I need to fix a situation I helped create

Hi all, thank you for your time; I wasn’t sure where to post this.

In short, a few days ago I contributed to a situation which led to my partner being arrested and forced to move out for at least a few months. I understand the legal process is very slow, and whereas I will do my best to mend things that way, I realise how he is perceived at the moment and I want to change that, so that no one tries to stop us from reconciling.

It’s complicated. He’s had some alcohol issues lately (which he gave up completely after this happened) and became physical after we had an argument. In hindsight, it was preventable, and I should have known better. Also, I was sleep deprived and wasn’t thinking clearly. I don’t see myself as a victim, though I don’t condone his actions, and I was told he regrets it and will do his best to fix things on his end. And obviously, since Covid started, domestic issues have been rife, with unemployment and people stuck indoors for a long time.

Although I didn’t tell any lies, I was very selective in what I told the police (overly negative). As I said I hadn’t slept in days, there had been tension for weeks and it was difficult for me to think clearly. I needed time to clear my head but of course there wasn’t any and it all happened very quickly.

So basically, I want to fix things, including the perception people around me now have of him because of this incident. We’ve been together for many years and have always supported each other through thick and thin. And I didn’t want this. I just reacted in the moment. The problem is that unlike in the US, I can’t withdraw the charges; once that phone call is made it’s out of my hands. Right now we’re not even allowed to speak and it’s very difficult.

Those around me have this view out of understandable concern, and mean well. But I know better, both about my involvement and the fact that he’s a good person and poses no risk to me or anyone else. I’ve been looking for legal advice on how to make things better but no one will help me as they think I’m a brainwashed victim or something. I need help to change (“soften”) their views so to speak, so that they (everyone with decision making powers) will accept our will to resume our relationship.

If anyone has any suggestions, I’d be very grateful.


Well right now, the main concern seems to be actually getting the guy out of jail. For that, there are multiple paths to go. I’d do some sigil magick with belial to get him free. As for your family, I’d use Paimon to have them see your point of view. If you want more ideas, feel free to check here and scroll down to the Mind Control section, and read through some of the success stories there concerning dealing with people and court cases. Oftentimes, people post their methods or spells that you may want to replicate for your own situation


Thank you. I’ll do that. He’s not in jail; he’s out, but he’s not allowed to contact me and it may take many months until that happens.

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Does law enforcement in your country ever reduce a persons punishment? If so, then it may be possible to reduce the amount of time he needs to stay away from you. Also, are you sure this guy isnt mad at you still over calling the police?


I’m going to move this topic to money & law

He’s not mad, no. He remembers most of it (he was really out of it on alcohol). It was a scary situation as he was threatening to continue and chances were it was going to happen. Which wouldn’t have been good for anybody. But the reality remains I started the argument and should have known not to do that. We communicate through other people since we’re not allowed to do so directly.

Yes, there are ways to appeal this; I’m just looking at doing anything I can to persuade those involved (in the system) that nothing bad should happen.

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I agree with Paimon for persuasion in the situation.

Ipos can also be used to be convincing when you speak (according to the goetia pathworking book I’m reading). You could utilize him to be more persuasive.

Naberius can also be used to cast aside an existing reputation.

In Lucifer and the Hidden Demons (one of my personal favorites), Lucifer can be used to make a situation reach its conclusion faster.

Something else from the same book that may be of use to you—Frasis can bring peace to the home. That could be helpful since this must be very disruptive for you.

Lastly, I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through all of this. The times are hard on lots of people. I hope your situation works out in your favor.


Rosaran can bring fortune to you in a legal dispute.


Thank you so much. I’m feeling more positive about things. As soon as I get some peace and quiet I’ll do what I need to.

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I’m not sure why I’m writing this but I’m still a bit torn. I wasn’t completely honest (as in I omitted the fact that some really bad shit happened in the past, and things had been unbearable for a few weeks, regarding his behaviour; I reacted the way I did because I’d been through that before and I knew how badly it could escalate). He’d been OK though for a couple of years (I mean no major incidents).

But I did spill the beans on some of that and I don’t know how to take it back. I must say I felt relieved at first, because I didn’t have to pretend anymore that things were good, but when I got some sleep and clarity I reconsidered and thought of the bigger picture. It’s all confusing as hell. There’s as much good in our relationship as there has been bad.

Regardless, whenever it really mattered, he’s always been there for me. I don’t want to be in two minds about what to do (my rational mind at times tells me things were not workable, whilst I still love him and have always kept my focus on keeping our family together). It sucks because I get on very well with his family and we’re quite a tight-knit “clan” so to speak. And our families get on too. So I don’t want to give up on that and take my life in a completely different direction; it’s hard to even picture.

I haven’t been to therapy or anything or reached out about this situation (ever). Because I know exactly what they would tell me (that it’s hopeless). I always go with my gut instinct (that it isn’t). What I know for sure is that I want to get him out of this legal trouble as it doesn’t help anyone. And I have to keep hoping he in sincere in quitting his drinking habit and that it will be for good this time. I know there is a chance things will go pear-shaped again, but all I can do is try.

Sorry for ranting; I just needed to take this off my chest. Thank you so much for the help.

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For another angle of approach, regarding how your friends and family view the situation, you could consider Bael (Baal). His power is to shroud yourself, and things you wish to remain hidden, in secrecy. So using this you can create an aura of confusion around the event – to “bring confusion and torment to anybody who enquires about a subject you wish to remain hidden”, or “make a thing or situation appear as something other than it really is”.

Or, you may want to pick up a copy of the book The Demons of Deception by Corwin Hargrove. But Bael seems like a good choice here.

Edit: I read your latest update. While I think it would be good for you to act (magickally) in a way that helps ease your conscience, I hope you can also find time for reflection and clarity, and give some focus to healing yourself as well. I hope this doesn’t come off as moralising – my heart goes out to you. Sometimes it can be difficult to see a clear path forward. I wish you the best


Thank you so much.

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Hi, thanks again for your time. I’ve done some work with Belial so far and have started reading Lucifer and the hidden demons. I’ve also done some sigil magick on the side for his safe return home.

So far things have gone as predicted; there wasn’t much to be changed at this stage; the trial date was set for March. I realise these things take time. What I noticed is that my mind has become really sharp and I’m coming up with potential options and solutions on how to interact with the court. I will do much more work in preparation for that until the moment comes. I’ve also gained confidence and I’m asking around for legal help, whereas I used to be quite shy and reluctant to ask anyone for anything in the past.

It’s like something takes over me and I manage interactions just fine, with the police and everything, and appear calm, relaxed and friendly. Normally in this situation I would be anxious and stutter, not find my words etc. And I’m extremely bad at acting, normally. I’m too honest. Something just makes me seem naturally calm and confident and I believe it’s a result of this work.

I wanted to ask if anyone knew ways to let go of old painful memories. Sometimes I think they are there to warn me of a future danger, but there’s nothing practical to indicate I should dwell on these things. Another thing is that I know how damaging it can be to hold on to such things. My relationship with a family member was damaged for many years by things I couldn’t let go of from decades before, whereas this person had completely changed by then, and my anger caused by flashbacks was completely unnecessary and unproductive. That’s why I think some of the confusion I’m experiencing is a result of my own mental issues.

It’s like sometimes I have a clear focus, goal etc in mind, which is entirely positive, with all the elements of potential and good memories there, and other times these things return and make me think I’m not realistic at all.

Is there a way to permanently heal and take away any emotional edge from things that have happened in the past? I’m worried about these things making me less focused on the present and future. They come back and bother me from time to time. When my life was normal, recently, and I wasn’t stressed out, I didn’t think of these things at all. I know there’s a real chance for things to be OK now and in the future if everyone is on the same page.

Thank you again for reading my ramblings :).

Whatever is happening, it’s working. I give thanks to Belial, and to everyone who has helped me here.

I feel transformed, as in having confidence, lack of fear, the knowledge that I will get what I want no matter what. My energy is at 120% and I’m not on anything :slight_smile: . I just feel different, capable of handling things, handling people.

So thank you again; I know it will work out well.

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Hi, me again.

Appeasing them obviously didn’t work; not for lack of trying. It’s because these people (prosecutors) are soulless and out for blood.

I’ve had confirmation today that my efforts were in vain and these people are now out for my head, threatening to prosecute me and ruin my life, because I wouldn’t serve their purpose. I had not yet identified them as enemies as I didn’t know whether they might have a conscience.

It’s my own fault, I know. If you don’t want to be eaten by wolves, you stay away from the forest.

Lies were told, lies about what happened and seeking to vilify my partner. This was their mistake, not mine, but they’re refusing to go back on it and fix it. They have now turned on me because I politely told them they pulled an accusation out of their backside. They want to make me into a criminal for telling the truth.

This is no longer a situation of appeasing them. This is a fight.

Just to conclude this story. It’s a successful story, thankfully.

It was complicated for a long time and I had no idea what to do. It was, as mentioned above, a fight. The prosecution, where I currently reside, is vicious and doesn’t give a toss about people’s lives.

I turned to Raum for help again, to defeat the self-important. It worked and my life is back to normal now.

So I give thanks to Raum!

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