Dealing with a real S.O.B in my Life, who's threatening me

Hey everyone just wondering
I mean I have a person in my life right now who is a real SOB
He has the mind of a teenager in an adult body and he is making my life hell, he’s threatening my income, my family and me personally, he’s a tribal Mauri type of person from New Zeland who you can’t reason with.
I still have a conscience so I don’t want him killed just gotten ridd off, is this possible?
So I am looking for an entity to remove him from my life. I’d be thankful for advices and experiences about who to summon. Or should I just use a Sigil of one of the entities and ask for something to be done this way?

any advice right now would be very much apreciated

Can you evoke? If not you might want to ally yourself with a powerful magician for cash and have them take care of it, especially if your having a lot of emotions attached to this, I would think it will be hard to detach yourself from the situation. I’m sure you will get some good advice either way in the next day or two.

If you’re at the stage where you need to ask us for questions, you should probably also involve the police or some other physical protection.

Carry on with your magickal approach as well, but be willing to do whatever is needed to safeguard yourself and your family.

Which books do you have access to, what kind of workings can you do (candle/sigil/evocation/etc.), and what kinds of entities do you work with?

Remembering a suggestion from a previous thread (maybe it was Soundwave that suggested it), you could consider using King Paimon to manipulate/control this guy; perhaps use him as a weapon against other enemies.


magic is a part of nature, as are the mundane things we do. relying on magic alone isn’t going to solve our problems, but using it to augment our other actions increases the chances or degree of success.

i agree with redcircle; go and inform the police. i would rarely ever suggest anyone do this as the police service (albeit with the best of intentions) is often ineffectual given the state of our current judicial system.

nonetheless, after having done so, i would also be inclined to use magic to secure the outcome you desire. you say he’s a moron? tell the authorities and use ritual to make sure he gets himself in trouble, now that he’s known to police. maybe he’ll need to leave the area to avoid the heat? either way it’s to your benefit. at the very least, you have someone with a gun looking out for you.

at the end of the day, if your personal safety is at stake, you have the right to protect it. that doesn’t mean doing anything that might be in contradiction of the law, but one can think of any number of possible actions to take before magic comes into it. on the other hand, protection sigils and/or angelic intervention may be us some use to decrease the likelihood of something unpleasant happening. the archangels michael and gabriel come to mind.

kind regards, james.

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Agreed to all comments above. You seriously need to make this a police matter, if for no other reason than to have it on file that this guy is threatening you and yours. Believe me if you have to take matters into your own hands and defend yourself or your family then having this on file could keep you out of jail and save you a lot of legal/financial burden.

Magickly speaking I would burn his ass! I don’t take threats to me or my family lightly, I would likely use Flauros or Glasya-Labola both will handle ones enemies.

I dont get being compassionate towards a person who spits in your face and makes your life hell. If he fucks with you over and over and threatens your way of life, fuck him over more. hire someone if you cant evoke yet or if your baneful works arent working to your satisfaction. sounds like you would be better off with him gone permanently in my opinion.

Sylar your comment has made me think! You say “I dont get being compassionate towards a person who spits in your face and makes your life hell. If he fucks with you over and over and threatens your way of life, fuck him over more.”

Hay your right, he made me feel like shit, and drained my life energy for several days, intentionally or UN-intentionally it still happened
Still even after all that I don’t know where it comes from but I get the stupid idea of giving people a chance

why? see I know for a FACT “Spirits – Ghosts and entity demons are real, and can do a lot bad shit to any individual how stands in opposition to them. So having thought about all this I start to think well if I do a working with a spirit with whom I’m familiar with such as Samael or Glasya-Labola or King Paimon as some of you have suggested, They will do a lot of damage to this individual even death.

Then I have to live with that, knowing I summoned them to do this!
Hay if it is the only magical way then so be it, but I just want his life to turn shit, to the point where he’s removed permanently from me like back to New Zealand, all for the wrong reasons etc, then legally he wont be welcome in Australia ever again etc etc hAY don’t worry in my rage I thought up some nasty shit, like some horrible debilitating sickness , or a loss of a limb cancer, badly wounded etc . Am I being to nice
Or should I just let a demon lose with full intent to do whatever it takes regardless of the consequences?

PS> workings with candle Is cool /sigil Magick im most interested with, but one would think that so to speak if a sigil is like a demon phone number you call, I think you must have evoked them before-hand right? or you can just use one of their sigil with out evocation. love to know your thoughts

As far as what to do only you can answer that. Sometimes real power comes from giving mercy other times severity. I wouldn’t use baneful magick just because some mundane ass gave me a hard time, on the other hand if he was as bad as you said I would put some kind of work on him. Even if it was only to send him packing. You could Hot-Foot him to make him leave town, you could make yourself invisible to him, torment him to the point of suicide or have him destroyed. The more tools in your toolbox the better the craftsman you’ll become.

The more you treat and think of yourself as a living god the more others will as well, that’s something I’ve noticed myself over the last couple of months. Figure out what that means to you and things will become a lot more clear.

A couple of years ago I had to deal with this person who had created a hell for me. I was a total beginner in magick, I had never evoked or done any proper sigil work and I didn’t have access to many books (I think that if I was aware of E.A.'s books back then everything would be easier but anyway). I didn’t have any tools (and space) for a proper evocation so my only option was to try to summon Flauros just with his sigil.
I was focused on my intention to make him come and listen to me so after an hour or so I started crying for no reason and if I remember well, first I said what this person had done to me and then what I wanted to happen.
I was very clear with what I said, I wanted this person out of my life as soon as possible and to stop dealing with me. I was too scared to inform the police then but I had informed someone else that I trusted, just in case something went totally wrong.
After a week this person’s life started falling apart so I was like invisible somehow.
I don’t know if I was successful at evoking Flauros or if what happened was a result of the focus of my intention but at least I got what I wanted.

In my opinion, if you don’t act when you’re given the chance then it’s going to be worse everyday. You say that you’ll have to live with knowing that you’ve summoned a demon to destroy him. I think that you wouldn’t like to live with knowing that you did nothing at all and you just stood there watching him fuck up your life, right?
For me there are no second chances and I can’t forgive anyone who messes with my life and my personal well-being in any way.
You don’t always have to kill your enemies… Make sure that you know what you want to happen to them, chose your weapon and fight.


Asuly I don’t know what kind of magic you practice but here is a pretty simple spell I’ve used to make an enemy’s life turn to shit for about 3 months.

You’ll need pen, paper, 9 pins/needles, aluminum foil,one lemon, poppy seeds, black mustard seeds, black and red pepper, a black candle and a picture of your enemy and any personal concerns of his.

Anoint and dress a black candle ( I use Black Arts oil or Destruction oil depending on what is needed) Take a piece of paper and write your enemy’s name 9 times one under the other. Next turn the paper 1/2 turn counter clockwise and write your name on top of his 9 times in the same manner as before. Now write a simple statement of intent around the crossed/covered names you could use go away, leave this town leave me alone etc. I used “your life will sour” write this in cursive around the names without picking up the pen/pencil until the words are joined together in a circle around the names. Fold the paper in half away from you, then turn it counter clockwise a 1/2 turn and fold again. Continue this until it can no longer be folded.

Next take the lemon and slice it open put the paper inside along with the photo/personal concerns. Next add the the poppy and black mustard seeds and say " I add these seeds to confuse your life" next the black pepper " I add this pepper to curse your life" the red pepper " May the sins you commit against me burn like these peppers". Take the 9 needles and pin it shut saying with each pin you insert “As this lemon is sour so shall your life.”. Take the candle and pour the wax over the pins sealing them and the cut up with wax. Place the lemon on the piece of aluminum foil with the shiny side facing the lemon, as you wrap up the lemon state “May your evil be reflected upon you”. Place the foil covered lemon in the freezer and keep it there until the person is no longer a problem or keep it there permanently.

I used this spell and the target nearly lost his home (if not for his parents) had utilities cut off had a financially draining illness and totaled out his car. He was too busy trying to hold his life together he was no longer a problem for me. Hope this helps.


execration magic isn’t about flexing muscle or venting negative emotion. like most magic, and perhaps moreso, it’s an act of will which requires complete detachment from the result. there’s no shame in admitting that you have a conscience, but you will also have to admit that baneful magic just isn’t for you (at least for now). if you push on anyway, you’ll have to answer to your conscience at some point, whether or not the magic had any effect at all.

kind regards, james.

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