The story of how I got a girlfriend through the help of a (the) Goddess

I have alluded to my story here and there, but I thought it best to summarize it in a single post.

A bit of background first.

I am 41 now and was single most of my life, with a couple of romantic interludes, but I never got married. I have been single since 2012, which is the year I went through a Kundalini Awakening and romance was pretty much the last thing on my mind ever since. It wasn’t a huge issue for me, as a I preferred solitude anyway, and through my tantric practices, I had no need for sexual release in the traditional sense. My sexual energies and fluids are all turned around at the base of the spine and flow upwards into my brain, providing a constant source and flow of illumination.

Nevertheless, a few months ago I started feeling lonely (not least due to cabin fever endengered by the Covid lockdown situation) and considered ending my solitary existence. As some of you may know, contact with a Goddess called Inanna played a major role in my awakening and she mentored me throughout the process of my becoming a spiritually mature adult so to speak. Her visits have become a lot less frequent, due to some past personal issues between us (We had a falling out and I sent her away a couple of years ago, when I signed and was subsequently banned on Project Avalon), but she still visits me sometimes. On her last visit in June, which was on a Saturday, she was in a particularly benevolent mood and offered me a boon.

Without thinking much about it, I said something along the lines of: „Just get me a girlfriend”, without being too specific or circumspect about it. She consented not in words, but by beaming approval and love towards me and left immediately, without saying a word (it is this sort of sudden disappearance that usually seals and enables the success of what is in effect a magical working).

The very next day, which was on a Sunday, I took a walk in my local park and decided to sit down on a bench, which was near, but not quite next to the bench I usually choose, as that one was occupied by two girls who were talking Russian amongst themselves. I didn’t pay much attention to them, except my curiosity was somewhat piqued as to what they could be doing here, especially in the midst of a covid-epidemic. Clearly, they weren’t tourists and were having a bit of a party on their bench with drinks and whatnot.

I was actually trying to meditate, as I usually do, but I noticed that the girls (or more accurately, women in their their late thirties) were taking selfies of themselves, giggling and glancing in my general direction.

One of the girls then came over and asked if I had a light. I stupidly just said no and that I didn’t smoke. Not knowing what to say next, she just went back to her bench. I was just starting to wonder whether I should go over and introduce myself (the fact they spoke Russian with each other piqued my interest, I really enjoy interacting with people from other cultures), when the other girl came over and asked if I wanted to join them. Of course I said yes and I got to know both of them quite well. Both were Ukrainian nationals, but the first girl turned out to be ethnic Hungarian, whereas the second one was ethnic Russian, which is why they spoke Russian with each other.

That evening we headed to my local beer garden with the first girl and even kissed. It felt really surreal as she was really into me and just melted under my hands like butter. We have been dating ever since and she will be my date for my brother’s wedding this Saturday. For someone who has been single for such an extended period of time, this is quite a extraordinary development, as you can imagine.

Anyways, the real interesting part is in the details and background, it seems Inanna chose wisely when she arranged this girl for me. She is the Goddess of Love after all, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

I have subsequently learned that she has a brother who is very much like me in terms of his character, they are very close and she has said from early childhood that she wants to marry someone just like him.

So, it seems we complement each other very well, at this stage of our lives, we both needed each other and have helped each other immensely in many ways and many areas of our lives. I don’t plan to marry her btw and she accepts that, but both of our lives have been enriched and we are constantly learning from each other and benefitting from our complementary meshing of our personalities.

I don’t know yet if we will stay together long-term, I was quite apprehensive at first and attracted the attention of a few other girls at the time, which may have been due a to a residual glow from the divine boon I was granted. I considered dating another girl, but she lived in another city quite far away and several things were off about her, so I stuck with the first girl I met through Inanna’s intercession and I’m glad I did, she seems to be the real deal.

We still have many challenges to overcome and our interests and background are very different, nevertheless, it feels really good to have someone special in my life and we both feel blessed that we’ve found each other. I told her about the circumstances of us meeting and how it was due to divine intervention, which she doesn’t mind at all.

I’m not sure if there is any general lesson to be learnt from this story, but I hope those that struggle to find love will find it inspirational. To me, the biggest shock was how easy all of this was, I made no effort whatsoever to find love, except maybe to get a haircut and a half-hearted effort to join a dating site, which I then abandoned. When I was unemployed and broke, I got a job with similar ease and swiftness, though back then, it was Inanna’s brother, Utu, who helped me out. When my dad suffered a stroke and was in danger of losing motion on the left side of his body, it was dad Enki (appropriately) who stepped in and assisted me in healing him, to the extent, that he fully recovered in just a couple of weeks.

I’m not trying to promote any particular deity or religion, in fact my aim was to report the facts as they occurred, dispassionately and without the overflow of emotion and hyperbole that would often accompany events such as those described above, when viewed through a religious or superstitious lense. I am increasingly trying to stand on my own two feet and not rely on gods to help me out, when in trouble, but it is good to know that help is available and freely and willingly given, when you know who and how to ask for help.

If you are reading this now, this is my message to you:

Never give up. There is always hope, whatever your life circumstances and however desperate your situation might seem. Higher powers are looking out for you and will help you out if you let them. Yes, we’re supposed to be self-sufficient and forge our own paths, but do not be afraid to ask for help when you need it, be it from a fellow human or a higher being. The Universe is held together by Love and it is the power of Love that affects seemingly miraculous change and it is what motivates higher beings to help those still stuck on the lower realms in whatever way they can.

People have a tendency to make this overly complex, but the principles behind interaction with higher beings are as simple as they get. If you invoke a higher being when in true need and with an open heart, they will come. You know when they come to you, because their presence is simply unmistakable, even if you’ve never had the experience.

When a god/deity/higher being, etc… comes to you, you are instantly cognizant of the fact that this higher intelligence is reaching out to you from a higher-dimensional realm, which is why the experience is often described as other-worldly. The presence that comes to you is powerful, well beyond the radiance of a human being, as well as incredibly loving and benevolent (malevolent entities are a completely different type of energy and presence, so you will know when you’re experiencing the real deal). Clearly, someone has entered the room, you can feel their energy, their intentions, the kind of vibe they give off, but generally you will only see a bright light and whatever image your brain is desperately scrambling to create from the overwhelming electromagnetic stimuli it is bombarded with, based on your own background and belief system. Higher beings have no actual form, but they may choose to project one for your benefit, because we are so used to interacting with physical beings in 3-dimensional space. Communication with higher beings is telepathic, as with everything it takes time and patience to learn how to interact with them effectively, much like learning a new, unfamiliar language, in fact.

But, there is no need to worry about that if you are just starting out with a particular higher beings, they will find ways to interact with you, by subtle manipulation of life events, people they set you up with, books or information they lead you too and of course, dreams.

So, my advice is not to neglect the spiritual side of life and to pay attention to the subtle signs and events that higher beings arrange for your benefit. You’d be surprised how easily and quickly the direction of your life can change with the right intention and energy being put behind it, whether it is of your own or that of a higher power.


An interesting account. Thanks for sharing!


I have this unshakable feeling I’ve read this before. I KNOW I have read this before.


I could have sworn I read this before too…

Regardless OP very good post and your advice here is literal Gold! Thank you!


Yeah, no, we DID. We DID read this post!

Inanna, was this “Hidden goddess”, one that was supposedly insanely strong

or was that someone else? I don’t know. No. No thats wrong…

I dunno.


Yes, I wrote about it before, back in June, but in bits and pieces, I thought I’d do a summary on the whole story, as well as an update, with all the background info. Thanks for reading.


OH so you literally did post it before. I thought so.

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Thanks, that’s very kind of you.

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Do you have any tips for contacting goddesses? How would a person with no prior experience and no magical success whatsover go about this? My wish is exactly like yours so I’d appreciate some tips (aside from the ones you already mentioned). Do you think Inanna would help person that she didn’t know so well like it was in your case?

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It’s a possibility, I have done a couple of introductions in the past, though none that were successful recently. She generally encourages me to use my own powers instead of relying on her. But, I can try and introduce you to her, to see if she’s interested.

I will need a photo and a first name.

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I’d be willing to send you a pm with pic and name but it turns out I can’t send private message, I probably don’t have enough posts. I think I can only respond to messages I receive.

can you help me too?


Not right now, I am taking a break from this stuff.

However, if you want to contact her, you can do an Invocation or Evocation.

How do you invoke her?

She comes to me when she feels it is necessary, or when I call upon her. I don’t do rituals.

I have an awakened Kundalini, so it is not necessary. The risen serpent provides enough power to breach dimensional walls and to invoke any entity.

Sometimes we are only in telepathic contact through the crown chakra and the third eye when the serpent is fully raised. Other times she is present as a higher dimensional light being and she touches me. There is an exchange of thought, emotions and energy between us.


Hi Nino,

I do meditate regularly, I find that energetic muck builds up in my energy body during the day, meditation is when I get rid of it and get cleansed. It is dangerous to activate Kundalini without getting rid of the blocks first, it can cause serious physical and mental health issues.

I am not generally in a meditative state during the day, I have to work and make a living like everyone else. However, I do get into one and feel my Kundalini activating when I am engaged in relaxing downtime, like being in nature, enjoying a good meal, reading or talking about spiritual topics, that sort of thing. Kundalini increases the pleasure and joy felt during these activities a hundred fold, it is not unlike a spiritual orgasm, which is felt mostly along the spine and especially at the top of the head, accompanied by heat and light.

My health is unfortunately far from good, I have lactose intolerance, and recently found out, that I have diabetes too, so I have to watch what I eat anyways, but I’m not on any special diet, except for watching my carbs and avoiding added sugar and dairy.

In my experience, Kundalini is not a panacea, it won’t heal you or solve any of your problems, in fact it is likely to cause issues, if you’re dealing with it on your own and have no experienced Guru to help you. However, it is a potent primeval power source that can be harnessed, if you learn how. I use it to communicate with higher being as well as to heal others.

As for the flow of Shakti, yes I’ve learned to let her do her thing and not interfere with her activities inside me, but that doesn’t mean it is easy to deal with her, I had to overcome many issues and challenges, before she settled into some sort of equilibrium.


What’s the equivalent of Inanna for women that want a man that’s a perfect match for them?

A goddess like Inanna can get you a man just as easily.

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thanks for that I will ask her for assistance then, I read a bunch of threads here and it seemed it was mostly men were petitioning her. thanks again.

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Most love goddesses are willing to help anyone who asks so I’m sure Innana will have no issue. Good luck!

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