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I’ve decided to try working with Azazel. I have drawn out his sigil on a piece of paper and am trying to charge it and make a connection. I’m following the steps I found in a link in the members help thread. It mentions that the lines should start to disappear. I can see some lines disappearing, but not all of them and they don’t disappear for long.

Should they all be disappearing? It seems to me that’s one or two lines will disappear at a time, then a different two shall disappear.

Am I not completely charging it yet or am I doing something wrong?

All help is appreciated! :slight_smile:

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it sounds fine to me, my advice don’t worry so much about that, instead when working with sigils focus all of your attention on the outcome of what you want, as long as you can see as clearly as you can in your mind your end goal, treat everything else as secondary. :thumbsup:


Thank you, Charles! I must admit, I’m a little too “by the books” sometimes. Also, if I don’t hear/feel a response does that mean the being I was trying to evoke didn’t answer or that I just can’t hear/feel them yet?


It’s best to proceed with the idea that if your using a spirit’s sigil and are calling it’s name it always will hear and answer you, and the more you practice it, you will come to a point where you will know when a spirit is speaking to you, then the hard part of getting them to shut up will begin. :wink:


Thanks again, Charles!

I’m really excited to get to that point! I think it will be fun to be in contact with wise spirits!


One of my first real contact with a spirit was Belial, i had become interested in demonic enns so i started saying his to commit to memory for when i was ready to evoke him, but i found out that night if you speak things like that out loud they show up, that was also the first time i experienced sleep paralysis, i thought at the beginning of it that there was a large spider on my chest (not cool) even more not cool as when i realized it was a hand, ok i admit i started to panic and that’s when i got hit with a blast of feeling that became words and it said “you can keep going on like that and this will become the worst night of your life or you can relax and go with it” I chose the latter and so we had a long talk about many things, most of it now lost to me as i passed out for about 12 hours right after it was over, but what i do remember might be of some help to you.

Back then i was struggling with ideas like are spirits just part of the human mind or outside of it, why i’m not seeing spirits as they are described (by the book) etc, to the first, Belial said spending even a minute worrying about that is a waste of time, we humans reach a point where those two concepts stop mattering at all so just pick one and run with it.

To the second, he said i was ignoring the internal for the external, in that back then i really had the thought that this whole thing would be like star trek beam me up scotty and i guess it still can be but Belial said the fastest most direct way a spirit communicate with people is through us, our subconscious and for better or worse they bring all of our crap with them most of the time, and more importantly when i’m looking at that point on the wall trying to see someone sitting on a camel that other image that keeps popping into your mind, that’s what the spirit is trying to show itself to you right now as, who cares what someone said they looked like 1000 years ago, and again focus all of your attention on your goals for that’s the only thing that really matters. So take that as you will, there was a lot more but soul travel always leaves me at a loss for words on how to describe it to other people.

Here’s two more funny little things when i was working with Paralda i asked to hear “the voice of the king of air” and for the next week i and others kept hearing this eerie wind in the living room of the house i was at that time, after 5 days i thanked him and burned his sigil, and then right after that one of my roommates said a computer game was left on and the sound was the load screen, a coincidence maybe but the speakers were not on and to my knowledge no one had played that game for months, that showed me that spirits just like people well take the path of least resistance to give you what was asked for, and many of them have a wonderful sense of humor.

Mepsitahl, if you have not worked with her, she’s about the nicest spirit you can meet, but the telepathy that constitutes most communicate between people and spirits was not enough for me, i needed to hear with my ears what she had to say, not quite sure what i was expecting but it was not her channeling through me, all of it was very nice and inspiring but when i realized what was happening…Well it was definitely a WTF moment and a very physical feeling of her moving into me and then moving out of away, and it showed me it’s best to have a voice recorder going when they decide to do that. i’ve since heard many things with my ears and i’m still never prepared for it and don’t think i’ll ever be 100% comfortable when i have one inside me,

All that was in between november of 2012 and february 2013, so if there is a point to anything here it’s all this is a process the more you do it the better at it you will become, ok i’ll be quiet now.


Wow. That’s incredible. I’ve had those same questions. This is actually really inspiring. I thank you for sharing it with me Charles. I’ll keep on trying and I will succeed!

Cool, and i thought i was responding in a PM, oops, oh well i’ll just keep it here just in case any others new to magick may see it and find it useful. :laughing:


I’ve only seen one spiritual entity and that took a lot of effort but let me know in no uncertain terms that there’s really no need to see anything - except the successful result of the working.



It’s valuable information, Charles, that I’m sure a lot of people will enjoy seeing!

Am, that’s awesome! That is something I’m having a hard time accepting; that I might not be able to physically see them.


Everyone well see them with physical eyes at some point, it’s inevitable. whether it takes five years or thirty, If you want to speed that up, scry as much as you can as often as possible, and evoke like a madman, but remember to keep a life doing it and always to have fun. :wink:


Well, I think I’ve made some contact tonight! I lit some of my incense tips and decided to try out the sigil again. This time I faced North, which is supposed to be the direction of Azazel, being that he’s the gatekeeper of the North.

Before I gave the sigil another go, I tested out my luck with my tarot cards, asking Azazel to aid me with my choosing and reading of the cards I laid out. I can expand on that later if anyone would like to hear it. I didn’t really notice any other presence than my own, but I had a feeling that I was being helped. The goal that I had brought forth during my evocation of Azazel last night kept me in a good and optimistic mood all day, which carried over to the reading.

After that, I decided it was time to light the incense and give the sigil another go. I started by cleaning my room up, throwing away any trash, organizing some things, basically making sure it was presentable. I lit the incense and began focusing on the sigil. Different lines kept disappearing and reappearing, but this time they seemed to flash, almost completely disappear from my vision, then reappear. At one point, I heard a voice tell me to focus on what I really want. What would bring me the most happiness and envision it with my eyes open. I did so and it brought tears to my eyes. It’s a very personal subject that I would rather not discuss, but the outcome of that situation and the feeling of it coming true made tears of joy appear. I’ve never experienced that before. A couple of the tears landed on the sigil and i was told, “Wipe those tears away, boy. You are stronger than this.” I continued to hear this voice. It was stern, but soft and understanding, for lack of better words to portray it.

An exchange of words happened, discussing various things about myself that I needed to change. It was very straight forward, but in a somewhat joking manner and a lot less formal than I expected saying things like, “Oh, it’s about time you hear my voice. You’ve only been calling my name all day.” We then discussed further subjects on my being and he told me that my issue was that I lost who I am. “You now let your emotions control you, but you’re so blind to it you believe you’re in control. In order to gain control, you must lose it.” I understand the statement, but it seems like something I’ve never been able to do. I always have to be able to control the outcome of the situations I’m in.

Anyways, it then said, “Are you willing to live by my rules and do as I say?” I told it yes. Then it said, “Good. Take tonight and sleep well. We will start tomorrow and you had better be ready.”

So I suppose I will see what happens tomorrow!

I’m not positive whether this is Azazel or another being trying to help me. I don’t know anything about his personality. I just had the name come to me when I was wanting to give evocation a go the other day and went for it.

He almost seems father like.


I’ve heard of some people evoking in pure darkness and that serves as a great way to see the spirits (tried it once, saw faces). I think @Rahnoren or @Valkarath evoke in darkness but I might be wrong.


I definitely need to hear more on this. It sounds very interesting.

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I can evoke in pretty much any condition and still bring a tremendous amount of the spirit’s energy through into the entire area, enough for people who aren’t sensitive to energy to feel it.

But I have found darkness works great as a manifestation base when I’m working on my clairvoyance and seeing the spirits I’ve evoked.

Right now, I’m still seeing mostly energy patterns and movements of those energy patterns with my eyes open, but my goal is to see bright, clear, and vivid images with my eyes open or closed.

Let me know if you have a specific question.


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