What difference with voodoo magick?

I always look for serious proof and reviews where i but money. For you what is main differences between demon craft and visualisation like neville stuff?

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I have just as much success with both

For me, probably more even in the things you’re after with Neville techniques but I’m using that to enhance my experience even when I do other methods. I’m also speaking very personally about my experience too - I’m not saying that one is better than the other at all

Neville stuff - Gonna be less interesting for some but totally less daunting as a new practictioner

However if you’d like to use spirits I found New Avatar power by Geoff Gray Cobb a very beginner friendly safe method to start out with

Would again work for your purposes and has stuff to cover what you want in

And tons here who are happy to help when you post asking about any questions or problems you have getting it going. You may have none and run with it

Voodoo and Hoodoo, one is a religion one is the folk magick only aspect of the religion.

the folk magick and even the religion itself can be considered similar if not exactly pagan in nature.

People believe this because there is a lot of people with chips on their shoulders because they practice voodoo. It was really prevalent and annoying back in the wizardforum days.

Getting quick and powerful results has nothing to do with the system your working with. The results and the speed you get them depends on the person whose doing the magick.


Do some of you guys already have some serious and tangible results (not the faith blinding king of thing) with magick and in which way, what was the results?

Try reading this:


@Lady_Eva pics or it didn’t happen. :joy:

I shared an omnibus thread with many accounts of successes from different people, “Pics or it didn’t happen” surely only applies to implausible claims by one individual?


I wasn’t talking about you or one person in that particular thread. I’m just saying there’s some bold claims with money spells and curses in the omnibus thread. I’m skeptical and I don’t believe most of it’s true. Plus I think the op should approach outrageous claims with skepticism. Just because it’s posted on here it doesn’t mean it’s true.

In short. an aspect of voodoo that’s very powerful is for a lot of spells like a voodoo doll you have physical connection to the person youre trying to influence like their hair etc. building a voodoo doll and effigy require a ton of focus and intention as well as when you use it in the future.

One person might be very successful with voodoo dolls. Someone else might be just as successful as creating a sigil. Don’t pursue a type of magick because you heard it’s the most powerful…cause honestly most voodoo/hoodoo practitioners I’ve met don’t live lavish lives of abundance.


Have you ever had a remarkable or nigh-on miraculous result with magick in your own life @3rd_Eye_Drops ?

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Yes I have but that doesn’t make me less aware of where I’m at. Nobody knows who I am behind this phoney avatar. I could be clowning everyone and you wouldn’t know it if you took everything I said seriously. That goes for everyone else. I’m not going to take someone’s word as golden if I don’t know them. You can’t deny the fact that there’s a lot of bullshit artists in our community. So I think it’s a pretty balanced and sober approach to scrutinize everything you read here.

And you comprehend that there is a valid space in between “either you immediately share photographic and other records, or you’re lying, from malice or insecurity”?

I would also advise that, however that’s a different level of advice to demanding physical evidence.

I always highly recommend people do work for material goals, not for greed’s sake but because it’s harder to fool oneself that way, I have been saying this for years: Drugs and Magickk? - #3 by Lady_Eva


Are you telling me to trust the word of strangers over my own instinct? Because I won’t. And I don’t see how that’s a problem on the internet.

I was making a joke. Hence the laughing emoji. Regardless, I would ask the same question in real life to. That’s who I am.

I remember years ago as kid i was knowing the attraction law and make strong visualization with music tape listen and in one week 8k appear in my account from no where.

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It’s often the case that the only people who will find a thing believable are those who’ve had a similar experience themselves, so anyone trying to create, through ridicule, the idea there is a normative kind of level which is accepted, and anything else is going to be mocked, is going to be challenged on that - if not by me, hopefully someone else. I think by 2021 we all know what a powerful weapon ridicule can be.

Your reply may have been in the form of a joke, but please don’t make that again when a response is being offered, in good faith, of accounts shared by other people. If I let people make that kind of response with me (as a mod) it just sends the message no-one is safe.

Remember that is a magick forum - not a knitting forum, not a petrolhead forum, not a pew-pew forum.

So the vast majority of things cannot be proven with photos, even if they were magick for a material result.

All we have to go on is words, and common sense, and it’s more helpful to suggest tools by which people can hone their discrimination (such as this essay, “Magic needs a curious mind”) than taking a point-and-laugh approach.


Well, I think that confirms the ridicule of our community success-story repository was, indeed, not being done in good faith. :laughing:

Also, banned. :hiking_boot:


George R. R. Martin is not your…

Oh, right. Sorry, I was channeling Neil Gaiman.

That escalated quickly, by the way.


That was rather hilarious

Magick seems to require some self discipline

Where the fuck was it? I got the joke they made in that some big claims are made and skepticism is worth it till you have direct experience or gnosis

I didn’t get how a magickian would flip out so easily over well, THAT

I’m sure you require a stronger will really than to be swayed so easily into whatever just happened (the behaviour they zoomed into) :sweat_smile:


That sounds a very successful result

Why on Earth didn’t you continue?! :sweat_smile:

What makes you think paying someone will bring better results than you learning after something like that happening?

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