How Sargatanas made women be obsessed with me

No, not at all. It’s just a matter of searching for the right words, that’s all. I typed in “Why do demons help us?” and came up with 50+ hits.

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Would you look at that!?

When you stop spelling it ‘daemons’, and start spelling it ‘demons’ like an actual person, then you get all the results! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Can he do what he did for you, but for women wanting men? Thanks


wondering about this myself

Thank you @zirenaid for this detailed explanation which eradicated some of the doubts I had. I developed this sentimental connection to Sargatanas after going through this thread and it was great. I haven’t done an evocation yet, I just relax in my bed, open his sigil and chant the enn. There’s energy, refreshing and calming energy. I have been meditating a lot of late about him and I have made some agreements with him coz I am trusting him to do something for me. So far so good, I can see a lot of progress and once it materializes, I will post right here. Hail Sargatanas

I’d like to thank Sargatanas, again. Seriously guys, it’s like everytime I go out I notice more and more girls looking at me. I’m a rather handsome guy but this never happened before, not like this.

Things that happened to me this last two weeks of working with him:

  1. A really hot girl from the gym, which I thought was out of my league, followed me out of the blue on Instagram and I can tell she’s interested to meet me for a drink or anything. It’s always weird one a girl makes the first move, it’s usually the guy who takes it.

  2. The sister of one of my school buddies kept looking at me all night when we all when out for a couple drinks, then we made out on my car.

  3. Like I said before, I feel more and more girls looking at me when I enter a bar or the gym or anything.

  4. Last weekend I went out on a date. I had a great time, lots of laughs and looots of sex. But here’s the thing: this girl used to go to school with my brother, so when she found out I was his brother she was gonna “ghost” me, since she felt embarrassed. And here get’s good: she literally told me that she didn’t knew why she decided to give me a chance either way, like she didn’t knew what she was doing (Sargatanas controlling her, clearly). Anyways, we went out, had fun, then we went to her place, where she told me she wasn’t expecting to bring me home but she couldn’t resist, and then we had sex on the first date (something she told me she NEVER does).

I’ll keep working with Sarga and see what else he can provide.




what did you do in specific? am banging my head but still very low results

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Sigil opening

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Unless you wanna consider switching teams occasionally :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah no, I’m good and more than satisfied with my love life today lol :blush:

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Is Sargatanas also a good Infernal if you want to make a bisexual relationship? I mean with a woman and a man in the same time?

i asked Sargatanas to help me get laid and all i had was sex dreams that all !!


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I was also wondering this. I’m a woman who wants to attract a specific man.

Most grimoires are written by men so that’s why you don’t see a lot of information about attracting them. My advice would be to call Sargatanas directly, and ask him yourself.


I was about to ask that :slight_smile: Thank you

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I’m a beginner how do I do this magic safely and correctly, do I need a protection circle?

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I just called Sargatanas and asked him to bring me women and improve my sexual life.
All i did was meditated a little bit (im not good at it), opened his sigil which i draw and opened it, then talked to him and thanked him for his presence.
I’m a beginner so i didn’t feel anything instense, just some chills on my body when i was chanting his enn.
Do you think that’s enough?


I have to answer to myself for the question above and tell to everybody, that what i did was enough! Sargatanas did his job in the best possible scenario! I mean he did bring to me a very hot female, she was into me from the first minute and everything went perfect! I never had that kind of experience before i call Sargatanas! I never achieved that so easilly…
Hail Sargatanas!


how did you do it, did you use materials and protection circle or just meditate?

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