How Sargatanas made women be obsessed with me

make a sandwich.





I just meditate with enn and secrecy, feel a hand in my body should I worry?

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It’s always the same.

“help I don’t get this to work.”

“oh my fuckin god, this actually works, what should I do.”

You asked a spirit to help you, and now you experienced it working on you.
So what. Make a sandwich. Go play ball.
Just simply distract your mind, from Magick, with mundane stuff.

To avoid what?? - right. To avoid worries and doubt.

-. -

Hope It is clear enough now.

I don’t want to answer the same question for a third time, yet again.




I’m sorry, I’m from Brazil and I’m using google translate


Please can you pm me as well ?

I came back with some information and experiences that I’ve had lately.

I asked Sargatanas if he could work with Sitri together on my sexual life and it worked extremely great.

On Thursday the 18th of July I’ve summoned Sargatanas and Sitri together at the same time using a red candle and a stick of Dragon’s Blood incense.

I asked them to work together on enhancing the energy in my sexual life and bringing me an attractive partner, the result blew my mind. I offered them 12 drops of blood from my ring finger and placed them on a paper exactly like this:

I offered them in exchange all the sexual energy I will produce with my next 3 partners, my time and devotion.

In the evening (same day) I went to a party where I met this very attractive girl that looked drunk enough to be the perfect “victim”. I talked with her for a while and we exchanged numbers before we left. The next day we met up and had sex the whole night and I have to tell you, the energy and feelings I’ve had that day can’t be compared to all the partners I’ve had until now. It was purely perfect.

They told me to share this with you as an offering for them (see: “my time”). I hope you guys have great results with this and I wish to see many people succeed on manifesting their desires :smiley:


This is a great update @zirenaiad and something I think a lot of us can learn from.
I have a bit of an update myself, with a bit of a question mark over it but will tell of that in a bit.

For the moment, I would like to ask about the sigil on the paper you describe: is that Sitri’s sigil between the blood spots or Sargatanas… a combined or one separate one on top of the other? Or only Sitri’s? I’m guessing that is just Sitri’s as you already have ongoing communication with Sargatanas but thought I would ask just to clarify.

By the way, what an excellent and powerful result for you :smiley:

i’m a beginner i don’t know how to do that

I found this ritual very beautiful, greetings

I used Sitri’s sigil. I have a special connection to Sargatanas which I won’t talk about yet :smiley:


Cool, thanks @zirenaiad, much appreciated.

My update:

Over the last few days/week or so I have often listened to the enn posted way above by @Enlightener :+1:
Also meditated when I could find proper time for it and got deep into my zone, followed by reciting along with the video and then making my request.
Also, at different quiet, calm times throughout each day I have casually asked Sargatanas to just be with me considering that some contact has been made.

What I have noticed is an increase in sexual energy, like something kind of bubbling up inside and thinking slightly differently.
Friday in the daytime I went into a deep meditation (with the enn) followed by a long walk but felt no better for it. In fact I ended up feeling quite sad and disagreeable about all sorts of things. Basically I noticed my emotions rising and not being able to keep them in check. On reflection I decided there could be something changing in me and making way for whatever is next.

So just before a went to sleep last night, after listening again to the enn I asked Sargatanas to take this sexual energy and give it to the lady who is on my mind in order for her to feel it from me and then for her to return it to me. It just seemed like a good idea.

I woke up at 1.30 in the morning after the most vivid sexual dream that I have had in a very long time. I literally felt the sexual energy draining from me within the dream. On waking I felt this was Sargatanas acting out my request. I didn’t consider this as spirit sex, more of a way of transferring energy from me to my intended one. Straight away I listened to his enn again and thanked him and asked him to prove his powers were working on her too. I asked him to show me in more than one way that she also feels the affects of this working.

When I was with this lady today she told me that she woke up at 2 this morning feeling a little sick.

Some coincidence hey? I wake up at 1.30 knowing Sargatanas did what I asked, and she wakes up a half hour later … but feeling an upset stomach.
Any guesses why she would feel unwell? I would prefer to have heard her say ‘Oh I just had a strange dream’ lol, but for her to say she felt sick ?? I put that down to internal change due to Sargatanas influence. There is a lot of emotional baggage to work through here.

However, we continued again to have a really good day together… again there was tender touching and hugs whereas in the past she would rebuke this to save her vanity/self preservation/emotional safety etc. etc. Also, throughout today she made multiple direct declarations towards me along the lines of proving her love for me.

Sargatanas really does make changes happen.

Invoco res extensa Sargatanas.


I also meditated with video of the sargatanas, and I made my request feel a little badly this and normal ne?

Feeling sick is not good but also not a bad sign, this means you’ve hit her astral body but not with the right intent and energy, try again when she sleeps and be sure you are transmitting sexual and not other energies into her body.

Command her astral body to lust and desire you every day. See how it works out and come back with an answer :smiley:


To incite love or lust, sexual orgasm is used and is directed into the soul of the desired one. This ideally should be done often and when he or she is asleep. Stimulate yourself to climax by fantasizing over the desired one. At the moment of climax, visualize the energy lighting up his/her entire body and aura and command it with an affirmation. The affirmation should be short, in the present tense and to the point. For example: “[name of desired one] is deeply in love with me and desires me sexually.”

To further empower the spell, go into a trance and when he/she preferably is sleeping, visualize his/her and pull out his/her light body and gently but firmly command it. For example: [name of desired one], you love me and desire me greatly, every day. You find me totally irresistible."

The more often you do this, the better. This may also have to be reinforced every so often.

To break up a couple or to deter a potential interest, you would put an aura of revulsion around the person you wish to isolate. For example, [name of person]’s aura is repelling all of [name of person interested or in love with] interests, affection and attraction in every way. [Name of person] is revolting and repulsive to [name of person interested or in love with]. You infuse the energy into the aura of the person you want to keep isolated from the one who has an interest. You get the basic idea. One’s aura will act on the other and create an indifference, or even enmity. It can take a lot of energy, but in breaking up a couple, you can do this to each of their auras so that they find each other disgusting and break up.


You really learnt a lot from Sargatanas!
Very useful info man


Thanks so much for sharing all this Axacore. I feel like I’m learning so much from these posts. I’ve been listening to the ENN and using the chant. I haven’t experienced a lot yet, but going to keep at it. This guy seems to be someone I would vibe with.

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I’m from Brazil, I think you’re very intelligent.

Ok everyone, I have to give Sargatanas the biggest thanks and shout out tonight!

He pulled off the most amazing feat. I’m visiting a very conservative country to teach music for a week. I have my wife with me and flirting has been virtually non existent. Well, one of my students has a gorgeous sister and I met her about 3 days ago. She’s nice but conforms to the standard conservative culture. I’ve been reading about Sargatanas and decided to write a letter of intent to cause the sister to flirt with me inspite of my wife being with me and the younger sister being there as well.

I actually wrote the letter of intent 3 hours before I was scheduled to do the private lesson with the younger sister at my hotel. Let me tell you!!..The older sister was totally flirting with me openly and even said she wanted to spend the day with me tomorrow alone…my mouth hit the floor…even more so because my wife was there and the older sister didn’t seem to care, although my wife and I are open, we never told her that.

All Hail to Sargatanas for really showing out tonight and hopefully I can get even closer to the sister before I leave this weekend;) I’m grateful to the members who always help and give us the information to succeed like they have.

To sum it up, I wrote a letter of intent to Sargatanas to cause the sister to lust and flirt with me so we can have sex before I leave. I charged it with my semen then folded it and put away in my work bag. She came over and was very flirty, my wife even commented that she was very touchy feely with me which seemed out of her character because shes very stand offish and conservative.

Sargatanas should be your go too if you want to see results. I’m definitely working with him a lot more.


I also want to seduce a girl, but I do not know what to do.

Can you please tell us what a letter of intent is and what you wrote on it
Am just curious have you said to sargatanas I want this girl to flirt with me

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