fellow, I was in an OMG moment. This guy was exactly what I have been needing for so long! I began thinking that this demon might have been in my life, behind the scenes, manipulating even before I first got this book, sowing the seeds for our future cooperation. This was just a thought though, I’m not saying that this is what I believe, but it doesn’t seem all that out stretched. Anyway, I knew now that this was just the guy/girl/thing I needed to summon.

From the very first I had decided that I would fast for the entire day until after the ceremony had ended. I would also stay away from Email, phonecalls, forums, and my roommates etc. I was in my bed for a long time reading in the Book of Azazel. I took a long walk while trying to get the incantation stuck in my mind. I have trouble enjoying meditation for too long. 30 minutes is nearly unbearrable to me at my current stage (because I have been so stupid as to get out of practice. I do that alot I’m afraid), and because I know that if I haven’t meditated that day then it would be enjoyable for longer, so I decided to only meditate once I had begun the ceremony. I wanted the ceremony to start when it was dark and no annoying kids outside doing their drone activities making noice. One of my roommates had ordered food (the biggest burger I have EVER seen! It was nearly impossible to eat once I got around to it after the ceremony!). I put it in the refridgerator for later. The weather was unsually warm infact, though it didn’t last til the evening. Around the time when I was getting impatient for getting to working the ceremony a “lucky” long period of rain started (it was poring down intensely) making the irritating kids outside have to leave the playingground, and finally allowing me to get some peace for my working.
I took a shower to help me feel clean (I had been sweating from the walk earlier) and calm, releasing the tensions in my body. I took some pants on and a T-shirt (I wanted to try out doing it in normal clothing because I want to sit on the shins in the typical kneeling position for the duration of the working), cause the pants would make it less rough for my legs to hold my weight against the floor, and the t-shirt because…why not…I might aswell complete the set, hehe).

Before I took a shower I began setting everything up. So I wrote the circle of pacts on the ground in my room with chalk. Put the three red candles between the words, and the four black candles outside the circle at each corner. Taped the door with gaffa so incense smoke wouldn’t get out and annoy my roommates (I live with three other friends). Inside the circle I had my cauldron incense burner, a jar with frankincense (I didn’t have copal resins, but since frankincense is a generel offering incense to cthonic entities I expected that to do just fine). The charcoal I used was the typical round cheap coals bought in New Age shops. I used two of these coals. I had my Book of Azazel with me alongside with my Evoking Eternity just in case I needed the exorcism given in that book, and I had a notebook with two pens. I had painted Pent’osch’s sigil on some thick paper by using doves blood ink (I love using materia magicae in my work ;-))

Now this part is far from a juicy as I would have hoped - the ceremony.
I pulled the curtains (my room is separated into two sections, 1 part normal room, 1 part ritual chamber, all separated by a curtain). I light the candles, light the charcoal disks, and began to medtitate. I did alright with the meditation. Not my best performance but I was alright. After like 5-10 minutes (my sense of time is bullshit unfortunately) i decided to start looking at the sigil. I did it the way E.A. tells us to, that is, eyes on the sigil while your concentration is on the breath. I had my eyes unfocused. THis proved difficult to sustain. Holding my concentration fixed on my breath and not on the sigil was difficult and I keept failing to hold the focus. Thats typical of me, to lose focus then gain focus, lose it again and then gain it again and so on. My focus/concentration is also bullshit. But I kept trying, knowing that I shouldn’t allow myself to become irritated with this, but instead just keep going. After spending some time unsuccesfully attempting to hold my focus on losing myself to the sigil and feeling the entity I decided to move on to the actual conjuration, and so I started putting the incense on the charcoal and begin conjuring while staring at the sigil attemtping to keep my focus on the conjuration instead of the sigil. This was somewhat easier. Although saying the conjuration inside my head seemed to help with losing myself while whispering the conjuration out load seemed to make losing myself harder. I kept losing my self, then regain myself, then lose myself and so on and on. Again, keeping my focus is difficult for me. I felt what I think E.A. calls the rapture many times during the ceremony (just like I do when I meditate in general), but I never could keep the focus on it. I kept regaining my mundane sense again everytime. Having to keep putting incense on the charcoal wasn’t helping on me keeping the focus either. After a while I decided to step up and start staring into the incense smoke while calling the name of the demon and telling it to come. Having unfocused eyes while in a slight meditative state while staring into the incense which apparently keep flowing up into my face for some reason had a pretty nice effect on the feeling of the ritual and I began to enjoy it somewhat. Having to keep putting more incense on kept disrupting my focus though. After a while doing this I decided “To hell with this”, mainly because my asana was starting to get really unconfortable and my legs had lost much of it’s blood circulation thereby getting that special kind of pain when even doing the simplest of movements, and therefore I started to speak to the demon, acting like it had manifested (though there was no difference in the atmosphere whatsoever), I took it like I just wasn’t sensitive enough to sense the demons presence. I asked the demon to give a sign of being present. I waited a while, silencing my mind with eyes closed. After a short while (not sure how long it took since I again lost focus), I heard a car outside start up in a much harder way than normal and since it was the only sound that I had heard for a long time and because it was so more noticeable than normal, I decided to take that as the sign from Pent’osch. To someone more rational this might seem a bit mindless and stupid, but through reading a certain book I have gotten a taste of what it means to take everything, no matter how mundane, as an effect of the ritual once you have entered the temple and begun the ceremony. That is, leave behind the rationale throughout the duration of the rite, and then take up your rationale again after the rite is completed.
So! I told Pent’osch that I had called him/her/it here to begin my work with him. I wanted my life to change to what I myself would call the better. I didn’t want him to change anything right now, this was just to meet face to face so to speak, but I told him that I would call him forth again and give him specific instructions. I asked him to come in my dreams from now on and teach me of the universe, of magic and such good things, and help me with my magical work and working with this particular grimoire from now on. After that I gave him license to depart followed by the use of the incantation done as an exorcism of the energies I apparently couldn’t feel.

The general feeling I had all the way through the ritual was a mundane feeling. The feeling that this is simply not working out. However, I have gotten used to knowing, through experimenting with spells that it’s not necessary to notice any difference in the state of mind to make magic work. Often altered states of consciousness can be so subtle that you think you are in a normal state, but then you accidentally do something so stupid that you normally would never have done (such as accidentally throwing glowing hot charcoal down into the waste shaft haha I was like an unknowing zombie that time and me and my friends are still laughing at it sometimes). Still, I have experienced that my magic seems to almost always work in the end no matter how normal my state of mind seem during the ceremony. It’s good that my magic seems to work, but it’s really annoying that I don’t get the spectacular effects that many magicians report experiencing. That’s why I’m working with the techniques E.A. gives, but it’s hard…

Anyway, the next morning I woke and tried to remember anything special I had dreamt, but everything was just mundane dreaming, and since it was still early I decided to go back to sleep again. When I woke up again I had slept a lot longer than I had hoped I would. I did remember something regarding magic this time. Something about crowley’s rituals, and that the problem with my magic is that I do not assume godforms. I got the idea that I should go back to Crowley’s Star Saphire and Star Ruby rituals and use these rituals along side with the ritual in the Book of Azazel. This was alright I thought, and I decided to do just this along side the work I have started with this book.

Now something extraordinary happened. When I got into the living room and my one roommate was in there we started talking a little bit about something stupid (nothing unusual there ;-p). Then shortly after he told me he had the most weird dream, and then he asked me if the name ant’harratu meaned anything to me. I froze! I asked him what he was talking about. Apparently he had just had a dream with a warlock named Ant’harratu talked about either he himself or me or someone else had opened “the first gate of pacts”. I emmidately asked him if he had been inside my room, and he gave me a definate “no”. Then I began telling him that Ant’harratu is the name of a demon, a demon of that specifik book that I have studied lately, and “the first gate of pacts” is exactly the thing that I last night opened!

This is not the first time that my friend has dreamt something that is related to my life or dreams. One time in his dream he could through a portal see me sneaking around some place. In the dream I had at the same time was a dream where I was a ninja and was sneaking around. My relationship with this guy is weird. We also have a somewhat shared imagination. He can talk about something funny and then we both get images similar to eachother and then we keep going on, joking it more and more ridiculous till we both have sore backs from laughing :smiley:

Anyways, I’d hate if the spirits of this grimoire starts to use my friend as medium of communication. I don’t want him to have the cool experiences. I want to have them myself! I have been thinking of using a crystal ball for communing with this enitity for a while. I have also thought about summoning ant’harratu since he apparently showed up in my friends dream.

Anyway, thats my first experience with this grimoire. I write it in hope that you guys are able to help me. Perhaps some advice you can give or anything. I don’t mind how obvious it might be I can probably use it whatever you can give me of help :slight_smile:
And I feel I must apologize for the wall of text. I hope it was entertaining enough to not feel too long a read.


ATTIS: This is SO DAMN COOL, DUDE!!! I can heartily sympathise with your disappointment over the absence of overt physical phenomena - I rarely get strong auditory or visual confirmation. Being dominantly sensate, I must rely upon subtler sensations of something moving thru me; shimmers in the air around me - tingles, goosebumps, sudden knowledge, psychic chills, etc. (When I hear or see something I want to celebrate its so rare.)

I do think congrats are in order here - I mean you DID successfully open the First Gate, so ** CONGRATULATIONS ** :wink: Z

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Thank you so much Zoe! You are very nice :slight_smile:
I am also very hyped over this. I’m looking forward to working with this entity! I was so worried that the entity didn’t want to work with me. I had begun thinking that I might have a blockade that makes me unable to work with entities. But anyway, I will have to see how things turn out before allowing myself to begin celebrating.

Zoe, how do you communicate with the entity? Is it through messages in dreams, or through inspiring thoughts during the ceremony? Or something else?

Well, Attis, it depends … certainly I have the vivid dreams, the strong intuitive hits & sudden inspirations. But when I’m in a gnosis (or trance) state it’s really more like a packet of “knowing” that kinda de-volves into word-language and I understand it. I haven’t been able to come up with a clearer way to explain it … does this make enuf sense to help you understand? :wink: Z

Wow! Amazing experience! Thank you for sharing. That totally gave me a goosebump reaction :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing Attis! It was great.

Here’s my thoughts:

  1. you did good just keep in mind, don’t focus on your doubts but rather your desire that caused you to call the damned thing!
  2. it was there and did what you’d asked, spoke to you by dream.
  3. when it relayed the crowley ritual sequence, I think it was trying to tell you that you have to feel as if you’re mighty to bring it forth and tell it what you want.
    3a. I think it will do what you want.
  4. I am a bit skeptical about your friend with the mentioning of ant’harratu, only because the pronunciation of the name was too perfect. But I am new to these forces as well and therefore am not doubting their prose. Your friend could be joshing with you but it could be the spirit. If it’s the spirit, ask Pent’osch (yes, his sigil is cool) to confirm this, which I’m sure he will. If it’s a legit, then he’s telling you that Ant’harratu is the man best for the job.

I lost count. I am very tired and about to get off. thank you. Great stuff. I hope you get what you’d asked for.

Thank you to all of you!
This evocation was in some ways more succesfuld I think and in other ways much less so.

Everything was set up as the day before already. I had not removed anything but the sigil which I had put into a little bag and put it under my pillow. For awhile a stood up against the wall with my book in my hands, staring at the circle, feeling so excited about what I was about to do. I felt a somewhat like I did back then when I was playing in a band. The feeling I got right before I was about to go up on stage. I felt pretty great really.
I had not fasted this day nor done anything preparatory. I figured that since I was to perform evocation every night now for a while, it might aswell be done without fasting and I can’t very well be asocial every day so. No preparations.

After a shower I light the black candles outside the circle, took the sigil out, sat down to meditate for a minute or two. Then I took my notebook and started writing down some of the things that I wanted Pent’osch to change in my life. After that I light the red candles, I stood up and did the Analysis of the Keyword part of the Hexagram ritual, since Pent’osch seemed to want me to learn from the godforms and eventhough the Hexagram ritual isn’t exactly Crowley’s I still get a good feeling from that part of the Hexagram ritual. I think the rest of the rite is a bit boring but the Analysis of the Keyword is nice in my opinion, so I did that. It felt alright. Nothing major. Gave me the feeling of being “connected”. After that I sat down again and began focusing on the sigil like last time. It didn’t take long before I got the feeling of being nearly certain that it wasn’t necessary to stare into the sigil no longer, and so I began with the conjuration. I put incense on the coals, stating out loud (still in whisper though) that this sweet incense was burned to Pent’osch’s honour (now this had a strong feeling of right to it! I must do this from now on!), and began chanting the incantation in the book. I don’t remember if I was staring into the sigil while chanting or if I was staring into the incense smoke, or had my eyes closed, but after about a minute only a gust of wind blew into my room (I have my window relatively slight opened to allow the incense to get out instead of further inside the appartment). I got the idea that this was Pent’osch who had arrived, but because I didn’t feel entirely certain (I’m often in doubt of whether things are my imagination, intelligence or my intuition) I kept chanting the conjuration for awhile, then after a while switching to calling the name of Pent’osch and tell him to come mixed in with the conjuration. After a while with that I closed my eyes and tried to feel the presence of the spirit. I asked the spirit to show itself to me either visibly, or through my feelings or through some other noticeable way. It just didn’t seem like it was happening. Sitting there with my eyes closed I felt something, but I wouldn’t say that I felt the spirit. But I felt some sort of connection. No even that is wrong. I don’t really know how to discribe something so subtle, but I felt that that spirit was listening. Even yet, even that is a wrong discription of what I felt.
Anyway, I told it about the note and wrote out loud in a whisper what I had written therein. I said that I tomorrow would find a spot in outside that felt right and burrow in in the earth to seal the deal. After that I told it that I wanted it to continue visiting me in my dreams and teach me things. I also told it to tell me in a dream if what my friend had told me of his dream was a lie or if Ant’harratu and the other spirits of this grimoire had contacted him. Including this I asked that I and everyone else would from now on contact me directly, either in the circle or in dreams instead of going through my friend. After that I couldn’t think of anything else, so I decided to give Pent’osch license to depart.

I did the incantation for like 10 seconds before blowing out the candles. I think I from now on ought to do a more thorough banishing.
I felt really good after the ritual. Reeeally exhausted, but as Crowley write, that is a good sign that you’ve done the ritual right. My body was slightly buzzing for what seemed like the rest of the night that I spend awake. I tried to get it out of my head. Watch some south park, do something mundane, read a comic (The invisibles by Grant Morrison is epic occult comic!), but I couldn’t stop thinking about the rite. I had some serious trouble falling asleep. After I FINALLY fell a sleep I awoke like an hour later, trying desperately to remember anything I had dreamt, but couldn’t think of anything. Fell asleep again. I awoke again after some hours and again tried desparately to remember anything in a dream. After some time thinking I remembered something of no consequence about gangsters, and I had to face the fact that I either couldn’t remember my dreams this time or that Pent’osch just didn’t visit me in my dream this time. In any case I feel quite disappointed.

My friend had told me he had the same dream as yesterday, with ant’harratu and everything, but that my friend this time was a fat Jesus like from a scene of Family Guy we both watched last night. Today I feel a bit broken and unenthusiastic. I wouldn’t say drained, but definately not up and jumping around. A product of bad sleep. I hope I this night will have a much easier time falling asleep. And no more sleeping on my side!

I have been thinking of anything I might have done wrong. When you guys perform evocation, do you ask the spirit for the things you want like a favor? Like for instance, “I would like this to happen, do you accept to doing this for me?” or do you go about it in a more kind master of the universe manner, like “I want this to happen within this timeframe”, and not ask it of the spirit but instead expect it to be done simply because it’s your will? Another thing is, do you ask it for anything it want in return? Such as an offering? I don’t want to be rude, infact I want to be a good friend-ish person to the spirits, but I don’t want to make the ritual work more complicated than it has to be either, so I’m at a loss here as to what to do.

Another thing is, that I feel more and more that the lag of real two-way communication is becoming really taxing. Becuase, if the only way for me to get information and teachings from the spirit is through dreams, and I then happen to not remember my dreams, or just not get visited in my dreams, then where are we? I have been thinking about using a pendulum, or a scrying ball. I have never used these two things before, so I have no idea if they will work for me though. And of course, keep working on my trance skills.

I realize that I know a lot about the general things, but the tiny details, the things that are in between the lines, thats the information I lag, and people everywhere (I have studied peoples experiences in many places. On forums, in books, on blogs and so on) have a tendency to be very vague in their way of helping or telling of their own experiences. And I don’t need vague info. I need the info that people normally don’t think is necessary to mention.

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ATTIS: From your very first line you contradicted yourself; mitigated your successful evocation! And that is the tone throughout your message. Do you see this?And it is this very doubt in your capability; your own hesitation to think well of yourself as an Evocator that is tripping you up I think. Bottom line, YOU ARE WHERE YOU ARE, AND ITS OK. And its gotta be ok, because its all you’ve got today. And as you understand better, you’ll do better … but for today, you are where you are and its ok.

You felt great going into the evocation; you felt pretty damn good afterwards. Things only started falling apart because you kept reviewing it - revisiting it. Your mind was tumbling with questions & what ifs … your “line was busy” and so what “call” could get thru?

EA makes this point time & time again because it is so important: Ground yourself in ordinary mundane routines after an evocation. The whole point is to “keep your line open”. And also because you are emitting that tense, anxious vibe, whether you intend to or not. If YOU are tense & anxious, its there.

Confidence and trust in the process are what you want to work toward. Confidence that you are worthy and you are doing well. Trust that the process works because it has ALWAYS worked for any sincere seeker. So when those naysayer voices kick in, start reaffirming what you know it true - tell yourself you are NOT going to fall into these patterns. They are not helpful and in fact push you farther away from your goal. Keep your eye on the PRIZE, get it off the procedure.

Attis, you are doing just fine. You are where you are and its ok. And as you learn more you will apply it. :wink: Z

EDIT You asked for specifics, so I’ll share what works for me: Instead of attempting to “coddle” my brain & soothe it, I fill it up with other things: I crank up the music and sing along while vacuuming carpet, weeding the flower bed, washing the car, painting the living room. I give my brain a “full plate” of ordinary things to focus on. After 2 or 3 hours, if it has stayed calm, I’ll let it relax and enjoy a movie or read fiction. I’ve found these practices to be quite effective. :wink: Z


Thanks for the reply Zoe!
You are absolutely right. I need to trust more in myself and my abilities. Stop doubting myself in every single little thing I do and experience. All my life my greatest enemy has been myself and eventhough I’ve known this for sooo freaking long, I still find it incredibly difficult to overcome these sides of me.

Thanks for the advice about what activities to help you unpluck from the ritual.

[quote=“Zoe, post:2, topic:217”]ATTIS: This is SO DAMN COOL, DUDE!!! I can heartily sympathise with your disappointment over the absence of overt physical phenomena - I rarely get strong auditory or visual confirmation. Being dominantly sensate, I must rely upon subtler sensations of something moving thru me; shimmers in the air around me - tingles, goosebumps, sudden knowledge, psychic chills, etc. (When I hear or see something I want to celebrate its so rare.)

I do think congrats are in order here - I mean you DID successfully open the First Gate, so ** CONGRATULATIONS ** :wink: Z[/quote]

Do you see more with your inner site???

Yes, Black Phoenix, I surely do… :wink: Z

Please -anyone clarify this opening of the first gate?

Perhaps the following suggestion is superfluous but I have never known EA to waste words, do not use frankincense, use copal resin.

Also correct me if I am mistaken, but the ritual to open the gates requires several people and results in the Lake of Fire being opened? This is a purging that Abaddon then must be present as well as the other Demonic Kings.

How are you approaching this? I want to understand this better.

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I’m with you on this - I’ve actually made it a point to go back through and plug this all together. It seems there is a myriad of “misdiagnosis” as far as the gates go.

[quote=“Evangelos, post:13, topic:217”]Please -anyone clarify this opening of the first gate?

Perhaps the following suggestion is superfluous but I have never known EA to waste words, do not use frankincense, use copal resin.

Also correct me if I am mistaken, but the ritual to open the gates requires several people and results in the Lake of Fire being opened? This is a purging that Abaddon then must be present as well as the other Demonic Kings.

How are you approaching this? I want to understand this better.[/quote]

I do believe the ritual that you are describing is the Gatekeeper Ritual. That particular ritual opens the way to the Lake of Fire, and from what I’ve gathered requires at least five individuals.

As for opening one or all of the five gateways to the Infernal Empire (pg. 73-84), one only needs him/herself.

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Hey Attis, just wanted say ive had some experiences just like what you talked about where it seemed like nothing happened and it was a failure just to have what I was asking for happen down to the detail of day and time. to be honest I’m actually quite new to evocation and have for a while now just practiced chaos magic or internal shift magic activating the subconscious to effect the universe and saw great miracles and also complete flops…it happens lol
somtimes the best thing to do is not to expect anything, relaes you mind from any rational thought as an adult of scientific proccess as you know it and be as a child making his own science, take the ritual and perform it , whether evocation or other forms of magic and make it your own to an extent. I guesss… i dont know i could be wrong but giving to flights of belief in ones own self awakening seem to work on my end. Zoe I also like your comments please share your thoughts on my post id like to hear what you have to say on these ideas

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