Can i incorporate multiple demons in one big spell/ritual

Hello everyone. So I am working on a project to basically take my ex back from her new guy, i have good reason to do so.

My question is that is it wise to incorporate multiple demons into one big ritual.
For instance i was planning on some sort of a 3 candle cord cutting ritual, where 2 pink candles are me and the ex and these two will be places together with some sigils inscribed, and at some distance a white candle which is the new guy, a thread around us and then burn it obv,

so here i plan on incorporating the following demons (with said intent)-

  1. Gremory to cause love between me and her and make me more seductive to her (draw the sigil only on mine and her candle)
  2. Gaap to start out relationship and breakup theirs (will draw sigils on mine and her candles while asking gaap to start our relatinoship and on his candle to break theirs)
  3. Sallos to cause love and fidelity (sigil on mine and hers)
  4. Leraje to break them up (so either only on him, or on her and him but not me)
  5. dantalion to change her feelings and bring us closer (sigil only on her)
  6. Paimon to make her more easily influenced dring conversation (sigils on her or maybe n me as well)
  7. sitri to cause love and lust(sigils on me and her)
  8. asmodeus to cause love and lust as well and to strengthen my power

Is tis a good idea and will they all work together?
(side note, i already pray to Lucifer, Aphrodite, Asmodeus and Sitri on a regular basis and communicate with them using pendulum, they are super nice with me and are kind of like me 4 main Go to entities.
Lucifer is like my MAIN DEITY, and i think we have a connection because the very first time i called his name whilst listening to him enn, i felt him)


To be honest, this strikes me as a bit of overkill. At most, I’d use two spirits for a situation like yours…1) a spirit to increase her love for you, and 2) a spirit to break up her current relationship. But really…just one spirit can do both of these things with ease. Many of these goetic spirits were once worshiped as gods in their own right…so they aren’t incompetent. Several of these things on your list just seem kinda redundant. For example… #3, #7, and #8 are essentially the same thing. Its a distinction without a difference. If you are going to throw multiple entities into a project (especially one as straightforward as getting an ex back) its best to have them do distinctly different jobs. You’re often better off doing 11 rituals with one entity and building up that relationship and trust…versus 11 rituals with 11 entities.


Lol true, huge overkill lol, but liek theyve had a thing for months now and im like, eh cmon youve blossommed enough, move on to another chick my man and be happy, this one is my babe XD

ok so how about i do the cord cutting with 3 demons, 1 for love 1 for breakup and 1 to cause confusion etce tc like paimon maybe

and then once a few days i do supporting rituals for layering, and invoke dantalion to change her feelings for him into hatred or something
gaap in another to encourage a new relationship and to
asmodeus for lust

also out of my list Which demon would you say is the BEST for love between me and her
and which is best to Break them up

Thanks a ton again <3


This leads to another question.

Do you really have enough energy to properly do a big, long layered ritual?

If the answer is no or maybe, Do what Verdo advised above, pre-set the number of days and repeat the ritual. The odds in your favor multiply every day.


Alright I’ll break this down:

  1. I would avoid getting Paimon involved in all this. From what I’ve seen from other peoples experiences/conversations with him, he isn’t big on helping out with love matters…so im not sure if he would be all that reliable here

  2. @Norski made a pretty good post which you can find here where he goes through his experiences with these demons of love and lust. Based on his experience and the experiences of others and your current situation, I’d Sallos is the best for love between you and her

  3. I would strongly advise that you stick to one entity (two at most) for this task…especially as a newcomer to magick. Trust me when i tell you that one spirit (Sallos, if you’d like) is more than enough to break them up and put the two of you back together. If you don’t feel comfortable doing just one rituals…select a set number of rituals before you embark on this pathworking…and stick to it. Don’t do any more or any less. Use a working system, and put as much emotion as you can into each ritual with the spirit as possible. The issue with adding all these spirits is that it often (especially when i see newcomers doing this) comes from a place of doubt. They doubt the ability of either themselves or an individual spirit to get the job done, so they assume dog-piling five or more spirits on the same task will get things done in quadruple the time with quadruple the effectiveness…but it doesn’t quite work out that way.


Yes i think i mightve doubted them, deep apologies, also i think i took the term “layering” in the wrong way lol.
alright so ill start working with Sallos specifically for spells and rituals and maybe also add one specifically for breakup in the cord cutting,

and then once in a few days, say 4 or 5 ill do a mini ritual to boost just one aspect of a relationship (attraction one day, communication one day, one for beauty, one for confusion between tme, one for hatred or something)

i already pray to aphrodite lucifer asmodeus and sitri on a regular basis for many different things and this one as well but dont really do spells with them so ill keep them separate unless necessary, theyre mostly like my main deities i pray to and feel “at home” with

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thanks a ton<3 i guess i really did bring a tank to a knife fight lol (without enough fuel to power the tank haha)

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Sounds alright. Now if you want confirmation of what I’m saying though…I can give a pretty good example.

My old buddy @himanshuchauhan had a situation here some years ago with a girl he was madly in love with. His situation was quite complex too. Not only did the girl not want him anymore, but her parents were putting her through an arranged marriage (they were from India, as you are). So his situation was incredibly dire. His solution was not to call upon half the goetia to get the job done. Instead he picked one spirit…Santa Muerte…and did ritual after ritual after ritual to her, injecting as much emotion into it as he could. He ended up building a great relationship with that spirit due to this. The result? Well, not only did the girl strongly desire him again, she was willing to go to war against her parents wishes to have her marry someone else who they had arranged. I view this as a great example of the power just one spirit has to change the course of ones love life.


AWWW im so fucking happy for him, imma see this as a sign from the universe XD.

Idk who to choose, you said sallos and im cool with that, the thing is that shes with someone else rn, has been for a while and theyve done more than me and her ever could, and like i also kind of want to prevent their relationship from crossing a certain limit emotionally and physically (“the nasty” if you know what i mean) before we get back together

btw my pendulum says we getting back together soon and many other friends did divination which says we getting back together and i have about 95 percent faith because those two are still strong and seem unaffected so i lose my faith at times.

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I think Sallos would do just fine. Look through as much information as you can on Sallos. You can put Sallos’ name in the search bar on this forum and get some hits…you can check the BALG Repository under the Love Magick heading to see if I’ve got any success stories involving Sallos there, and you can do a google search to find any extra info you can in terms of what kinds of offerings Sallos likes and such. If you do this, you’ll build a relationship with this spirit in your mind before you even do a single ritual…and you will feel much more sure about your choice. And if what you read up on Sallos doesn’t resonate with you, you are always free to go with someone different.

As for them doing “the nasty” lol…Well, if they’ve been together for a while as you say, there’s a good chance that they’ve already done it tbh. I wouldn’t linger on that thought too long. It is what it is. Your focus has to stay on breaking them up and bringing her back to you.

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oh i know the nasty shit haha, my and her are still super close tbh, like talk evryday sorta close, she even is attracted to me, its just a bad situation is all, temporary tho lol

thanks a tonnn

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btw if you dont mind, could you maybe DM me a hi, so i could reach out to you in the future for anything thats small and doesnt require a whole new topic to be created ? i cant DM at the moment

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