A newb has some questions!

  1. Is it true that you lose/can lose your natural abilities while becoming/being a christian? I ask this because I used to see the future somewhat, not too far, I saw my aunt and grandpa die before they did, also saw my brother get in a terrible accident (he was comatose for a week), and other various little things until I became christian… If so, how do I get this back/improve it.

  2. How do I further communications with demons other than using a ouija board? I’ve been asking one to manifest/show them selves to me mainly for proof of existence also to make a deal, they said they would, but they don’t trust me enough to do so, because I used to be christian. Also how do I gain their trust? … And how to tell if the one im talking to through a oujia board is telling the truth / not tricking you. (I know I asked previously on how to make one manifest, but I do not know their names nor sigils, and I don’t think they would trust me enough to give me them. So I decided to add it to the questions.)

  3. Are goetia demons not friendly to non-goetia demons? I ask this because one I’ve been talking to tells me not to summon paimon with “He is not friendly”

  4. How do I get started in getting power/respect from demons and other entities/just general occult things.(My goals for the occult are to make friends/companions with other entities other than human, and gain a considerable amount of knowledge and power.) I don’t really trust anything I see on the internet anymore about the subject, I always end up on bogus websites or videos, or some christian dis-info site.

  5. How to tell if one has been cursed, or your friend has been. Or if you or a friend has been possesed. (Pretty sure I know this already, just want to be sure.) Also how to tell if there are parasitic entities causing bad things to you/people to feed on the negative energies.

Well this is all for now! Thanks if you are able to help or answer any of these! (Haha! Sorry for so many questions!)


No probs! :smiley:

I only have time to do #1 for now, the answer is NO - it’s not a path I follow BUT, one of the longest active working threads on this forum is by a forum member who’s Catholic, there are other Christian members on here who are practicing magicians, and the authors of many of the grimoires we base our modern work on were also Christian, the entire field of Solomonic-style evocation is defined by Christian concepts in fact.

Not to mention all the miracles of the Saints.

And I don’t even like the religion, just being totally honest and fair, at the end of the day magick comes from the divine authority within the magician as much as anything, and if the person can reconcile it with their Christian faith, there are no limits to their ability, any more than another person’s. :+1:

You can do a ritual to un-baptise yourself and ritually sever that link if you choose, that may help you lay concerns about this to rest, and then you can choose from a place of power what you wish to do - or, you can look deeper into reconciling your (former) faith with the practice of magick, the choice is yours to make.

Two essential links that might help regarding the rest, I have to go make some lunch:

  1. Yes and no. Believing and doing certain things that Christians do, let some other entities (like Yahweh) to take energy from you and sometimes even talents. But merely calling yourself a Christian isn’t that big of a deal. But it depends on what you do and not just as a Christian as anything. Normally, the powers humans once had are now lost and forgotten, but I hope we can restore them once again and rise. But if you ask me in general then I would say no. I’m a Christian (even though I don’t even care about Yahweh) but I’m really fine.

  2. Never use and ouija board. Firstly because any spirit can say that it’s the spirit that you want to talk to and can easily lie and also most spirits don’t like it as a divination tool. If you want to talk to a spirit you can use their sigil or enn (if they have) or other means or divination tools. You can find their sigils and enns online (if they have). Try to open your astral senses first though if you haven’t already. You can achieve that with meditation but you can use runes I guess as well as other ways.
    In order to earn a spirit’s respect you must respect it and be kind to it as well, spirits don’t really like ouija board (especially demons) so you didn’t make a good first impression if you ask me. But if you do something wrong, you can always apologise. Show them respect and you will get respect in return.

  3. Some of them are friendly and some of them are not. I mean, it’s just like us…some people are friendly with you and some are not (I guess). I work with King Paimon for many lifetimes and I have to say he’s the greatest king ever. If you want to work with him, he’s also beginner friendly (but NO ouija board, he won’t like it). You must show him the greatest respect possible though. I can give you more info on him if you’re interested.

  4. As I said, if you want respect you need to show them respect and to show them that you work hard and not just want them to do all the work.

  5. Well, I’m not a pro at curses but I guess if you feel some sort of wierd energy near them and something or everything in their life goes wrong, then I guess that’s a strong sign. But there are people who can answer you better this one. But you can also use divination or I guess ask a spirit if there’s a curse or anything.