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Hey now that I got your attn. I’m someone thats been on this forum for a very long time. Click on me to verify. You can see my post history. Im a Tata in Palo Kimbisa Mayombe. I have a few Ngangas Plus my lineage is very strong. My Godfather and his godfather are famous all over the world in the Palo commuinity.
But I have to say in my experience through the years I see a recurring pattern. People that want love spells are broken hearted and desperate. they dont know why the person they loved left them. They are obessed thinking that all their problems will be fixed if they can get thier lover back.
in my experience the person you want back isnt worth your trouble.
You deserve better. They dont deserve you. You deserve better. Ask yourself this really honestly ask yourself. If I knew I could have anybody I wanted I wanted. Would I deal with this persons shit? 9 times out of 10 the answer will be hell yes.
So please realize your worth. You are a beautiful person with great qualities. Just the fact you care enough to join this forum to learn about ways to bring them back tells me you are a beautiful soul and you deserve to have someone that gives you back the love the love that you give them, The love you are worthy to receive.
Warning signs to look for. when getting someone to do spell work for you.
In my 10 years of experience in the religion of Ocha and Palo. No one I mean no one thats real and legitimite thats gets results will ever promise a time line. or yes this spell will work in 4 weeks, nor will they gurantee that its going to happen. Because the spirit puts you in the situations to get your lover back. If you fuck it up its on you. most the time the client does. Why? because they are desperate.
This is a message to all you fucking frauds and crooks. Shame on you. Shame and you for lieing to desperate people telling them what they want to hear to take thier money. Liening about your experience and results.
Another thing you should be aware of. in my experience everybody I deal with My Godfather My Grandfather all my god brothers have real jobs, You would never know they are in the religion. They dont talk about or tell people they keep it a secret. They don’t live off of the religion. Yes we have to charge because the money cleans you of the karma you are taking from the client. But we all have real jobs. Most of time we don’t even need the money because we all are successful in our fields 2 of my God brothers are Millionares. Because the spirits they work with help them accomplish their goals.
It breaks my heart to see good people being taken advantage of.
So be careful I can tell you honestly most people in this occult world are fake and they don’t look at this as a religion. They don’t care about you They look at this as a way to make money.
So guys please be aware don’t lets these scumbags scam you. Do your research on them befor you hire them, Most the people that do spell work on these forums are people like you that are on here learning that learned from here. Look at thier post history. They just have a head start on you. Sometimes by not that much. You guys are the victims of shiny object syndrome jumping to the next best thing. Most the time what ive seen on this forum alot of members claim they can do this and that. All the members flock to them and give money but most get no results. Then they and up getting banned from the forum. Because Thanks to Lady Eva one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever met is on the ball. To all you fucking fake frauds I hope I just shot your cash cow.
Yes I used to do love spells for clients but I don’t anymore because I’m not allowed to. So please don’t contact me to ask for a love spell on specific person because the answer will be no.


Ah jaysmalone…long time no see. I’ve read most of your older posts…one of which I placed in The BALG Repository . I agree, there’s been a lot of scammers over the years, but admittedly, I haven’t seen too many on here as of late. Did something happen recently to trigger this post?

Yes someone contacted me for work. I told them no because of what ive been through with love spells. Im not helping people by bringing them someone back to them that they shouldnt be with. I then had this same person contact me telling me someone on this forum is claiming they can get results. Meanwhile you look at there profile they have only been on here for a year. and they posted something in January of this year claiming they couldnt get results for themselves. and they aren’t doing them anymore. Im just tired of seeing people being taken advantage of.

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If you look at my posts I havent posted for at least a few years on here. I just wanted to let people know the situation. The one thing I cant do is stand by and watch people be taken advantage of.

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Hi. Mind if i ask you a love qestion. See in demo ology astarot. Satan lucifer can bring u a lover back so its goetia, wat you troughts on lilith,? Its spells to return lovers, yes. .npw in i gess South America its maria padilla. Maria lionso mama tis tat. Virgen negra etc. Which ate the 3 girls to return love in you experience,? No i dnt want easy job. I just wonder seems u seems truly here.


I just posted something talking about Love spells how I think people shouldnt be doing them on specific people. Im the wrong person about asking someone thats not iniated to work with certain sprits in that lineage. Its dangerous and disrespectful,



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