Success with the Trinka Five and how I did it

My family has passed down an old ritual for years, I will clearly state that there are hundreds of variations of this spell and I will not say that other variations do not work.

How this spell worked for me:
During my 9 Day ritual of this spell I ended up completing more hours of overtime at Work than any other 9 days in the last 2 years. It actually got to the point where I wanted to give up because I was tired of working so many hours. This left me with much more money than a regular week. (Close to $1000 extra in my pocket).
This doesn’t sound impressive at all and could be closed as mere coincidence, until you put into account that my local area was running ‘dry’ in my line of work, with 2 local businesses closing their doors in the weeks leading up to this. My grandmother swears by this spell and has used it to get herself out of short term financial strife countless times.

What you’ll need:
A small bowl or cup
Three coins

The ritual:
Have your bowl sitting somewhere you will see everyday but somewhere where someone won’t interfere with it.
Hold the three coins in your dominate hand and chant

“Trinka Five, Trinka Five
Ancient Spirits come Alive
Let money flow, let money thrive
Spirits of the Trinka Five”

After chanting, toss the coins into the bowl.

This is to be done either 3, 5 or 9 consecutive days (with a belief that something will happen on either of those days) - but I definitely recommend completing the full 9.

Good luck!


Marked will give it a whirl.

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Bumping this for broke folks. :+1:


Lady Eva has got us covered :wink:


I gave up 4 days in, I couldn’t find anymore change and got lazy lol.

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You make a good point there, that getting a little bag of coins, 27 for the full 9 days for example, from a bank is a good bit of prep. :smiley:


I kept a spare change jar on my kitchen bench for years and used coins from that but yeah there does need to be a slight bit of prep in it. Haha.



Wait! So you actually need 27 coins? I figured tossing every day those same coins in the bowl… :joy: Me poor student. Me out of coins. :joy:


So I got done with it a few days ago, but what do I do with the coins?


Donate it.

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What do I do with the coins once the spell is done ?

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I remember using this years ago when first decided to explore magic - - - ah sorta.
Did really work though


I’ve read chanting them words without actually throwing the coins in the bowl will work too. I guess the live throwing coin makes you believe it more. It’s like throwing a coin in a fountain and making a wish. The actual throwing convince your mind more. If you visualize throwing, it might not feel the same or as convincing to your mind.


I’ll give it a try!

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I was looking for this post to report my story ! I did this twice once I got an unexpected gift of a few thousand $ from my family on the 3rd day , second time I got a job with a stable pay :slight_smile: It sounds so basic but it works ! Thanks for sharing this !


I remember doing this when I was 16. I only chanted the words over and over. The following day I found $50. I want to try doing it again. Hopefully, this time I will be able to multiply the $50 into $500, $5,000, or dare I ask for $5,000,000!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Back in 2000 i did it and got hours in work. It is gypsy words so simple and powerfully lot of variations. Tru the 5 times chant and coin is popular.



Nice. :wink:

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Cool :sunglasses: