Something interesting that just happened

So I’m on my lunch break at work right now in the lobby and I saw one of the housekeepers across the room crying talking on the phone telling someone her mom just died.

I pushed white light towards her and invisioned white light coming down into her crown chakra.
She stopped crying and became more calm.
I focused on my ajna chakra and whispered the words it will be okay.
I pushed the intent from my ajna chakra into her crown while vibrating the godname Eh Hey Yeh.

Then she got another phone call saying her mom wasn’t dead but she’s in the hospital and unresponsive,but there’s a chance she could live.

This happened right after I vamped somebody else in the lobby so I’m wondering if I transferred the lifeforce to her mom with my intent.

Pretty cool experience.

I’m sure it’s possible. I have an “energetic phylactery” that stores however much energy I choose to give it. This includes life force, so it’s highly likely.

Good on you, though!