My first and exceedingly successful working with Belial

Just thought I’d share my recent experience with Belial, as I had asked not so long what I should offer him.

Scene - a few months ago I was speeding and pulled over. The stop went very badly. Long story short the cop charged me with driving twice the speed limit and I was looking at losing my license which meant losing my job, and thousands of dollars in fines and legal fees to try and apply for a work license, which still wouldn’t have allowed me to see any of my friends and family. The cop also wanted to charge me with evading police and continuing to speed while doing so.

I requested a defended court hearing to try and beat the charge and started making contact with lawyers. My defence wasn’t looking good and the cops statement said I’d failed to stop. It was at this point I evoked Belial and made a pact. I made an offering on the spot, with the promise of further payment upon completion.

Fast forward to this week. My defended hearing was set for Thursday but I couldn’t get a lawyer.the police opposed my adjournment request twice, so the third time I requested the decision go before a judge. On Monday I called the court 3 times to check for the result, as it had been scheduled for that morning and I’d heard nothing. Finally I went to the court house and spoke to a court appointed lawyer to get a decision made.

I sat down in the courtroom and the Judge was dealing with a similar case. He was in a foul mood and was crucifying this guy. My name was called and I stood up. The Judge saw I wanted it adjourned and started reading through the details of the case. I had no paperwork on me as my actual hearing was set for 3 days later. The judge read through the cops statement and started questioning me. I told my story and he looked at me and said “no need to adjourn this I’ll deal with it now. 150$ fine, and you keep your license. Congratulations sir I’ve just saved you $2000 in legal fees” I was blown away. I managed to say thankyou then he said “the fine was going to be $8000” I looked at him like a stunned mullet. Then he laughs and says “nah just kidding. I don’t know what it was going to be. Have a good night”.

I walked out, hit my vape and tried to figure out what the fuck just happened.


wow! im impressed good work!

Hail Belial!!


Hell yea


King Belial is great


Belial is the man! Praise Belial!


Belial has been doing this since the middle of last millennia apparently! Good job very uplifting to read some real world work.


Belials “Dukante” sigil features a prominent crossroads in my interpretation.


Congratulations! Have you heard about The Belial’s Rage spell from the upcoming anthology?


Congratulations on your success!

On a side note— has anyone got a copy of Belial’s Rage? I think it might be a suitable path to help my bro with an upcoming court case… any help greatly appreciated.

Sorry, but it is against the rules of this forum to ask people for a pirated copy of a copyrighted work, especially considering that Anthology of Sorcery 3, which the requested ritual is in, is a BALG product.

And this is the second post in which you have asked for it.


I was asking for advice… don’t be a fucking Hitler! I’m trying to help someone stay out of jail, which is what Belial is apparently great for… so I have every right to try and get help… that’s the whole point :slight_smile:

And as for ‘The Angel of Lawlessness’ aka ‘Belial’ – what the fuck would he care for copyright laws?

That is not asking for advice so don’t fucking swear at me for simply advising you of the rules of this forum. We practice community moderation around here and you are specifically asking for someone to pirate a BALG product for you. All the rituals within the Anthology are copyrighted.

So why not just open Belial’s seal and ask him, instead of repeatedly asking for someone to pirate a ritual for you?

Belial might not give a fuck, but EA and BALG certainly do. And it is pretty fucking rude to ask on EA’s own forum for someone to rip off his product for you.


How can I ask EA directly to get a copy of Belial’s Rage… please point me in the right direction as I don’t wish to argue over such a pety little thing… I had a voice direct me to let you know that Belial doesn’t give a fuck about copyright, so i can only guess that was Belial himself…obviously he wants this spell/ritual to be used in conjunction with the Amulet EA sells, that’s what i have been guided to.

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Sending him a message via Facebook might be the fastest.

He only checks the forum very occasionally, but there is also a thread for asking questions you could try as well.

If you have PM capability you could also try asking Timothy, the co-founder, if it would be okay for someone to post the ritual of Belial’s Rage to the forum. He gave permission for posting the seals of spirits from EA’s grimoires and holds the copyright along with EA of BALG products.


What are you Führer-phobic? Wow, I can’t even handle this intolerance, I feel very unsafe. :walking_woman:

  • Which is a fucking serious way of saying STOP with the attitude, labelling, and let people actually reply and be helpful.

Try the fact he will manipulate anyone, any time, if approached the right way?

He’s not your cosmic hero, or white knight.


I laughed harder at this than I should have. :joy:

He’s the hero the world deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll evoke him. Because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a masterless guardian. A watchful rebel.

(I’m not sorry)


NEVER be sorry! :fist: :+1:

My stuff on this epic badass, take it fwiw:


If belial is indeed communicating for you to do this ritual and yoy feel you do not have the resources to acquire the book it is in, why not ask belial directly for the rite? :thinking: orrr CAST FOR ZE BOOK! :alien:

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  1. i want to evoke belial plox angel is badmexx

  2. oh noes i have no shekels :blush:




After my ex-wife decided that she wanted to run off and play with Crystal methamphetamines, I knew that she was making up stories as she went. The nature of the stories shall we say, is graphic, disgusting, and if I’d actually done them, I would have already eaten a bullet a long time ago.

While she was gone, doing her thing, getting hammered, and the kids are being processed through the system, I grab the incense, I grabbed his sigil, and I got to work.

Since that day, any and all investigation into me being a terrible person has been dismissed.

Since that day, she has had no interaction with the children.

Since that day, the judge, and the state, have been looking at me extremely favorably.

Belial, as stated by EA, despises false Masters, and it’s a wonderous thing, because he also despises false accusations.

King Belial is indeed great, that’s only one reason that I’m getting his sigil tattooed.