Hail Haures 🤘

Hi all… I would like to give my public recognition to Haures.

So I worked with Haures after seing a post someone gave about working with this wonderful Duke and what awesome results they had.
I must say… WOW! I did not expect results that fast. After a few days, results started to show.

I chose Haures because He can destroy multiple enemies. It’s been only a week and so far 2 of my enemies are being destroyed slowly, do not know about the rest of my enemies as I am not in contact with them, but trust they are also being destroyed.

1st target… So, she purchased some hair color and her hair turned out orange then the same day she received a phone call that she had an emergency court date, she had to go with orange hair… Then her car broke down, so she was late for that court date.

2nd target… I bought a few items from the target, never received my products. 4 days after working with Haures, the target and the partner got I to a huge fight, it got to the point were it became fiscal. Two days after that, the target lost almost all clients, and there is constant fighting with the target and the partner.

Will keep updating the more things develop.

HAIL Haures, and thank you for working so fast and for helping me. I really do appreciate it and I do recommend anyone with problems to work with Haures… He is so amazing. He is your man to go to. And, He works fast :blush: give Him a go, you will not be disappointed.

Ps… I used the demons of magic book by Gordon winterfel.


Hail Haures!

Ganic tasa fubin Haures!


Thanks for sharing💐


I was searching for a spirit to attack multiple enemies. Thank you for this post!


Congrats to you !
May I ask, how did you send him to them? Making a petition spell, or evoking / invoking him to attack to them?

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Hi… I used evocation, Pm me and I’ll explain what I did.
Need to give an update… I must say. I’m still amazed at how fast Haures works… Another one of my enemies will soon lose his business and much more, all thanks to Haures. This would be target nr 3: this person was untouchable, or so he thought, he treated people like shit and used me and others, what he did to me is terrible and awful. So he is getting a divorce and losing his business, I never imagined this, I’m amazed… Again, a big THANK YOU to Haures. I really do appreciate it. Hail Haures.


From just the brief description you provided of said enemies, it’s well-deserved indeed. Congratulations on the successful work, OP! Keep it up. :slight_smile:


Good work

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