Some Member Resources & Tips

This website of the golden dawn has great resources and pdfs of a lot of classics that are discussed often that are public domain goetia, grimorium verum, grand grimoire, abremalin etc. Scrolled down to magical grimoire section.


Oh no not The Golden Dawn! Kidding. They have great stuff. I own the big hardcover edition of their work. It is not easy to digest, but filled with gems.


I’m adding this tutorial link here:


Little tip:

In spring 2017 this forum was upgraded to new Discourse software which has functionality, fluidity, and features we could only DREAM of on the old system! :heart_eyes_cat:

However while many thousands of threads dating back as far as 2012 were successfully imported, a small number of internal links were broken in the process, and I’m posting this because a member just contacted me with one such example.

What you can always do is, see the broken URL, like this example:

The bit right before the message numbers in the URL (in this link, /msg21806/#msg21806) will be the topic’s original title.

In this case, the URL contains elixir-of-manifestion and this is the original topic title.

If you paste it into Search and remove the dashes (these things - ) to create elixir of manifestion (complete with the typo from the OP!) you will see the thread. :thumbsup:

This is the post with the recipe:

Thanks to @TheStorm for raising the question and prompting this post. :thumbsup:


Bravo @TheStorm


Wondering if magick is worth it? :thinking:

Take a look at this AWESOME compilation by @verdo of member’s most striking successes, complete with full, juicy, details:



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And thank you for the reminder of something I meant to post:

  • Because this forum’s software doesn’t make threads into pages of 20, 25 posts, you can use temporary bookmarks to easily return to the last post, if you find yourself reading a very long thread, or anything that’s too much for one session. :thumbsup:

This saves a lot of catchup-scrolling, especially if your internet’s slow or your system’s not crazy about anything too complicated. It also saves you having to store weirdness in your browser’s bookmarks/favourites, if other people use that device. :thinking:

Delete the bookmark when you’re done, use it as a short-term placeholder. :smiley:


People have been having success using a method given by forum member @AdamThoth so I’m going to link this here as well:


Couple of quick usability tips:

  1. If you drop in a link but it looks weird

This is a onebox, it’s where a link turns into a curated mini-preview of the site:

If a link you are posting oneboxes badly (by which I mean the page shows, for example, just an image from that site or looks wrong in some other way) you have the option to post a screengrab if it’s helpful or summarises the link, and then the link below.

To prevent ANY link oneboxing just put something before it on the same link, for example “Link” or another short description, so long as it’s on the same line it won’t try anything smart. Example using the same link as above:


On some occasions it will also have the name of the link, as with the link for this thread: Some Member Resources & Tips

  1. Handling PMs

Some people asked me if it’s possible to delete PMs, the answer is no, but you can mass dump them in Archive to keep your Inbox nice and empty, which gives a great feeling of inner peace. :wink:

Just click the menu icon (above Topic) to the top left of where the message titles are, it will open checkboxes, select all, and dum them into Archive - messages that are replied to later will pop back into your Inbox, but it clear the clutter.

You may have to run this a few times if you have vast numbers of messages, it seems the system will only move so many at once.

  1. Dark skin for the forum

This forum has an optional dark theme, which can be more restful for long reading sessions, you will need to be logged in to set it, information and a preview here:

PM me with usability questions or anything technical, if I can’t help I can find the information for you. :+1:


thank you

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Bookmarked. Thank you for this @Lady_Eva.

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Cool. Thank you

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Member tutorial that’s incredible:

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Also, this is pretty decent:


Since many come here looking for spells to get their ex back, this link should be their first stop.

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Appreciate this.

Looks like I’ve got some reading to do. :slight_smile:

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Bump for this:


Just bumping this back up for the new members


Can you please help me with the most important spell of my existence? Pm me.