Oh shit... It worked

Starting this thread to document and consolidate my work with spirits. The title is just from always being a bit surprised at the response from spirits and of course the results. I evoke a few times a week and am working with quite a few different spirits of the Goetia, a couple angels and am researching Polynesian pantheons and traditions. From the Goetia I have worked closely with Prince Sitri, Marquis Leraje, Earl Halphas, Earl Andromalius, Marquis Forneus, President Marbas, President Glasya Labolas, Marquis Amon, Marquis Vuall and to a lesser extent Prince Seer, Duke Dantalion, President Foras, Knight Furcas, King Asmodai and King Belial.

I’ll start this off with a simple petition I made to Earl Andromalius. I asked that he make all those with cruel intentions burn with fear at the thought of me. This is right out of Demons of Magick. I used ritual one from the book. I use ritual two most times at least these days if not ritual three coupled with some extensive meditation, but this was such a direct request I wanted to keep things very simple and business like. The results were immediate and more than I requested. I had four people who were close to me in different ways become immediately deferential. I didn’t even know there was an issue with each of them. These people revealed their “issues” (read deceit) and became completely vulnerable. I was able to plan what to do next with great accuracy and deal with each of them.

I offered Earl Andromalius hunger and writing about my experience here. I renew this petition monthly out of respect and to make the offering. I’ve found evoking Earl Andromalius to feel powerful and intense with an air of discipline. I don’t rush these evocations, but I get the impression that the spirit appreciates focus on the matters at hand where others seem happy to direct me down rabbit holes or simply share an offering. This petition has grown into larger work with the Earl and I’m grateful for his continued help.


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I see you’ve worked with Sir Furcas. So have I. He doesn’t get talked about a lot. How did he appear to you?


He doesn’t! He should though. The first topic we worked on had to do with making someone feel guilty for their behavior and was resolved in a few days. The second time I worked with him on developing intuition because I was having to make decisions without much information etc. I felt like the connections between things became clear faster and I’d get information that I wouldn’t normally have. I’ve only used the 2nd method with Furcas. The few words I got from him were from a male, not too deep and not loud.

I didn’t get the gruff old man. I’m a novice at best when it comes to full evocation. I continue to attempt full evocation as I’m not super successful in getting the full visual experience. I’m getting better but candidly I’m less concerned with seeing them. I’ve got shadows/outline of a figure, conversational voices and what felt like a hand on my shoulder.

How did he appear to you?


Sounds like you are having success with the Demons of Magick book. In my opinion, that book is worth it’s weight in gold.

How Sir Furcas appeared to me was in fact as an old man. I mean a really old man. Scraggly unkempt long white hair with an equally scraggly unkempt white beard. Where as King Paimon appeared with nice bright beautiful white hair and equally white beard, Sir Furcas’ hair and beard looked quite the opposite. He was also very skinny. He looked like he weighed maybe one hundred pounds at the most. But he was muscular. Very muscular. Not buffed or jacked or anything like that but whatever he weighed it looked like it was all muscle. He looked like a very old man that had nothing but lean muscle. The feature that stood out to me the most with Sir Furcas was his nose. It was very long and pointy. It almost looked like a beak in that it was that long and pointy.

Also when I work with spirits, I can hear them speak. What I mean by that is that I hear a voice or just know that they are speaking. There have only been a couple of spirits that have a distinct voice and Sir Furcas was one of them and it was not what I expected. He did sound like an old man, but he had a British accent. Expected the old man part, but not the British accent.


It works after all indeed. :wink:


That book has been a big deal for me. I know this isn’t a GOM forum but the method resonates with me and I’ve never heard or felt any anger on the spirits’ part for calling them that way…even Belial and Asmodai. Those were very intense experiences but not related to any method.

On one hand the results have been nearly immediate. On the other hand, I’m very much working to get beyond the powers listed in the book. Surely any of these spirits have so much more depth to them. For instance I’ve found Forneus to be helpful in the ways he’s described but one day I found myself receiving very pointed advice about projecting power to a group. Somewhat strangely Sitri chimed in during my next evocation on the same point with similar advice and even a suggestion on who in the group might be helpful. I almost feel that I’ve worked with too many spirits out of the gate and should’ve just gone all the way down the rabbit hole with a couple.

I also didn’t mean to downplay the evocation itself. I do work at it but am still developing. Sometimes the communication is clear as day, other times it comes in dreams etc. I’m excited about the results, but there’s always more to learn…


King Zagan

I recently petitioned King Zagan for the first time. I was drawn towards him by a few little synchronicities. A few years ago I had someone start a relationship with me and while everything was going great, killed the relationship because she was worried about people thinking we had started up before I was out of my previous relationship. This was clearly not a real issue but this woman was terrified that it would ruin her reputation. There was literally nothing wrong. We were texting sweet things to each other and 30 min later she was freaking out. I found out later that some medium have her a reading that said our relationship would ruin her reputation. So of course I just have to eat it. She’s still a good person but clearly a coward and I dodged a huge bullet there.

So…I got some good advice to craft a petition that would work out for me whatever the outcome as a way to start working with Zagan. I asked for this woman to beg forgiveness from me for abandoning me.

I have to thank King Zagan immensely for not only fulfilling my request to the letter but teaching me a good deal since about crafting intent in petitions. The result was underwhelming at the very best. This woman and I work together on a side project and she had gone silent for three weeks or so. A random event popped up for the side project. I messaged her and boom…“please please forgive me for being out of the loop and leaving you in the lurch…” On the side project of course…not the whole actual relationship thing.

So… instantly imagining hearing Zagan laughing his ass off and calling me a tool, I evoked him again (2nd method DoM) and gave him the offering I promised. I told him that I understood his point about being specific and then heard “weak will brings weak results…” For me actually hearing the spirit is still a hugely insane experience…but beyond that the message is more than writing a good contact or pact. I wasn’t actively outraged after all this time and didn’t put true intent and emotion behind it. I think the real lesson is that even a mildly baneful pact like that must be accompanied by focused intent and emotion. Then of course the challenge is to detach from the result…after being super fired up about it. When I’ve done other petitions for petty things that came through wonderfully, I still had intent that was focused and accompanied by the right emotion. For instance asking Sitri for an aura of lustful power was easy and worked immediately because I was imagining how fun it would be as I made the request. Authenticity is paramount. Thank you King Zagan. Next time I will not bring weak shit to your doorstep…


Fuck yes.
I noticed how a baneful work got simply apeshit because I put all my hate into it,imaging how it would be literally me executing the work myself


Something that the demons taught me during my last cycle with them is that your desire is what matters most. Your request is simply a label, a way to identify the desire that is within you. Once you can find a true desire, see it clearly, with all the emotions connected to it, all the threads that have woven it together, then your words almost do not matter.

Present a clear desire to the demon, and it will act with great force.

You may also find that your requests evolve as you delve deeper into evocation. One overarching desire often contains many smaller, interlocking desires, each of which need to be met for you to attain complete satisfaction.


Shit…it only kinda worked

Ok so late last year I was drawn into layered work with spirits. My intent was to start a new business venture. Clearly I got in my own way as I went down the rabbit hole and came up against mounting issues. The bottom line is it didn’t work out.

I did my part. I had good planning and financial backing. I carefully asked for assistance from spirits and immediately saw results. In the end, the success I had didn’t push things forward enough to keep the venture going.

In looking at where I fell down magick wise, I made some critical mistakes. So as PSA…avoid the following.

• Petitions that are too specific or too focused on methods. I’ve had success in relatively complicated petitions but failed utterly a couple times here because I called out methods rather than results. I believe that this was a critical failure as even though the spirits clearly attempted my request, I didn’t have the true understanding of how the entire system can or should self organize to get the result I was after. If you look at everything as a complex system… You’ve got to let the spirits handle it because we can’t grasp the system as a whole or identify the connections that matter or don’t matter. I got in my own way before I started.

• Lust for results. I’ll admit I was obsessed with seeing the results I wanted. Sometimes I would evoke, get fantastic advice… And ignore it because of another petition our conversation I had with another spirit. I would be looking for results constantly as they would trigger the next petition I had planned. It’s not quite like the “get my ex back” crowd and the broken hearted lust for results, but every bit as destructive as it limits the magick so severely. It also turned my workings into a running gun battle that had me constantly reacting rather than executing a plan.

• Humility is key. We are working with power that’s intoxicating in itself. It’s important to be constantly receptive to learning and growth or we miss the greater power that may easily solve our issues. I was too focused on what I knew, rather than what I might learn. Efficiency is a lie… Flexibility is strength and drives all true success.

• I also should’ve focused on myself as much as possible when petitioning rather than focusing outward. There’s more to gain there and the results tend to be lasting rather than temporary.

I thought I’d just share the fuck up as well as my success. I also owe a public apology to all the spirits who put up with my bullshit and still tried to push me forward. They didn’t demand it or anything but I respect the patience they showed me. Thank you Belial, Asmoday, Bael, Marbas, Sitri, Glasya Labolas, Amon, Bune, Forneus, Foras, Gremori, Sallos, Andromalius, Seere, Dantalion and in the aftermath Leraje and Halphas. I’m grateful for everything you’ve done and all the great things you are doing for me now.

PS - Yes I know there are a couple spirits there that you may not think of in business. One thing I can say is that they ALL did amazing things to help me and we shouldn’t pigeon hole them into one type of circumstance…


Eh, I know that feel.

This. I discovered that I would receive a rather hard punch in the face each time I would get too overconfident, and I am really grateful especially in the beginning it was often needed and well deserved.

Ah, yes. Thats why I never set up a time frame for anything, because I never know with what kind of circumstances the spirits where dealing already (I often wasn’t exactly aware of the whole picture)


When you call upon the Goetic Demons, do you evoke them just by their name - for example Andromalius, or do you call them by their title and name?

Just curious.

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Honestly, I’ve done both. I don’t think it’s necessary though. One of those things that’s more for us than them. Can you imagine a spirit as powerful as Zagan being touchy about protocol?! That just sounds like a human construct to me.

I always speak respectfully but, of course familiarity brings more authentic conversation. I still try to open and close with respect. I try to keep the interaction on a level. The spirits seem to respond with more when you aren’t putting them on a pedestal or commanding them like an ass.

Also… I’m relatively new to this. Just a couple of years. This is just my opinion!


Layered Work

There are some great posts about layering work with spirits on BALG. If you haven’t searched them out, I highly recommend it. I like this approach because it breaks down the goal into components and forces visualization of results. The more detail there is, the easier it is to conjure the emotion of a successful result. For a relative beginner, it helps.

So I mentioned before that I had a project go sideways. This post is about a project that is thriving. I made sure to let the spirits know that I had asked things of other spirits on similar topics AND I was ruthless about not dictating methods in my formal requests.

One of my existing projects had a really bad year in 2018. It just became stagnant. I reached out to Duchess Bune for help and immediately things started to turn around. I asked Bune for general success and to help with specific sales. The improvement was immediate. I can’t say enough about the work she’s done for me.

As I’ve worked pretty extensively with Halphas on a non-business project, I thought this was a perfect addition to improve the project in structure and to bring the right people in to serve these new clients. I asked for help in building and scaling the business. Again…as before, the Earl sent homework for me and crafted situations to put my new knowledge to work. This was WORK…not just going through the motions.

I included Forneus to help me project power and gain the confidence of clients and to help me always find the right words in any situation. I don’t stutter often but I found it easier to get to the truth of what people were saying and how to drive the conversation to improve people’s emotional state. Projecting power is just useful. When this is working well, things seem to line up and people are much easier to deal with. The Earl has always been immediately helpful and seems to enjoy giving the lesson.

The messages from these spirits are clear to me even though my ability to converse directly with them is still something I’m working on. That happens for sure, but I find that I get an awful lot through dreams or something as simple as information being set right in front of me.

As time goes on I’ve begun to get suggestions from spirits and am starting to build a relationship with Marchosias who Bune has suggested I contact. I’m excited about it as he’s been a force in the couple of evocations I’ve done.

The options are limitless but I’m glad I haven’t involved too many spirits directly. It is actually a bit time consuming though well worth the effort.


I’m glad to see your project thriving!

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Demons of Magick book never worked for me. I think this book is a scam.

I hate to hear that but I suppose you’ve got to find what’s right for you. I’ve done evocation without all of the DoM stuff and it worked as well…I’m just likely institutionalized and like the structure of the DoM rituals. Anyway…hope you find what you’re after.