Help transforming my "straight" crush to my bisexual sex pet

after reading the thread (very interesting by the way) I could say the following.
will-bending charms are extremely powerful and potentially dangerous in terms of “collateral results” they might have.
Before doing anything, I would recommend that you sit down and ask yourself a question … would you be willing to bear on your shoulders the possible consequences that your spell could produce? keep in mind that it may not only have an effect on you and your friend but on a social and family circle.
If the answer is yes, go ahead and do it, here is a lot of information about it and please come back to tell us how it worked for you.

Okay so…all of these comments about how you can’t make this guy gay or that its some form of rape is…both incorrect and expected. I don’t know what it is, but in spite of everyone knowing the rules about moralizing, people still do it quite often…especially in this section of the boards. There’s nothing better or worse about this than a guy using magick to attact a specific girl that wouldnt give him the time of day. And even if it was worse, it doesn’t really matter. The OP has chosen to use magick the way he wants to use it, and that quite frankly is all that matters. My only guess is that some guys on here get a little triggered by this one because they imagine someone turning them gay as well lol. If you do a search for the word gay on the forums, you’ll notice that a lot of these types of threads end up locked because people often get into a frenzy over it. People…come on…

Secondly, the idea that you can’t turn a straight person gay with magick is categorically false. OP if you want to turn a straight person gay, id ditch belial and go with Orias instead.

That book, demons of magick, has some pretty straightforward rituals for getting your will done, so i highly recommend it, but its not necessary. Point is, you’ve got options here. I dont really care if its “right” or “wrong” to do. What matters is what you want and don’t want…and since you want this, you should pursue it. The only thing i’ll say about it is that you may struggle to make this thing last long term


Morals aside it’s more that you can’t spark something from nothing, that’s not how magick works, it builds off what’s there, just as energy isn’t created nor destroyed you can’t turn a straight man gay or a gay man straight until there’s some curiosity or some form of interest there.

Not that he shouldn’t try but going straight to full on gay boy’s little sex pet would be wasting his own time and energy, starting with implanting various thoughts in his mind is more of a reach then flat out pampering the idea of 0 to 100, and even then forewarning that the straight man may just avoid him all together.

I have experimented with this personally and managed to get a straight guy curious but in eventually died down and he was over and done with it and have not spoken to the individual since which for me is okay because he was an experiment at the time.’

I personally prefer to lay it all out on the table of possibilities and impossibilities than to fuel the mind of a newb with flight of fantasy of “anything is possible”


According to the LOA, there is a potential reality were you and your crush have this life. Unfortunately I’m no expert at LOA as I’m still learning but you can apply Neville Goddard’s teachings and it may help.


Thank you all for your replies! :pray:t3: Especially @Verdo you are full of wisdom and understanding. I know not all will agree with my motives, but that’s not why I came to these forums. I love and really appreciate the straight to the facts attitude. There’s no time or energy wasted trying to push personal viewpoints. That’s why I was drawn to these forums.

I value your experienced opinion and will absolutely learn more about Orias, and summoning them rather than Belial for this particular project.

Also I thought I’d share that ever since learning the name Dantalion, it’s been stuck in my head. And that’s before learning this demon has various genders. Interesting… maybe some kind of sign, but I’ll keep you posted if I decide to include them for this.


I suggest as well that you check out my thread where i collect peoples experiences and success stories on magick, as it often can provide some ideas for your own workings, along with figuring out what is actually possible in magick. Determine for yourself what the limitations of magick actually are. Best way to do so is to actually read peoples success stories. Something can’t be “impossible” if others before you have done it.

As for Dantalion, he could work. Ive never used him but i advise that you pick one and stick with that one entity. A common mistake by newcommers is to call on half the goetia for their simple problem, thinking that adding more = better. But really it just shows a lack of confidence in the spirits to do the job, which is counterproductive


The guys and gal’s of the forum have given you great many stuff to think about. However there’s this ritual:

If you want to try it though go ahead. J.S Garret has a very good reputation with his rituals. Also if you are planning on using Orias go ahead and try that if it saves you money. Morals aside, magick builds on what’s there so unless he feels something for you too the spell likely won’t work, not even that ritual. Should you decide to use it let us know about the results.

By the way you can turn a straight man gay, as in there,s a spectrum; not all straight people are 100% straight . Some straight men can feel sexual and physical attraction to other men. Just ast there are gay guys who can find women sexy and attractive in the same way. Also there are those that can’t ever consider doing anything with someone of the same sex, ever. So in essence it’s possible install the emotion and act upon it and see what happens. If he responds in the same way the stage is yours. Love spells hit hard but ebbs out quickly 99/100 of them do.


Can vouch for Venus, she made me gay for awhile, for reference, I’ve never even thought of another man like that, until i met Venus.


Dantalion is an amazing djinn. I work very closely with him. And yes, he changes minds but it comes at a price either to you or the other person. Be warned that that person, when faced with such a large shift in mentality, will break. Sure, you want a sex pet, but remember Dantation, like all spirits, have their own codes and you may not get what you thought you were asking for.

And while this person would eventually die, are you willing to bear the burden of being the sole cause of his death? (That is the question being asked, not whether you can fathom him being dead.) Also, as is with death magick, in particular, your will, strength, protection, and the like must be stronger than whatever is against this happening. Often, newbies don’t have enough experience to properly handle these situations for this reason among many others. Exercise caution in not calling a daemon he might be friends with, some will turn (at a cost perhaps) but others will not.

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Your so damn right. And i was in the same boat with this last year.

Doing this type of magick from my experience is fucking scary. But it’s ok you will learn either way, hopefully for your sake not the hard way, I wouldn’t wish terror or fear on anyone’s consequences if they didn’t deserve it.

@Arabian your better off doing some sort of ritual to attract someone who is already on the same page as you I’m terms of sexuality and other things.

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It worked! And as promised, I am updating the forum with the results of my success with this project. I apologize for the length of the detailed post:

Over the holidays, I was contacted by the subject in question with what started off as a very simple “Merry Christmas” text message. I replied to his message and the conversation progressed into “I miss you it’s been ages since we chilled lol let’s link up sometime soon.” I expressed how I was flattered and available to see my dear friend anytime that was convenient for him. He promised that he would be in touch to meet soon. The very next day he called on my phone. I answered while my heart was pounding, since I haven’t spoken to him in almost 2 years. He told me he had a gift for me and was available to see me on that same day. I was totally caught off guard so I panicked and said that I was busy, but told him I could meet the following day.

At this point I still wasn’t sure if my magick had worked or if this was simply an innocent gesture from a friend over the holidays. Remember, prior to this the last time we spoke I had confessed my sexuality and desires for him. He told me he was straight, and we slowly drifted apart from there with no contact up until now. From what I heard, he had a girlfriend for about a year. But one thing I know is that you miss all the shots you don’t take, so I freshened up, cleaned the house and engaged in some rituals then called upon several entities to prepare our meeting and align it with my intentions for him. I will not go into any further details regarding the magick I performed on or up until that day, and I’ve explained why in this post here:

Anyways, I messaged him the next morning and let him know that he was welcome to drop by anytime. He messaged me back and let me know that he would visit me in the evening. He called me around 7:00pm to ask where I was, and I let him know I was home and invited him over. He arrived within an hour with a gift which was bottle of Armand de Brignac champagne. I know this is a very expensive bottle and was reluctant to accept it, but eventually agreed if he would have a drink with me. We popped the bottle open. One drink turned to four, and we smoked a joint in between. That’s when he brought up our last encounter and questioned my desires for him in a humorous way. I didn’t shy away and expressed my lust towards him. He laughed but I could tell he was getting turned on, and then he said something along the lines of how he was still straight but might be open to fooling around if I would keep it a secret. I wasted no time in escalating it from there and I’m sure you can use your imagination on what happened next.

Since then we have had sex a couple of times. But in all honesty, I wonder if it was worth it. After investing all that time, energy and resources just for a few sexual encounters, I’m not sure how I feel. The sex is alright, but I look back and I wonder if what he had as friends might have been good enough. I wonder if I was selfish to cast spells on him that may have changed him. Plus, it’s only been a short while but he’s been a little obsessive. I guess I can’t say that I wasn’t warned. Yes, I’m glad to see the results of my magick manifest into reality. But, I’m uncertain I’m going to enjoy the remainder of what follows. Lesson learned: Be careful what you wish for…


Well congratulations on your success regardless. Its a success worthy of recognition in the archives of the BALG forums. You did ask in your original post for this dude to become your sex pet, and it sounds like you are getting exactly what you asked for…so yeah, moral of the story is think long and hard before you ask magick to deliver people to you in this realm of love and lust. I’m glad it worked out though because it vindicates my earlier posts in this thread challenging folks who didn’t believe turning a straight guy gay via magick was even possible :grin: Folks, the limitations of magick are few. Very few.

I am curious though…i know you don’t want to go into exactly what magick you did, but can you at least share what spirit you used (if you used one at all)? Did you end up going with Orias as I suggested or someone else?


Thank you Verdo, and that is indeed very true! :pray:t3:

I worked mainly with Duke Dantalion on this.


You could always try cooling off on the sex and making it a regular yet spaced thing so you don’t get overly attached but still get to have fun. I don’t see why some fun should ruin a good relationship.


I’m a bit surprised it was Dantalion, but nice work! It makes sense he’d help with this and in general I just think Dantalion is an amazing spirit.

Hindsight is great, good that you’ve learned more about the power of your magick. Seems like if you want some more “relationship” (platonic, sexual, or a mix) and less “sex pet” you might want to have another chat with the Duke or just cultivate more communication with this person.

I’m gonna advise you get creative with the sex because that’s what you’ve been wanting so go have fun. I’m gonna say though, the more you fuck the more likely his obsession is gonna grow. So again, maybe be a bit wary if you don’t actually want that. Sex/love magick is a fine line sometimes.

Best of luck and also congrats!


I was just thinking of this post the other day :thinking: wondering what the progress was​:rofl: congratulations, I certainly hope this encourages others I’m their craft to keep faith :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


So if it’s possible to turn a gay guy straight, is it possible to use magick to make a straight woman bi, a gay guy straight, and a person of any sexuality into a total asexual?:thinking:


Simply put, yes.


Yes too the last part specifically. There are many spells that don’t require spirits that are designed to allow you dominate another’s sexuality. You can make a man or woman faithful to you alone or there sexual uglies don’t work right. This falls under the domination category not love or even lust. It is possible but it makes the target uncomfortable since it’s against there natural desires. They may feel compelled to be with you but they may not enjoy being with you. This dichotomy slowly drives them mad which where the suicide stories you hear about come from in relation to this kind of magick.


PERIODT you ended that quickly.