Financial Freedom

Yea that’s where I was too. Consider Belial. He’s overlooked for financial magick, but he’s really good at helping with earthly affairs. I apologize if I’m telling you what you already know, but it helps to have a spirit as a mentor. Jason Miller’s work is excellent. Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury… get familiar with them. :grin:
You can do this!


Im really not looking for smaller sums. I mean, Ill take it, but my goal is to strea, a steady financial income thats big enough for me to be successful

Someone mention him to me but I couldnt find much info on him. I didnt want anything to dangerous too, as far as what they may ask of me. I read bune is sweet and very nice then i read demons can ask for things you dont want to give up, Im just weary. I do have his book, Im a start reading it

Many of us have found Buné to be a loving goddess, not a demon as such.

Specifically the goddess Wadjet btw, not just a random attribution of goddesshood.

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I just checked, thanks! Maybe Bune is a good route. Is there such a thing as calling a demon and if you dont come to an agreement you can say thank you but im all set and he leaves?

look through here as well. Lots of success stories with money magick that may give you ideas

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Thanks, Ill check. I just come to see that many who ask for money spells or rituals with demons dont seek much. Just little sums. Im seeking money to set me up for life so i can live comfortable, I never see that so figured id start a new thread. I am new to here though, all my talk has been in fb groups

Talk face to face with a spirit about it. Either Lucefuge or other. See what they have to say about that goal. If they disagree, there is always an entity ready to work with you!

Last time I called Lucifuge I had a bad experience, Ive read he preys on the inexperienced. Ive read he also asks for your body after 20 years of granting you something of such high stake. And he wont go away after you tell him too. Everyone says so many different things

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Duchess Bune is my girl! She pulled through $1200 for me in less than a week. Very friendly and playful lady


I heard shes good, Im just looking for a lot more than that. Im looking to be financially set up

Then be prepared to work your ass off and begin a relationship with Lord Clauneck.


I read bune is better than clauneck for money. Not true?

Clauneck will look out for your ventures long-term. There’s not really competition and both can and do work will together.

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Duchess Bune brings money from unexpected places and work will likely be one of them. If you’re in business then Lord Clauneck would be good for opening more doors and more of a long term bigger approach.


Yes, demons won’t bring money for nothing. You definitely will have to work for it in one way or another.


The POV of the interacion will be aways subjective to the operator, at least to an extent. If lucifuge was agressive there is not much you can do about it, at least right now.
Evoke bune, although bune can bring money in weird ways, He certainly will do it if the evocation was properly performed.


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i dont have a business but i have ideas, maybe he could help

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yea, ill do whatever as long as im not hurt or anyone i love