Court Cases

In not asking who the best demon to summon is for court cases. I would just like to hear your experiences and results of evocations of court cases.

I evoked Belial for a friend’s court case. It was serious felonys a huge grow, shit loads of steroids they even charged him with manufacturing heroin lol a bullshit charge from having poppies. Any way he was fucked, Belial was a heavy serious energy he felt fucking dense for some reason I kinda feared this demon not once he came just before hand he’s strict and expects you to be strong not some whining bitch. Within a week the case started to get better, prosecutor took a leave from an illness, and the examiner stole evidence from the evidence room lol my friend could of beat it on speedy trial but they offered him a year probation and he took it, not only did my friend get off but so did about 100 other people some very bad people and that wasn’t my intention. Be specific these entitys don’t give a fuck who they hurt in the process of getting the job done if that’s cool with u great if not make it clearly known. Go with Belial you’ll be satisfied



I dont want to get specific but I have to give a strong second (or third) refrence for Belial with this type of thing. He isnt known as the defacto demon for confusing prosecutors, swaying judges, and wrecking defenses for nothing. Belial is incredibly earthy, but also very hot. I wouldnt approach him frivolously but if you are looking for assistance in the matters I listed above, then he packs a serious, serious punch.

I also second that Belial expects you to hold up certain ends of the bargain. He will serve your enemies to you on a platter but if you dont recognize that shot, or let weaker emotions back you into a corner the oppurtunity will fly by.

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I will add a fourth…

Belial does wonders for court cases or any type of case in which you are dealing with a type of “Authority Figure.” He exposes their weaknesses and prompts you to become heartless in order to be truly “One without a Master” or One Above the Law.

I have sought his assistance in court cases an got off scott free, also those I have petitioned Belial for have had similar results. All of the sudden the cop had holes in his story, paper work would go missing, or people just offered bargains.


If you go to search and type in "thanks to belial vine abbadon and leviathan"
you will come up with my posts concerning my Evokations to them for assistance in the courts to protect my daughters and grandchildren from the mormon polygamist cult in stockton missouri who were trying to get the kids away from the mothers/ my daughters. In the listing should be 3 comments. 2 in general discussions and one in new magician help called, "how to open a sigil,TGS?/i’m screwed!.
All I can say is that the ‘enemy’ had been working busy behind the scenes, buying off officials, court official, CPS investigators, and even my daughter attorney who had helped pick out and interview 'witnesses against my daughters without their knowing it, but by an amazing out of nowhere miracle they found a brilliant pitbull of an atty and fired the old guy without knowing what he was doing, and with only7 days to prepare a case which drug out for nearly 4 years; when the day for court arrived- the enemy was slaughtered in the first 1/2 hour of a 6 hour trial,(the rest was just dancing on their ashes), and people can lay credit where they will. but in the most ‘unprofessional and off the cuff’ ritual imaginable, I evoked Belial Vine Abbadon and Leviathan, and like a drill sgt to new recruits told them exactly what their various and combined assignments would be. The next day will forever be another ‘parting of the red sea event’ for me. Some member of my family laugh at me when i tell them what I did; but i have no doubt that had I not done it- there would be decades of groaning agonal tears- because everything was carefully laid against us- except for their big victory of getting a new judge was a shotgun under their chins I must admit. Anyway, enjoy the reads!Good luck!

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