Angel Anael and Job \ Money

Here, as I can see, magicians more often advised to summon demons to get a job or money.

But usual planetary magic can do same easier!

My history…

I was unemployed more than a year. I visited several cities in my country looking for a job and found nothing. This is despite the fact that I’m an expert in stock trading, has written several books on finance and trade on the stock exchange. I am also a translator, a computer artist and web master, jeweler in the past, also.

With all my knowledge and skills, I could not find a job. All the money I spent on a trip in search of work. I seriously thought about using magic as a last resort, but in cities where I stayed was not possible to do a magical operation \ ritual.

I finally returned to my hometown and lived in a small apartment of my mother. The goal was, as soon as possible to carry out the ritual.

This flat held my magical supplies, but I had no money to purchase even candles. No Altar also, so as it was in a different location.

I had just a censer, a little amount of incense - cinnamon. I went to the local grocery store and bought a small paraffin candles for the cake - everything I had.

Although, Anael ruled by Venus, and its properties friendship, sex, but also “luck.” That’s why I chose it, but in principle, her qualities do not fit to seek job\ money, but I aimed at the property of “luck” as the concept of luck is very extensive and covers almost all the areas where assistance is needed.

I did not use long time, complicated planetary rituals, such as the invocation of Venus (within the ritual to evoke Anael). I have developed a little ritual. Instead of using altar, I used the usual wooden stool. I found a clean cloth marsh color (not emerald, as it should be), covered the stool. I drew planetary kamea of Venus on the green square of cardboard and drew Anael’s Sigill directly on it. The only thing - I made a magic circle.

I performed the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram and Hexagram, lit the candles. Completed “Invocation of Bornless One”, but after each invocation: «… and make me Lord of every Spirit …», I just said, “and send me an angel of yours, who is the Ruler of the star named Venus and who has named Anael.” That is, I did a little change to IBO Rite.

She came instantly, a centimeter in front of me, face to face. I did not even have time to wonder. Her manifestation was not complete. She had the human form, but consisted of spinning, very dense dark-green smoke.

She began to study me. She examined me from head to toe.
I greeted her and asked for assistance. She disappeared herself. I did not even let her go. I made the closing of the temple, and went to do my household matters.

After returning to my home, I did not on my Skype at all. I had no mood to chat with someone. I was depressed.

The next day I had a strong desire to on my Skype, and I turned it on.
My friend (from England) wrote to me that he could not find me, because she has a great job for me.

Since then I have been working over the Internet. The work is related to finances.

I get all I asked Anael to do for me the next day.

So do not forget the planetary magic, and it is not necessary to make it complicated.

Thanks a lot to God and Anael!!!


Do you adhere to a period of abstinences and austerities before rituals, as prescribed by the Grimoires?

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Do you adhere to a period of abstinences and austerities before rituals, as prescribed by the Grimoires?[/quote]

Yes, I do it.
But for planetary magic it should not be necessary so stronger as for evoking Higher Spirits or Demons. Mostly not to have a sex several days. Better not to eat a meat during the day of evocation but mostly important to do evocation with empty stomach.