Sure i will PM you now

The website i made for Satanachia (non commercial) is back up :slight_smile:

Public Praise for Satanachia, she did it again :slight_smile:

New Succes Story:

I asked Satanachia last week to mind control a specific gorgeous woman for my sexual pleasure.

This is not a normal girl. She is from the riches family where i live AND she is a perfect 10!
One of the most beautiful women i have every seen with a perfect body. I have never had sex with her before and we only talked to a couple of years back (april 2018)

I contacted this girl by email (didnt have her number) to ask how she is doing etc. She replied back and i asked her number and we sent some texts back and forth.

I asked her to come over sometime and she said she was busy and wishy washy blah blah things to do. Which is normal cause we havent seen nor spoken to each other in years. Also she is super rich and maybe dating Rich Guys.

Yesterday i asked Satanachia to help me with this and made my petition - offerings in return.

After that in the night i contacted her, that im available monday afternoon IF she changes her mind she can come to see me for diner.

Complete 180 turnaround!!!

  • She agreed to come see me Monday
  • She will drive 60 minutes to get to me
  • She says she will cook for me
  • She kept repeating that she is feeling very very very SHY of me now.
  • Texting me with laughing and giggeling etc.

I do make BIG offering in my Deals. I am going to share what i offered.

  1. Public Praise on BALG Forum (THIS Post)
  2. 1 X Bottle of Jack Daniels Whiskey 70 CL
  3. Sexual energy created between me and her
  4. 10 drops of my Blood
  5. 1 piece of Raw Chicken
  6. 1 piece of Raw Beef
  7. 1 Chocolate Bar

I will let u know how it goes on Monday


Well done. Let us know if you end up smashing. That’s the true test of Satanachias power

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Yes you are right, maybe she only ends up coming over for diner and company but nothing psychical.

It would be 100% out of character for her to have sex with me due to her upbringing and religion.

Im handsome but this girl is out of my league

If we do end up having sex, then it would be only Satanachia’s Mind Control Power.

The last time i asked Satanachia for something like this for another girl, that girl litterally took my D*** out and put it in her V*** and she ride me crazy!!! I was totally surprised was not expecting it at all

With this new girl i am not attached to the outcome BUT i feel its a done deal.

Thats why i already posted the Praise, already bought a bottle of Jack Daniels and Diabetic Lancets to give blood after completion.

I will report back Monday Night what happend.
Wish me luch :slight_smile: hihi


Hi Everyone,

My Praise to Satanachia, just 1 word WOW!!!

The girl texted me before coming that she feels scared and wants to meet outside not in my house.

I said well okay thats not a problem if u dont feel comfortable we well meet outside.

She said NOOOO i will meet you at your home but im just scared and wanted to share this with u.

I was at work and i started laughing sooo hard! Because i just new she will come no doubt!

She came and was sitting at a distance and i also kept my distance. After eating she asked for a hug, which i gave her.

I could feel Satanachia next to me saying make you move now!!! I took grabbed one of her leg and start massaging it slowly. Then the other.

Then i took of her shoes and did her feet while listening to her stories.

Then i said let me see how much u weigh and lifted her up and threw her on my bed. We laughed.

Then i sat next to her on the bed and she tried to kiss me and i pulled away my face and denied her hahahah she was like whattt thats really baddd

I pulled away because i could really see Satanachias hold on her it was strong!!!

I said come give me a kiss, we kissed and i undressed her and kissed her body, stomach and then gave her oral pleasure in every position thinkable and she came Hard screaming my name.

Then she wanted to return the please and said i can come in her mouth! I was like what??? Really?

She swollowed and after a break i fucked her as hard as my body could. She was screaming and enjoying. After that we hugged and now she just felt. And called me how special it was for her.

All the time i could see Satanachias presence and influence.

This is my public praise as part of my deal and also 10 drops of blood on her Sigil and Glass of Jack Daniels from her own bottle. I will divide it in a few days and tomorrow the chicken, beef and.chocolate to complete my part of the Deal.

Hail Satanachia!!! I love her she is the best!


For a moment, I thought that I was reading a sex story. Lol. @Satanachia19


Sorry the reason why i wrote in detail was because

Each of these steps i saw Satanachia’s mind control effect.

There was NO resistance at all.

I got a message from the girl this morning at 05.43 am that She loves me.

Hail Satanachia :slight_smile:


that is very great to hear. I did send you a PM Answer, I do not know if you saw it or not.

My part of the deal completed

  • Sexual energy takem from the act (done)
  • Praise posted (done)
  • Bottle of Jack Daniels in daily glasses (done)
  • 10 Drops of Blood given (done)
  • 1 Piece of Chicken given (done)
  • 1 Piece of Beef (done)
  • 1 Chocolate bar (done)

I am so sorry to Interrupt here , you got mail again :slight_smile:

Hi all,
since I did not get any PM/IM in return to mine writen I tryed the Ritual today and I hope it works. Since I did not have a black Marker only a blue one and did not have White Paper I used green one (light green). I did the Ritual according to the Instructions on the Page and I hope she will accapt my Offerings (White & red Wine, raw Meat, Chocolate, Fruits & Vegtables) and grantig my Wish in the sexual Field. I could not offer Blood since I would faint when giving it and the other Thing I can not give since I am a Woman.
What do you think?

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well done comrade :slight_smile: You’re lucky you were even able to post this without getting moralized to death

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why should I be moralized to death?

that comment was for Satanachia19

Oh ok, I am sorry to interupted you then.

Hello all,

I did the Ritual and how do I know she has accapted it and is working on it? It would be great to get an Answer this Time.

very goo. Do you generally have a positive mindset when it comes to women ( :slight_smile: not this one in particular but in general :slight_smile: )?

Hello all,

I did the Ritual and how do I know she has accapted it and is working on it? It would be great to get an Answer this Time. If not it is ok then I know I have to go from this Forum cus it is the same Thing as in the other where I did not get any Answers at all after some Posts/Times. And then I will not do anything Magic as ever cus what is it worth if I do not get any Answer when I asked you all?

If u want them to break up ask King Asmodeus ,if u want long term love ask Duke Dantilion ,then for sexual union u can ask Commander in Chief Satanachia.

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