Magick. How powerful is it REALLY?

I really appreciate how you phrased your questions.


Very good.
I hope you’re right. I guess one just have to practice and experience, wait and see and make understanding and the pass it forward I guess.
PS. Pretty sure my power animal is the Lion.


Well at the time I newly received my blood pact from Azazel. I was working at a day spa at the time quite a trip away from my home. He told me TO NOT GO BACK THERE! I did not listen (Because I’m fucking stubborn). I was a street away from this day spa. I decided to turn right and take the shorter route and as my car was in the intersection, I suddenly had no control! My car’s wheels screetched and I was swung in a circle (missing another car) and my car stopped facing the direction I came from.
Then there are two businesses I cursed to close down. So now about 1.5 years later their customer base is nearly non-existant- I went back and witnessed it for myself. New staff don’t last… (I added some poltergeists to manifest on premises to stir shit up a little more). It won’t be long before they need to permanently shut doors. I use to date a guy who was nothing more than a pansy pretending to be straight. (I hate pretenders, cowards, idiots and weaklings). For the record I don’t have anything against gay or lesbian (I prefer kissing women myself). But don’t fucking pretend. The point is he thinks women are toys to be played with (Yes I am a femanist). So he must learn his lesson. He will never, never, NEVER find his soulmate in this lifetime. I made sure of it. I watch his FB profile and sure enough, I see in and out relationsips don’t last more than a few months (for 9 years now).
I have also received a tip from a client who booked an hour treatment with me of R10,000 not the first and last I received large amounts for just because. I am late for work everday sometines up to an hour and boss still thinks I am the most wonderous thing on two legs! Aaaaghh the list goes on forever…


Intresting AF! :muscle:t3:


Hell (+ every plane of existence) hath no fury like a witch scorned :slight_smile:


This shit gets undeniably real when you learn to trust yourself, believe it, and perform the rituals. A couple examples would be my two most recent evocations.

About a month ago I evoked Gremory and asked that he bestow me with a glamour to attract women, and specifically requested that he make a girl I was attracted to fall in love with me, and in return he could harvest the sexual energy I produced with her or whoever else he brought me. That very same night I woke up with sleep paralysis with a pitch black female figure on a bright red camel at my bedside. The figure reached its hand over my crotch and I felt what I can only describe as a several snakes slithering up my ass coiling up my spine, into my brain, and out of my mouth and eyes, until I was completely engulfed with these weird serpents. The next thing I remember is waking up the next morning with several unread flirtatious messages on my phone from 5 different girls with whom I’d had lust for, including my main target, whom I hardly even knew prior to this. Over the next couple days I got laid several times. It was almost exhausting. I am now in a committed relationship with the main target who ended up falling completely head over heels with me within just a couple weeks following the ritual, just as I requested.

Another example is my most recent working with king paimon for quick easy money. Two days after the ritual I won a $200 dollar bonus at work and on top of that my last paycheck was somehow almost triple what it should have been. Then I was put in contact with a voc rehab program that is offering me thousands of dollars in grant money to go to school which I will be receiving in a few weeks.

Like I said its undeniable. The more you experience it the harder it becomes to chalk it all up to mere “coincidence”.


The figure reached its hand over my crotch and I felt what I can only describe as a several snakes slithering up my ass coiling up my spine, into my brain, and out of my mouth and eyes, until I was completely engulfed with these weird serpents.



Duuuuuuuuude. That was easily the sickest thing I’ve read this far in. If you saw my latest post about King Paimon you see that I now believe indeed.


Was it painful btw? The snakes in your ass thing? … :hushed:

Lol slightly at first but mostly just extremely uncomfortably erotic, like a non consensual fullbody orgasm.

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Whas it hard to evoke this demon?

sounds a bit like kundalini.


Define hard. The most difficult part for me is trying to formulate the words needed to make my request while in a deep ass trance not knowing my head from my ass. But the more you do it the easier it gets and eventually it becomes second nature, almost as if the ritual is doing you, if that makes sense.


do you feel any different any doing it with your girlfriend? with the harvesting and all.

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Sweet. Yeah practice is key. Have you Done this alot?

Sorry, I meant for a long time?

Defining hard: Did you have to use a lot of props and set ups and in a specific hour on a specifik day to a specific direcion etc etc

Yes I have noticed I become exhausted very quickly almost to the point of not being able to finish. So much so that I’m planning on revising the pact and just offering blood to seal the deal instead.

I’ve only been practicing evocation regularly for a couple years. Up until early 2016 I was merely an arm chair crisis magician/psychonaut.

Also setting, tools, time of day, correspondences, etc. I’ve found to be rather arbitrary. The specifics dont matter a whole lot. If you feel like you need to wait for a specific moon phase and have all the proper magickal implements, perfumes, fancy garb, etc in order to be successful then perhaps you do, but I dont. I just do the ritual when the urge arises with what I have, which is usually a table, a chair, a triangle, some hooka coals, copal resin, a sigil, maybe a couple candles, and a syringe.


Ok. I suffer from clinical severe depression and severe anxiety ddisorders and take meds and stuff. Is it dangerous to gamble with this things with these desieses?