Can i get examples of actual materialised results that someone has achieved?

I would like to see results so i can better judge what i can expect based on a pattern of other peoples achievements in magick. I am not looking for invocation experiences or even evocations, i am looking for materialised resuslts from either curses, healing or something else like wealth.

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Material? My petition to Hermes got me double the money I asked for after a bit of a delay.


You should use the search function for things like this. Many of us have journals thst talk about the results we’ve gotten, or have already replied on appropriate topics displaying how we got material results when questions have been asked.

Here’s a good place to start. I personally don’t have time in my day to re-say anything and if I’ve not shared it publicly it’s because it’s too minor to bother with.

Manifested $300 last week, but I’ve spoken about how I do that many times around here.

Manifested myself a ride to town for yesterday two days ago also so. Minor stuff but there’s a lot of it around if you look.


My closed nostril is opened after I worked with Raphael about it. In last one, I woke up in blood and my nose was hurting, then I realized I was able to breathe with both nostils.


Lol if some pastors can raise the dead