Hey all, Titan here.

I recently did some sigil working with the Great Azazel. Once i activated his sigil i told him i desired him to be my “partner in crime” with helping me to establish my empire and to start with a much better career. I made a few offerings to him, a couple different incense on different days and a few blood offerings.

So since then, i have been offered a management position at where i work, which would be triple my pay, and just today i was at my bank and had an unofficial on the spot interview. The manager at the bank told me to come back with my resume and he would work his strings, basically. The bank job is offering a couple more grand a year vs the management.

I have made my decision on what to do, but thought id share my experience!

Thank you, Azazel and BALG!

All im saying, is, Hell Yeah!



Congrats. Keep it up!

Thank you, at first i didnt think one could have such success from sigil working. I thought it was only from evocation. But i greatly underestimated it, which leads me to not fully understand what evocation itself can offer!

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Inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

That’s awesome Titan! Azazel just landed me a new job recently as well, and we’re discussing where to take my career from here. I love hearing sigil success stories because people tend to under-value it so much, like you mentioned, and I’ve found that some of my most powerful results have come from simpler rituals, sigil magick included. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your walk with Azazel.

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Most definitely will keep posting my results! If the results keep piling in, which hopefully they will, i have a topic that i can submit to Timothy for Anthology part 2!

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