Do love rituals actually work|?

I’m pretty familiar with a bunch of love spells/rituals but as anyone ever actually had one of them working? Feels that are pretty much zero success stories.

Yes they do work. The struggle is in getting an ex back however as there is a lot of resistance in those cases (usually). But if there is potential for love then they can work very well.


Is there any spell in particular you recommend?

There’s a sigil in 111 Sigils of Power and Transformation by Adam Blackthorne that I would recommend. Otherwise 72 Sigils of Power by Zanna Blaise has a lot of powers that can be used, especially when there is resistance, as it can transform another (gently). I would recommend those two book.

Although Zanna Blaise also has a book specifically for love magick called “Angels of Love”. I’ve never worked with that book but it works very well for many.


Also fun fact: Every culture in the world has used magick (in whatever form) to obtain the love of another.


Adam Blackthorne’s book is great, I have tried a couple of sigils but unfortunately didn’t see results.

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Hmm sorry to hear that. I always struggled with it until I read the instructions again, even though I thought I had it down correctly. But then I saw there was a key that i was missing, probably because I was too used to the GoM’s other books. Since I discovered that, it has worked wonderfully and powerfully for me.

The one I was missing was on the first step, that you’re not supposed to focus on a feeling of ‘lack’, but rather a feeling of desire and yearning. And I also had something wrong on the 2nd step. When I discovered it the ritual is now a lot of fun for me and works great. So maybe try reading the instructions again and see if you missed anything. Really learn the ritual in-depth, but remain relaxed when you perform it, and have fun doing it.

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We have a thread about this already but my opinion on love spells is they only work when there is some feels there for the spell to feed into, curiosity can turn into interest and interest can turn into yearning and yearning can turn into love.

But nothing can’t turn into love, thats 0 to 100.


I definitely agree. Otherwise taking it in steps is good. Some rituals make others notice things about you that would be attractive to them, and that can generate initial interest, and magick can take things further from there.

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There are many success stories with love spells actually:

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Absolutely, yet they can be a touch tricky to get right and 90% of it has nothing to do with the actual ritual

People go back and forth between a space of leveraging for power like it’s a curse in disguise and a near desperate longing for the person

Magick amplifies what you feel… And that’s where half the forum comes from

You can curse them with obsession (be honest, it’s regaining a power split you feel should be yours. Speaking generally) or, you can seek to create something beautiful with them. Not both if those two clash. They usually do

The nuance kills it and that’s where people fuck up. Most love working requests read like an enslavement working.

And if you’re ever desperate to have a particular slave… Guess who is really the master?

Think about that

A touch of indifference goes a very very long way. I say “make peace with possibly never having them” and people lose their minds. Anyway, yeah love workings work, but most of them aren’t …love workings

Also, if anyone thinks seduction magick is detestable they don’t understand the first thing about influence magick. Your makeup, your clothes, your social media posts are all seduction magick. Only a bumbling idiot would suggest “mascara is rape.” (Knowing current social trends …they’re probably on twitter too)

If you think this, try the brain sometime. All magick does is facilitate things that could happen anyway. It stacks the deck, the hand still needs to be a part of the game rules. Nobody is going to suddenly feel magickally attracted to someone against their instincts.

And on second thought, nobody is ever attracted according to their will since attraction isn’t a choice anyway


Love rituals are the hardest and only very experienced witches successfully do love magick. It takes years of practice. And yes love magick functions.

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I guess I was a very special case then.

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I’ve made a thread about my working with Duke Sallos that 100% worked. Still with my partner in a great loving relationship right now


Can you post a link of your story?
Duke Sallos never worked with me even though I tried a couple of times to work with him.
It is funny that he is the only demon I have seen with my physical eyes.
He appeared to me 2 to 3 years ago while I was having my dinner. I was speaking to my housemate who was sitting at a sofa and I saw behind him a head floating. It was made out of a clear substance and was looking around. He was riding a crocodile. Then he disappeared and reappeared again smiling to me. Then he went on the wall and I saw the crocodile and disappeared under the sofa.
I was in disbelief of what I saw but next day we got a big dirt on that corner of the wall like a sewage dump that was growing… and there was no source of water or pipes at that spot. We had called people to find the issue and fix it. We couldn’t find an explanation. When I accepted that it was duke Sallos the dirt disappeared as weirdly as it appeared.