Cool and helpful tip thread

So, as we all know, there can (and will) be MANY inconveniences with Magick? Why not create a little help thread with tips and tricks to aid each other?

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Please be aware that it is against the rules of this forum to post links to sites where copyrighted material can be downloaded for free.

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Oh shoot, thank you! That’s really appreciated. I’ll just edit them out :slightly_smiling_face:

There are several threads but they’re not “pinned” to the main page, for some reason they don’t do that here.

This one made by “Purple” for new members of all levels of experience :

This thread by “Verdo” for successful rituals and spells so you could easily copy them according to your need from different categories :


They actually do, but, as Eva has mentioned before whenever the topic comes up, experience has shown that pinned threads tend to get ignored by the majority of people. It’s almost like they don’t even see them for whatever reason :man_shrugging:


Are you sure? Because the “pinned” sign only appear next to one thread, for promotions. Maybe they used to do that but not anymore ?

Yeah I agree with her, and it also makes the home page look unpleasant when it’s half full with pinned threads. But if they do that with couple of threads only, and spread those threads in the main pages of each category, not only the general discussion page… maybe that would avoid those negative effects.

Also new members get messages of all those important threads I think. Especially the one regarding introductions and obviously they never read them !

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I’m only repeating what Eva has said previously. In her experience as mod here, pinned threads are routinely ignored so it really isn’t worth the effort any more, and as you mentioned, too many make the place look crowded.

The welcome message is sent within 24 hours of sign up as far as I understand, not right away, so people start posting before they have received it. However, I doubt people read it anyway 'cause it has links to the forum rules but no one reads those! lol

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