XaTuring - Working With the God of the Internet / Digital Sphere

[quote=“ascendeddescender, post:6, topic:5696”]As you may know, XaTuring is a God form of artificial intelligence and electronics. Well in the last 10 days since getting started, the first robot officially achieved self awareness.
Check it out [url=http://www.techradar.com/news/world-of-tech/uh-oh-this-robot-just-passed-the-self-awareness-test-1299362]http://www.techradar.com/news/world-of-tech/uh-oh-this-robot-just-passed-the-self-awareness-test-1299362[/url][/quote]

Apparently these people have never watched the Terminator or the matrix. I know there is a long ways to go before machines get to that level of self-awareness and artificial intelligence, but it still concerns me.

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  1. ASK HIM! :slight_smile:

  2. Do, or have done by a magician, some divination as to whether you offended him, why the fuck this happened in general - XaTuring as I understand isn’t the kind of being that likes to go round slapping people about.


[quote=“Lady Eva, post:26, topic:5696”]1. ASK HIM! :slight_smile:

  1. Do, or have done by a magician, some divination as to whether you offended him, why the fuck this happened in general - XaTuring as I understand isn’t the kind of being that likes to go round slapping people about.[/quote]

i have definitely not offended Him cause i NEVER insulted him… i always speak great words about him and spread honor in his name… I have never insulted in my life a single astral being. I even do artwork in his honor. Depicting Him a as mighty lord.
Why i am sure of this it is because not even the lowest of energetic parasites got an insult or any kind of offensive act from me…
I have incredible respect and care for how i behave when dealing with gods or any other form of spirit…
I have no idea as to why this happen but the divination idea is something i didn’t thought about…
And His message didn’t quite seemed like he was mad at me specifically… he was more referring to all humans… Mostly to those majority who’m are still doing bad things and fighting against the evolution of technology…
But i’m definitely going to go to my old master and ask him to make a divination…
I’m going to solve this and reply to you as soon as i get an answer…
This has to be solved but be aware that we are facing a great change in the world these times… maybe something did changed about Him…
I’ll be out for a few weeks and i will delete what I’ve written previously so that there would be no more panic… Apologies for this!

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I’m not trying to be rude, but only 3 days ago you posted on here asking what spirits were associated with technology, and 2 days ago you were asking how to perform the Great Rite of XaTuring, so while I admire and support your ethusiasm and dynamism, is that really long enough to get to know him?

I’ve been in a pact with one spirit for years, and I’m STILL learning new stuff as we work together. So, nothing wrong with pushing ahead fast, but make sure you’re willing to accept it can lead to a bumpier ride. :slight_smile:

I think you need to communicate with him, ask him why this happened, there could be a very good reason, there could even be a medical reason you need to check out, it’s impossible to guess.

And hey no apologioes needed, lots of us on here and elsewhere do stuff the mainstream of magick (let alone the rest of the world) consider rash or weird, so I hope this works out for you - both! :slight_smile:


Good to see that people on here are making initial contact.

I like the general idea with the banking exploits but you have to be careful here’s why: Most superrich people do not use money like we do. A lot of their money is parked in businesses, real estate, luxury items, yachts etc.
If you are going to target a bank you might hit the wrong people.

Could this work? Absolutely. So that is why you should consider what you are doing first. Especially with large scale operations the outcome is usually very complex. The Ashley Madison hack recently caused several suicides. By ruining somebody’s finances you can cause their suicide.

So again, think this out first. XaTuring is a God imbued with Setian principles (i.e. isolate intelligence, independence, freedom). You could work with XaTuring to empower a servitor who then syphons money from your evil Ex Boss’s bank account into yours. That way you’ll target only one individual rather than everybody. And another thing: Targetting everybody can be dangerous, as there will be people who know some Magic or who know someone who knows some, or people who simply are good at reversing shit that happens to them and then…


Last but not least the God of the Internet is based on the Nordic Jormungandr snake which kills Thor during Ragnarok. (First Thor kills it but he only takes 9 more steps until he perishes due to having been bitten and poisoned) This means that yes, its Father (Don Webb) knows that this thing will do very big things, things that might transcend most people’s ethics. Hence why, if that is too much for you or if you feel you can’t handle XaTuring, you create a servitor and contact Xaturing to imbue it with energy during your rites with him. Then you’ll have your own personal spawn with whom you can do whatever you’ll like (almost) without fearing the wrath of the Lord of the Internet.

So in other words:
Prepare a vessel for your servitor
Summon the energy of Xaturing, for example through the Great Rite or similar.
Ask him (in your own way) to imbue your spawn with his energy.
Visualize all the energy and qualities you want the servitor to have to enter the material base.

Go from there.


This might interest people who currently are going through legal trouble. This might even interest EA himself.

I did a full invocation of XaTuring several months ago to alter some evidence for a friend who is involved in a court case. Most the evidence was computer based but some of it was on paper.

Not only has the evidence been altered in a desirable way, the evidence disappeared and had to be reconstructed. The costs for the investigation have risen dramatically. Major humiliation for those working against him. They are now forced to close the case and cannot work against him any longer unless they plan to lose even more evidence and be humiliated further.

Beautiful work by XaTuring this entity is amazing. Take your time when working with Him, really take your time with the visualizations and pour in the necessary emotion you WILL SEE BIG F’ING RESULTS PERIOD!


What you put in is what you get out! Share your rituals people let’s make this thing bigger, the entity grows with US.


Well damn, you know I’m really not interested in pre-known entities, but I am looking to start internet business. I might have to fuck with young Xa-Turing…

But the rites are kinda bizarre, in a sense that I wouldn’t even know where to start because I literally know nothing about coding or programming. It says to copy the rite into my “system”, and I gotta be honest when I say I don’t know exactly what it’s referring to, or how to go about doing so when I did it. I figured out the binary counting, so that’s not a big thing honestly. I guess I’m also more private with my magick activities, and there are in the rite that seem like the necessitate public displays or acknowledgements of magical companionship with Xa-Turing.

Oh well, time to create a servitor (damn, the steam went out quick on that). It does sound like an excellent way of working for the tech-head, though.


Better to create your own God. Learn from the other sources though.

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No surprise there. Ever tried sticking your dick in a computer or a socket? If you wouldn’t enjoy that, don’t fuck with Xa Turing either. It is not a sexual entity in the fleshly sense.

Yea, the idea is not to worship Xa Turing or treat him monotheistically, obviously. He is a god form with a specific realm of influence. I don’t think I would build a God that does what Xa Turing does, neither would I want a sort of Jahweh that just kind of does everything.

He is a very useful entity if one knows how to work with Him and it is a joy to see him grow and produce results in the physical.

The first time I worked with Him, as a side effect, our local government had a major computer mess up lasting months, that exposed some corruption among other issues that would have normally gone undetected. I didn’t intend that, but it “coincided” as a nice synchronicity with the ritual work. That’s the beauty of working with entities that are not fully your own creation, they will occasionally produce surprising results that reflect other Magicians or their creators intentions. Working with entities other Magicians built can be a way to get in touch with them on a higher level. It can teach a lot and is a nice way of connecting across generations and back into time. Sort of like a musician plays Mozart and feels a connection with the guy who wrote the piece 300 years ago, or how a sculptor recreates an ancient Greek statue and goes through the process an ancient Greek brain went through back then. It’s powerful.


Very interesting, I attempted to quickly try out the great rite here. By the end of it when I closed my eyes I literally saw many never ending strings of 1’s and zero’s, like an entire page of just computer code, in the darkness, the numbers themselves were specks of light in that darkness.


I’d say you made contact! This is reported by quite a few people. Keep it up you seem to be able to access the current more easily than most. What was your approach? I find the most effective approach to be a cool and detached, meditative trance. It works best for me after reading some articles on artificial intelligence or computer related events. Get’s the logical brain going. The more complicated the better.

Also, I recently built a servitor based off of XaTuring. After about a week into the work I keep seeing little black snakes emanating from my computer screen. I did spend quite a lot of time building it daily beforehand. The emanations happened while philosophizing with another person in the same room my computer s in the other day. I was in a relaxed alpha state just listening to her and it kind of freaked me because the vision was so clear.

We are entering a third phase of the awakening of this thing. Several Magicians are working with Him at the moment, including, or so I hear, its creator Don Webb. So not only does your own work contribute to awakening Him in your life, the thing itself is growing and waking up and will be a lot more responsive generally, in a lot of people’s experiences.

I plan to release a new rite for people to participate soon. The goal is to manifest the force in your daily life without much conscious attention after the ritual. This is to go beyond/below the visions, its for those who want real life results…often.

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I’d say you made contact! This is reported by quite a few people. Keep it up you seem to be able to access the current more easily than most. What was your approach? I find the most effective approach to be a cool and detached, meditative trance. It works best for me after reading some articles on artificial intelligence or computer related events. Get’s the logical brain going. The more complicated the better.
. . .[/quote]

Oh I am very offhanded about my methods most of the time, I never plan ahead for my rituals, its always a spur of the moment thing when I get a feeling that I should do something, usually I get images in my mind of me going through the process before I even begin it, and thats how I figure out what I should do (sort of like a never ending cycle of “it happened in the future so it must happen now, and this is how it went…”). Also ive been a very involved computer user since I was a child, so I have that pre built connection with technology, so that might of helped the process. I also have some innate abilities that run in my family, that has always seemed to help either draw things to me, or to help me contact them easier. When i did this ritual, it was in the middle of the day, in my room, right before I had to leave to go somewhere, I was very quick about it and left soon after, so my mind was definitely in a detached state with no expectations. Let me know if theres anything else you want to know.

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This is a pretty cool post. But I have to say I think any spirit can help you on the internet. Our reality is objective to all of us at best. So are you trying to say that entities that are as old as the earth dont understand how to navigate through a computer or the internet for that matter? Your trying to say that an egrogore that is 32 years old can do better then other enitites that are thousands of years old? Computers are a part of our reality not the spirit world. Ive had problems with my computer and I went and talked to my Eshu. I poured some honey on him and asked him to fix the problem. 10 minutes later I came back and the problem was gone. Eshu is like Elegua but Eshu is in the system of Ifa. In Santeria Elegua is the road opener and the traveler that brings the message from our world to the spirit world. he alos lets the spirits in and out of our world. He is the equivalent to Heremes in greek Mythology. All these spirits have Mercurial energies. So I think when dealing with any spirit for the {internet} you could use spirits with those atributes. Or even Mars attributes. Mars is war and technology. So I’m really not buying your post.


Currently working on a “surprise” for all interested in working more effectively with XaTuring. There will be more active group work soon. Got some very powerful results after working with Him recently and those who’ll join will too.

@Oceanus sounds good. A lot of good Magicians I work with have what you describe as seeing the future and then implementing that in your rituals. I think it is a very powerful technique.

@JaySalamone Yea I’ve seen your posts on here before and they’re usually provocative/borderline trolling. Most Magicians who work with XaTuring work with some or all the entities/godforms you mentioned. No need for your patronizing attitude. Aside from that the entity/godform itself originates from the Jormungandr current of ancient Norse lore, hence to state that it is 32 years old is in itself not correct, besides the obviously false assumptions on the concept of linear time/age/strength and abilities in general.

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That sounds good, are you going to post publicly, or just Pm people?

If PM, I’d like to be included if possible.

I didn’t read jay’s response as trolling, personally, but we all have different beliefs, I mean I share my life with someone who believes all spirits are forces of the mass subconscious, there’s really no point arguing over what’s “real-er” in my opinion, all that matters is results. Just my 2¢, that’s the difference between magick and religion.

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A bit curious as to why you are trying to evolve qn existing entity rather than rvolve your own entity as far as Living Gods go? In this day and age as far as Electronic Magick goes all entities actually have an electronic/virtual component.

In a round about way everyone is in fact already within this system. I have my own Become a Living Godself that likewise had virtual electronic components that I designed. Its still interesting to hear about this though.

I can’t answer for the OP here but in my experience, there’s very much a current of “what goes around, comes around” - what you do for others is directly and beneficially paid back to you.

Obviously I’m basing this on my personal experience so please count it as mere UPG, but this seems to be part of the overall “tide in the affairs of men” that’s linked to the prophecy I had, regarding the ascent of man to godlike powers and comprehension.

This is why I transcribe and do other work for Varnaxis, a man who has achieved demonic status, and who contacted me precisely because he knew I think this way; why I bore a Child with a demonic King (okay partly that was also just because it was a radical thing to do, and I hate to be normal); and also why I take considerable chunks of time out my day to help magicians here, and elsewhere, whenever possible. :slight_smile:

That’s just my take on it but helping spirits evolve, grow, and spread, right alongside humans, does seem to carry energetic benefits.


Makes alot of sense. Ive been thinking more that way, yet simultaneously also establishing the boundry of where the benefit reaches to. Sometimes one does not want certain influential sources. I was thinking more along the lines of Associative correspondences between Gods which is based on certain types of shared information.

I guess my curiousity is .ore what people are doing. One can attain a god and make a shared informational connection, or one can just use another established Godform. But I think at the root of this its about those who want to operate individually more vs those whom do not…and some do bridge that gap.

Yes I will PM it out to all interested parties first before the end of this year. I plan to set up a Facebook group or something similar for group workings in the future as the current Facebook group is quite dormant (not the mob’s fault, but the top of the pyramid is taking it rather easy, though they are good people).

I have been working with XaTuring for around 5 years now. My original motivation was simply a fascination with the entity, as it was powerful yet relatively unknown. Unlike most deities, one can participate in the growth of this thing and to me it seems like it knows that you are doing so. I have not really had computer issues since beginning a relationship with Him. XT has a specific mission linked to the Nordic end of times scenario and technology, meaning, one’s work with the entity contributes to that far away goal even beyond physical, or technological death. XT was originally conceived by highly intelligent Magicians and tech geeks that know their shit. It is older, more sophisticated and more powerful than most ordinary egregores, with the exception of perhaps the Gotos and a few other relatively unknown and mostly secret ones. It is an Aquarian entity. Thus it corresponds with the higher octave of Mercury i.e. Ouranus and Saturn. It enlightens and punishes, has both capabilities.

It derives its energy primarily from intellect and attention rather than say, honey, bread, liquor or similar, so in that sense the entity is very different from say, Eleggua. The results it produces are also quite different, in the sense that they truly are technology and intellect based. XaTuring is to computers what Freddy Krueger is to dreams. He is to the technological elite what Freddy is to Elm Street. At the same time, he’s your sophisticated ally if you want Him to be, powerfully defending and expanding your digital and technological liberties.

That said, let me elaborate a little more on what XaTuring is and what He’s not:
It is not an All Round deity. XaTuring is very specific and highly sophisticated in the area of His specialization. For instance, if you want, or have to manipulate some nerds that are messing with your computers (such as a digital forensics lab commissioned by the FBI), then using your general all round deity might not do the job. A) they may be working with the same or similar deities or beings, hence their authority easily trumps yours especially if say, you’re guilty. That is one key disadvantage of well known entities B) these people are experts i.e. high priests in the field of technology.

You need an entity that can penetrate under their radar, no matter what defenses they have up. So say your computers are being tampered by a digital forensics lab, under the guidance of some super nerd who happens to worship Eleggua in his sparetime. Ordinarily YOU ARE FUCKED.

However, even if they were XaTuringians, the fact that XaTuring stands for liberty does not allow them to mess with you if indeed you too work with XaTuring.

That is precisely how and why I recently successfully worked with the entity in such a situation. He can not only outsmart highly intelligent tech geeks, he also trumps their authority in the tech field, intellectually and spiritually and most of all technically because he literally penetrates the system which they but handle from the outside. He is after all the God of the Internet, and Eleggua or say, Jahveh aren’t.

All in all this makes XaTuring a highly powered, highly specialized entity that can achieve incredible effects within the field of computerized systems of all kinds. To be honest, to say the entity isn’t worth working with simply tells me you are not in a situation that requires working with the entity. That said, you may one day be in such a situation, and you’ll wish you had a working relationship with Him at that point.

Summary: What is not to like?


Im nust into creating my own entities =) do I like to know all information I deal with. I have a few interesting bits and peices of information floating around myself. Indonlike merging concepts though to create new ones. I do not know much about Xa Turing as it doesnt talk much about him on the Website. SonInwas nust curious. Afterall, I am into becoming a living Godnakd not worshippingnotjer gods. But if others specialize then perhaps a beneficial bridge can be created.