How Sargatanas made women be obsessed with me

Plenty of fish in the sea :wink:

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Update on Sargatanas:

The demons he enjoys working together with, and the demons he is most efficient with are


The list may be updated as I find out more about him.


Mate, she’s keeping her distance because she’s feeling the same way. If you really want it, go for it.

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Visit a Quimbanda house in Brazil and ask questions. You’ll find what you need that way. Cheers

Fair enough. A lot of others’ magick will fall flat - sometimes you need the spirits to step up and show you what they got.

Different spirits work better or worse for different people because of temperament and affinity, so there’s that.

Hi! I thought I’d chime in, 'cause I’ve been watching this thread closely, but didn’t want to say anything before I got any results. And let me tell ya - I got some results!

First a bit of pre-story (don’t read if you don’t feel like it, not that important):
I came to this forum by accident in a completely unrelated matter, but fell in love with it, and one of the first threads that caught my eye was this one.
I’ve never really had much problems when it comes to girls, but this last year has been hell for me in this aspect. I’ve also never “officially” evoked a demon before, but this site has managed to nudge me in the right direction, and I finally accepted myself, and the fact that, as much as I run from the Dark Arts, the Dark Arts will always catch up on me.

On topic:
So I finally got out my Grimoire/BoS, however you like to call it, and wrote down everything I considered important from this thread, and started calling out to Sargatanas. (or was it him, who has been calling out to me even before I knew his name?)
The first night I played the youtube video with his Enn, trying to feel the kind of energy he possesses. After I listened and meditated on the video, thinking about what I wanted him to help me with, I got my 108 rosary (that I use for all kinds of stuff), and charged it with his Enn. I got the idea from a show I used to watch when I was little - Shaman king. Anna uses her rosary to contact spirits, so I thought why not?

Anyway, the next 2-3 days I didn’t do much, except for saying his name in my head as often as I could.

Next night I wrote down something like a very short letter of intent - what I need him for, what I would give in return, put a few drops of blood on it. All of this I wrote on a paper, which had his sigil printed on the other side. I gazed at sigil, until it activated, went out and burned it (just felt like it). All of this I planned and did at around 3-3:30 am. And I waited.
Not much happened though.

So I did a second letter of intent 2 nights after that, this time I thought it through a lot better, and instead of blood, this time I offered semen. Now I didn’t exactly know how to make a letter of intent, and went by my gut feeling, so I folded it, put it in an envelope, put paper tape (not sure what it’s called, but it’s like scotch tape, only paper) all over the envelope, basically sealing it, and then went out and burned the whole thing on my terrace. I think this was the thing that finally got him working full force.

Next day I got hit up by an old fuckbuddy of mine, telling me she wants to hook up (smashed her all night! The sex was also brutal, I hadn’t had such good sex in years!), 4 new matches on tinder, a girl I used to chat with on FB, but never got to see, cause reasons, hit me up, and I’m meeting her in an hour.

In case people are wondering - besides the semen and blood, I also offered him my undivided attention when he speaks, respect, gratitude, and being a “student” of his + this post.

All hail Sargatanas. He works fast, and he works well. Keep in mind that this was also my first evocation, and it worked easily and without any problems, all it took was some patience, and voila!

I may have forgotten to mention something, cause I have to get ready to go out meet this girl, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask me here, or PM, whatever.

Ardeon out!


did you use protection circle?

I never made a demon summon, I’m from Brazil and I’m a beginner, can I just listen to the audio enn on youtube?

the importance of the ring finger is because of the “wedding ring/romance” angle? Or is there another resonance there?

Wait a minute, so these Exus and Pombagiras are actually these demons but giving other names? They claim to be spirits of dead people over here in Brazil, thank you now I know the truth.

Nope. No need for protection if there’s no fear, when doing this. At least for me. I believe malevolent spirits feed of fear. No fear=no food=no fucking with ya. Besides, I don’t necessary consider Demons “malevolent”.

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exus and pombagiras are very powerful, I’ve been to a terreiro and already feel their energy

I just did everything that sounded like it might work. Only listening to the enn, cripples you imho. Def not impossible, but I suggest the meditation, saying his name everyday as much as you can, and also chanting the enn yourself 108 times.

Can Sargatanas help with inner obstacles? Fears, blockades etc?

congratulations! I’m going to do exactly that!

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Wow, that is so interesting! I wonder if he works for women? I’m not very good with meditation,though… I’ve only just started.

Not sure, I did only what I was told but maybe

I have not either and I am 18

After doing 3 days straight of structuring and merging with Sargatanas, I saw total darkness with wisps of white light, his energy literally trying to break out of my body, and a sort of mental clarity with no distracting thoughts at all but I couldn’t hear anything. Sounds like I have more work to be done.

Edit: I asked him to open up my senses to him so I can talk to him. After the ritual, I went to sleep and I feel my entire body vibrating and pressure in my third eye. Something along to the 3D IMAX theatres but what I’m seeing seems nonsensical.

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What exactly has sargatanas done for you in terms of opening your astral senses? It seems like your senses were already developed before encountering him, as you were able to hold a two way convo I’m assuming

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