Losing faith

People have free will, right?

If one is in another place, moved on, in a committed relationship with another party and is emotionally invested in that relationship,

you’re catching my drift?

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And taking advantage of the topic, I don’t know if it’s against the forum rules.
Although I’m Brazilian and my family has Japanese magic origins (300 years of spiritual tradition) I’m one of the few who can’t communicate directly with the entities, so I use decks, pendulums and intuition. But No entity, and I’ve tried with several, answer this question: will I have my loved one back?

Would any experienced reading forum member do a charity reading about my relationship with this ex?

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I was warned not to do it by a mod, because I’m not a member for 90 days…

Maybe, DM @Lady_Eva, she’s great…

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I already tried, believe me.
I was once told that she cast a spell on me.
But no entities, demons or angels tell me anything about her.
It’s like she didn’t exist.

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All my Magical experience is Israel specific,
I think that different forces operate in different parts of the World…

Some problems you just can’t solve.

If I were you I would find a time intensive line of work, that way you don’t have time to think of her,
just my five cents…

I like to look over the success stories of others to remind myself of the potency of magick. That is why I created this thread. You may find it of use to you as well


I have already practiced African magick, kimbanda, umbanda, voodoo and even the old Asian exorcism.
I got pretty good results with demons and daemons in other cases but nothing about my ex gf.

My days are intense, full of matters to take care of, and I go to the gym every day. I sleep less than 5 hours a day and still dream about her every night for over a year.

Thank you for your help. :pray:

Thank you so much for replying.
I’m a big fan of this thread you created, it’s bookmarked, and I actually access the forum through it.
It really encouraged me to learn more about western magick.

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If you’ve been told she cast magick on you and have gotten the same response from multiple entities, move on. Chances are, she left you and it was for a reason so time to face reality and let it go.


Don’t want to sounds harsh but, wouldn’t it be better to spend your time and energy on another person, or yourself, instead of that person ? If it doesn’t work, well it doesn’t, just move on.


I need to confirm that. Thats why I asked others entities but no answers

Thank you for your reply :pray:

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At first I tried very hard, but it’s not so easy to overcome or forget.
That’s why I decided to try to bring her back with the help of the magick.

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I understand. Since how long are you trying to get back with her ?


A year, and during that whole time I did my part too, I tried to improve myself, to be the perfect man. affectionate, romantic, dedicated. The one who makes surprises, brings gifts, always writes love letters with flowers and has even serenaded her in front of her house.

Nothing I did without thinking about her first.
My goal was always to make her happy, every day I woke up the first thing I thought was: how can I make her smile today?

I would really like someone to do a reading for me.

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I hate to be the one to say this…

“I tried to improve myself, to be the perfect man. affectionate, romantic, dedicated. The one who makes surprises, brings gifts, always writes love letters with flowers and has even serenaded her in front of her house.”

But…this is your problem. You sound like a really good person who’ has genuine feelings for this person.

However, I’m not sure what people have told you here- and I’ll probably get a ton of grief from the gang on this, but “love” magick is a dirty fucking business that has nothing to do w/ serenades, flowers, and self improvement.

Its manipulation at its finest (or worst depending on your perspective). I’m gonna steal a line (I’m paraphrasing my friend Norski here) and say that most people think their playing in one game under one set of rules, but in reality its not only the wrong rules but the wrong game entirely, wrong field, everything.

You gotta have a stomach for this and you gotta be willing to turn your back on your conscience (at times). If you’re thinking, “I didn’t sign up for this” or “I don’t want it to be this way.”… you’re probably a somewhat decent person, but there’s a good chance you may not get what/ who you want.

Sometimes I think love & sex spells should fall under the “Baneful” tag…but that’s for another rant.

If you can pull all of that other stuff off like you say, your magick’s not the problem. It’s your approach. You’ll need to layer your magick to the nine, be ready to adjust, restart, re-cast, re-evaluate, ect…etc…all on the fly…still wanna do it?

And finally, you’ll need to know when and how to both let go and rise above both the magick and who you are. Is she worth all that?


I Find successful stories to help with faith in magic as well, however there are those times, dark times where even surrounding myself with that energy isn’t enough. In these rare cases you must do the opposite but remain true to this specific working and see it out to the end to find peace
It goes like this.

In these blue moon happenings I take ea koettings power of f*** it ritual out of my little tool box and ride it home.
" F*** it all" I tell myself,
I start with what craves for me to say is fake such as magic and affirm, “f*** this magick sh** it’s all fake” then keep going.

 I next move to other things that are craving me to affirm their legitimacy and do the same. "F*** my self esteem, f*** my accomplishments, F*** my pride and my spiritual beliefs and everything that I hold true to my identity" .... IT'S ALL FAKE. T

Now this is the important part …

Don’t stop there… tell yourself This reality, my life the lives around me. Am I simply the universe having a human experience or a movie being watched and created by the Loki’s timekeepers show. It’s all fake

(Keep riding it home)

 It's probably all a matrix, all fake. My dreams are fake reality so why should I look at this any different.

Hell probably not just magick, but this life is probably fake to.
These people are fake, these houses and emotions are fake, this human experience is so fake I tell myself. Your only aware a dream is fake after you wake up so this is fake and I just haven’t woke up yet.
These emotions are fake, these feelings are fake, this whole world is fake.

Reality isn’t real

Time and space isn’t real

This universe isn’t real

I’m probably the only conscious person and everyone else is an NPC
(I tell myself)

So see magick is no more real then the world around you.

But if that’s the case

And you ride the fakeness home. It doesn’t matter

you can find peace knowing it’s NO MORE FAKE THEN THE WORLD AROUND YOU. And then when you are forced to acknowledge the world around you and open your senses up to it again, then you can acknowledge and open your senses up to magick again with a similar Level of authenticity.

Well if I acknowledge this world then mabye there’s a chance that it’s real
(Well if I acknowledge this magick then mabye it’s real)
And then everything I once had and cherished in magick comes back to me

Everything only exists because you acknowledge it’s existence. Therefore this ritual acts sort of like a hard reset, riding it home and then back again so you have your magick back in your pocket :wink:


I have no words to thank you all
Thank you very much for the time and effort you took to reply me.
I will reflect a lot on what you said and believe me, they helped me a lot.

:pray: :heart:


I agree with you, but love spells and attraction and sex spells are very different things.
And like all spells, I believe you shouldn’t sit cross-legged waiting for the magic to do everything for you, so I try to improve who I am to her.

I don’t know what the problem is, but it affects me so much that I lose faith as it is now. Nothing I try works to get her heart back to me.

this is what I have been doing for a year.

yes to me she is worth every tear that falls, every night of lost sleep.

I thank you so much for replying to me, and I will reflect every word you wrote here.

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So without actually knowing specifics- it might be time to let go and trust the magic….by far the hardest part of magic when you are seriously invested in getting what you want…


I don’t know how I can repay such words of wisdom. You practically opened my eyes and the technique you taught me will really help me.

Thank you very much.