What spirit/deity brings quick money/job opportunities? I'm currently working with Oshun but her energy is TOO slow

What do you guys think :thinking:?



Please elaborate! I’m not sure who Nitika is nor did you tell me what I needed to do.

Hello Mr.
You can search the forum

I also shared a link Mr.
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Duchess Bune works good if you apply yourself. So does Belial and Lucifer.


What do you mean by apply yourself and which one gives faster results?

Hi @itssebastienc

Just to give you some ideas:

If you are into the Goetia demons, I HIGHLY recommend Bune. I have worked with him on several occasions, and he has always delivered fast results. If you’re not sure of a method of evocation, try Gordon Winterfield’s Petition of Results ritual in his book Demons of Magick.

If you want to go the Angelic route to look for jobs, try the Gallery of Magick’s Magickal Job Seeker. Highly highly recommended; the rituals are easy to do and deliver big, from my own experience.

As a chaos magician, I cannot emphasis the the creation of personal servitor more. Create one to bring you whatever it is you want, be it a specific amount of money, a job…whatever your heart desires.

I hope that helps.

Good luck


I can’t afford any books right now :pensive::man_facepalming:t6: and my clairaudience and clairsentience are the only Clair senses that work best. How do I summon the Goetia without an elaborate ritual or money?

In that case you could do a search for servitor creation methods, I know there are a few posts, and create your own.

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I’ve created servitors before but I need something wise and ancient to help me.

Try Hermes, you already sound like you have the gift of words, maybe he can assist you with a sales position or something

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Why do you think I have a gift of words?

Like @anon35165334 I also really recommend The Magickal Job Seeker, just get the ebook on Amazon. It’s extremely cheap since it, well, assumes you don’t have a job. It’ll be far more helpful than just going straight for a sigil ritual.


I’m going to add my personal experience here; the Magickal JobSeeker book by the Gallery of Magick got me three interviews and two job offers the same day I did the first ritual, and I accepted the first offer, which took me to Italy and into a fine job. All within the space of a few weeks. It’s worth its weight in gold. But that’s just my experience.


I am assure you if I could afford that I would have bought that. I’ve have Damon Brand’s cashbook and several other money magick books on my Amazon Wishlist.

I’m sorry to hear that man. Not even a friend you could possibly ask 4 dollars for?
But what books do you have currently?


Like I said I got scammed by an alleged Illuminati recruite. I gave them $70. They promised me 1 million dollars and a car of my choice. Everyone in my family is stingy and or broke. My grandfather is very wealthy but is stingy and only gives money to his wife and a grandaughter of his. Could you please do a spell for me?

Interesting. I have this bridge here. Is a very nice bridge. I really need to sell it ASAP. Maybe you would be interested?

In any event, work with St. Expedite, he’ll help you and help you fast since he is the “patron of urgent causes”.

We’re not Spells R Us, buddy. We do stuff for each other all the time, but that’s because we have working groups. And friendships.


Sorry man I’m afraid I can’t do one for you currently, but I’ll suggest you call on Archangel Tzadkiel and ask him to help you find a job. Archangels work can workfast but you must keep in mind that you should be patient with magick, let it come when it comes and go on with your life. So wealth magick tends to be tough when you’re desperate, so just try to keep a positive mindset and do your best. Know that your efforts will be blessed by the spirits.


I understand! Does St. Expedite require an altar? I can’t afford any of those items.