Hail Bune! - My employment success working with Bune

Hi everyone!

(my main language is not English, so excuse me if there are mistakes)
(also sorry for the long post!)

In my first post I want to tell you tell you about my success working with Bune to get a job. So, if you want a similar success, you can try it, too. Because I just got hired today! And I still can not believe it.

Also, I want to tell you that until now I have always been very sceptical about existence of superior beings and was atheist for a long time and before that I was pagan.

I was desperately in need of a job for a while because I’ve never been so broke in my life!
I applied to many positions and they never got back to me. I was spending my each day on job search sites looking for a job or editing or updating my resume trying to understand what is wrong.

I was just surfing the internet as usual and I have no idea how I get to the point that I see Bune’s sigil in Google Images tab. There were other sigils in the thumbnails but hers appealed me in some way. (I remember reading something like that “Even if you coming across this text means that this is a calling from that demon) and I started to do a research about her, reading whatever I can find about Bune until the pages starts to repeat itself.

More I read, more my old pagan memories started rushing back, because the calling felt so real, I decided to make a contract with Bune to get hired.

I set up a little altar for her.
I bought orange scented candles and inscribed my name on it and holding it and pleading her to hear my call. I drew her sigil, wrote my intention on a paper, pierced my finger and smeared it on her sigil. I lighted the candle and incense and simply started calling her name and trying to feel something. (And I can’t say that I felt anything but I carried on) And I said “please hear my call, come and look inside me you will see that I am a good person and I need your help Bune.” I cannot remember what I exactly said but it was something like “I am not needing a lot of money or anything, just please help me find a job so I can earn a living.” “I was not believing anything for a long time now but I’m in need of believing, please show me if this is real.” I cried and I was completely honest and open. When I started to repeat myself, I folded the intention paper and sigil together and I tied them together with a green string and poured some wax from the orange candle and put it away in a drawer so it can stay untouched. I thanked her and left the incense and candle burning. I also promised her that I will always honour her name and spread the word about what can be achieved with Bune’s help.

A few hours later I received and email saying that “I came across to your resume in and want to set an interview” So, didn’t I apply to that position?? I checked my job application history and it was not there. Wow they found me, that is new!

I was crying and saying “Thank you” “Thank you” “Thank you”. For weeks there was not a single thing and in a few hours after begging for Bune’s help, a job interview from a company that I did not even applied. “Ok, that’s nice and all but it can be a coincidence, they probably interview lots of people and you are just one of them” was what my sceptical side was saying to me.

Before the phone interview I lighted another orange candle and sandalwood incense and thanked her that she started the process and that I am believing in her.

Phone interview took 42 minutes! Before ending the conversation, he said that they will get to me because they are interviewing lots of people and they received a huge amount of applications.

Hearing that, my sceptical side exploded with joy “Ha! Told ya, loooots of people, see?”. And I was so sorry to hear that my chances are actually not that high as I thought it was for a while.

And they called again for in-person interview.
And they called again to tell me that they want to hire me.

I will not bore you to death with details, but there is more. After they decided to hire me there happened some issued about my work permit and weird things and all but they all solved so easily and the employer did not change his mind about hiring me (like going to the next best candidate) but he waited a little bit to get issues sorted out.

Anyways, it happened.
Some part of me was still in denial until I sign the contract.
And today was my first day at job.
I can’t deny it, I could not make it without Bune’s help, her involvement was so real and present.

If you need her just reach out and call her, I know she is willing to help.
Now I believe in Bune and Lucifer and all demons.
Hail Bune! I will always be grateful and I will always honour your name.


Hello, please post an introduction here.

And have a look at the rules of this forum thanks.

Welcome and yes indeed Hail Bune. :metal::smiling_imp:


This makes me so happy ! I’m glad you took control and resolved the problem


Duchess Bune is great to work with!


Hail Bune!!!


Duchess Bune has helped me and continues to do so. Hail Bune!!!


how do i successfully work with Bune? only proven practical and reliable method please?

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Hail Duchess Bune​:muscle:t3::muscle:t3::muscle:t4:


Bune has recently helped me get a job in under 5 days, I didn’t really give her a lot of time but she was able to do what I asked so I am keeping my end of the bargain.

Bune was great, I got a lot of interviews and opportunities and was able to choose the job I wanted. Thank you bune, I look forward to working you again.


Thank you for sharing your experience. Bune has also helped me financially. Since I began working with Bune, I have been helped financially, and I always seem to get free things. I love Bune!

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Great experience. glad she came through for you.

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When you evoke him , is your face west?

Yes, face west. I remember reading that Friday’s are the best days to invoke Bune.

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Hi everyone,
So with starting with Bune in 2020!! I heard of her a year ago and I felt so drawn to work with Him/her, I was very religious then and I scared myself out of it. However I separated last year with my father’s kids 3 & he had done everything possible to ruin my life financially emotionally etc. I started spirit work to heal and grow out of all the problems I have been facing.
Now Bune started coming into my thoughts so strongly since I have been seeking for a job desperately so I can move out from my mum’s house and live again. I invoked Bune this morning. MONDAY, and because I really felt a huge urge and push to do call on her. I just meditated on her sigil which I hand drew, I smeared a bit of my vaginal juices on it and put some of her music(YouTube) and chanted her enn. I felt a strong presence inside my forehead and a powerful calm feeling all over my chest.
All hail Bune because I believe she has heard my request and I will get a well paying job very soon(January) and I promised to acknowledge her and other promises which I will edit here after her great doings as soon as I get them.
All Hail Bune


Very nice for you. Hope everything goes as you want.

By the way, there is a rule here: new users has to make a thread to introduce themselves to the community. We don’t have many rules, so please do that.

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Hi I am Jeremiah. I am trying to introduce my self … So I’m going to work w bune I’m in a jam. And I need to find a new place for me n my grandma. In 30 days little resources and funds. Tonight I’m going to rock some magick.thanks

In the name of satan

thankyou for sharing

Hi. I also want to officially thank Bune. I asked for extra cash and got it a week later. It’s amazing. I gave blood and chocolate as an offering.

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