Tribute to King Clauneck

In this topic I want to give you my experience with King Clauneck. I’ve been working with Clauneck for 1 year right now but it was only last week when i Invoked him during an lsd trip that I really felt a strong emotional connection with the spirit. I have been trading the financial markets for 8 years now (with success but it didn’t make me rich at all). Monday I got a message on facebook from a friend who worked at a hedge fund saying that he told about me to his boss and that his boss was very interested in my trading portfolio. So I went there for a job interview and I got the job! Meaning I am now trading for a hedge fund where I have to manage and invest millions of other people’s money. I also have an educational platform and community teaching people how to trade and a couple of days later my boss asked me if he could talk to me alone. So today we met in his office and he told me he is going to invest half a million euros into my company!!! King Clauneck is the man! I cannot express how much I respect him and how grateful I am. This spirit is just amazing!


congratulations man, money is a big deal