Sharing a successful stopping workplace harassment and Bullying spell

I thought I would share this (if allowed,if not please remove)
I work in a mainly female team and new members have upset dynamics and is became hostile about 6 months ago. Rumours, silent treatment, gossip, false reports etc.

The spell
I got each problem staff members photo from Facebook and wrote their details on the back such as name and date of birth and I always use 'daughter of ’ and include parents names.

1 black tall candle, 2 red tall candles.
Sigil of Lucifer (replace with own if required)
Offerings for the demon
Dragons blood
Grave dirt
Wasps nest
Black cat and dog hair
dog muck
Sink basin
Bin bag

Evoke at midnight and get into state.
Blood on Sigil and candles.
Petition written for results wanted
Drip black wax onto each photos face until it cannot be seen whilst cursing
Fill basin with water and curse the water. Add black cat dog hair, muck, urine, dragons blood etc to make the DOOM water.

Put each hexed photo into the DOOM water and when finished weight it down with a rock.

Snuff out candles and put the basin in a bin bag and either bring it out for another 7 days repeating until candles or burnt or do full burn in one sitting.

Let the basin stew for at least a week or two in an outside place (covered)

2 weeks later then people are fighting like cat and dog, sickness and accidents at work.
6 months on and Staff causing problems have left or been sacked for freaking out at work and it brought the suffering of others to an end. Nobody died or got injured permanently just reaped what discord they sowed.

Good luck


This is amazing!

I usually tend to be very light hearted so im saying this so you know im genuinely curious here and not poking at having fun.

Dog muck as in feces?

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Yes. I add shit to cause shit and make the environment shit for them
My urine as dominancy over them
Wasps nest and dead wasps to cause a harmful atmosphere
Cat and Dog hair (black) to make the people war like cats and Dogs.
Toxic,unholy water and let them stew.


Its almost like literotica, had no idea I had this.


Do you want me to talk dirty magic stuff to you to get ya going? :joy: just kidding


That might be a thing I have to quest on actually. Physical signs are saying “Don’t be an idiot wasting time paying any attention to the intellectual, im already giving you an answer” :rofl::rofl::rofl: