Magick To Get A Job Better For Losing It


So, long story short, Ive been unemployed for more time than I care to admit, and had already gone through the Welcome and shit for a job I was supposed to start today. I am a medicinal cannabis patient here where I live, and have been since 2018, and was waiting on the results of a dope test from friday, where I took my ID and all my credentials. I was confident that I’d be working today, so I got a few cigarettes and a beer for the golden Santa Muerte as thanks, and yesterday (Sunday) at noon, I went and did something desperate and uncharacteristic of me: I performed the LBRP in my living room followed by “To Win A Job” ritual from GOM’s Job Seeker.
It’s as if I performed a whole spell to NOT get a job, because my hiring process was cancelled, and it being Sunday (when no one works), I got an email at 9pm last night saying that despite my efforts, I simply will not be working for them but thanks for choosing their company.
This accelerated my anxiety too much… I’d rather not say what happened after.

I’m trying to calm down enough to where I can drive to unemployment office, but… I am curious (because I dont think I have the belief or faith in magic for much else anymore) if there were something that were more effective? Something that actually got you the job?

I know this is personal, but… I just find it so weird that after working five years for a prestigious company before pandemic obligated it to close, I’m not good enough for these fuck-ass companies where my only fucking duty would be answering the phone.

If I would’ve known, I would’ve saved the money for cigarettes and beer to thank Santa Muerte (which I had to pawn one of my last valuables for, just to eat) and used it for gas.
I’m not Catholic anyway, so I guess serves me right.

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These “fuck-ass companies” have a huge fluctuation of employees coming and going. And therefore they’re hiring constantly which leads to a lot of people applying and therefore the success rate for the individual person is watered down by mere statistics. Rinse and repeat. Its often a matter of time until the same job gets offered again by the same company.

If you worked for a prestigious company I would actually try to connect with business partners who worked together with your company or who had been clients of your company, etc. Sometimes its a huge boost to your application if the company knows your former workplace from (good) personal experience, your application will stand out more compared to another candidate who doesn’t have your background.


Hey, I’m sorry to hear about your current situation. It sounds like you are in desperate need of money…at least until you can get something more stable going. Something that worked for me recently was The Magickal Cashbook by Damon Brand. Since you are in a bad place atm, I am happy to loan you the book through Amazon’s loan program. I’ll just need your email address so I can send it to you. You do need to make the cashbook itself though, but its fairly inexpensive to make…but if you want to give it a try…I’d be happy to do that for you.


Does it really work for finding a Job or it only good acquiring small amounts of money quickly short term?

It depends.

Typically, it is advised by the author to start small with the cashbook and then scale up. And I know for myself, the way it got me the money that I requested was through a surprise job opportunity, so in a way it can do both. From that job opportunity, I now have contacts that I can call upon again if I need more work. For longer term wealth gain though…I would advise Damon Brands books called Wealth Magick and Magickal riches. I just threw this out here as a quick fix suggestion because the OP sounds quite desperate and in need of cash.

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@Verdo Hello, Verdo!

I actually truthfully have Magick Cashbook in my Kindle library. I just… I dunno, man. I got skeptical (being completely frank with you).
I didn’t (and don’t) have the money to buy the notebook and shit that it asks for, but… My counter-question would be: can you literally create it from scratch?

I ask because I draw, I fancy myself an artist (though I’m probably overestimating myself) and there’s enough paper and paint here that I could create one as makeshift as all Hell. It never occurred to me till now, but if it’s allowed, I can probably make it from whatever I have in stock and just proceed from there.

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Interesting… I heard that Wealth Magcik is great long term career growth while Magickal Riches is better for improving passive income streams.

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I don’t see why not. In some ways, that may be even better than simply buying a cheap notebook. If you have a decent amount of blank line paper, putting them together and sticking the spine together to create a makeshift book should suffice. You should also consider looking around your home for any unused or partially used notebooks. I made mine by finding a cheap dollar store notebook that I never used, and i stapled on blank sheets of paper to the front and back…then colored it the correct colors, and glued on the sigils. Very cheap, very makeshift.

Another thing you should consider, if money is really tight, is looking through this thread and scroll through the section titled Money Magick. There, you will find success stories of many different users…and within them, you may find a spirit or a technique that resonates with you and your situation.

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I know this is an old thread, but I decided to use the search function before opening a new one…

I’ve been doing several rituals from the Magickal Job Seeker book and got a couple of interviews. I had an interview yesterday, so I did one the day before, and also another that is said to be done an hour after sunset afterwards.

I got rejected lol

Anyway, it’s been a while since your post, OP. What happened afterwards? Did you get better opportunities?

Hello, BloodForPoppies (I love your name, btw)

To answer your question, kinda sorta. With the help of Seere from Demons of Magick, I sped up a hiring process of a job back in February, and though it wasn’t so great, the acquisition of it was a success.

Im working a job right now Im trying to skidaddle out of, in my fight to reach closer to the level I was at in terms of professional growth. Interestingly, once I start using Job Seeker, regardless of the quality or whether or not they hire, job offers and vacancies start showing up subtly. Im trying to see how I fine tune that to jobs actually worth the effort.
Also, during the last three months, a longtime lawyer friend of mine called me up to start an nft project, to cash in on the nft craze going on right now. Dropped 2K on me to invest in digital art material for nft creation and got myself a laptop and the best drawing tablet money can buy. Havent sold anything yet, but I launched the collection earlier this month, and still adding to it. Really turned up the volume on the quality of my work and expanded my mind to what more I can do, so I’m just reading and reading and reading and reading and watching videos to teach myself how I can turn my art into a profitable business.
I noticed, too, now that Im really getting older, working for other people is a form of Hell and half-assed slavery. I complain enough about it to where I now want to do something about it.
So… I’d have to say “yes”, I stood up from the mud and now Im walking through it. It’s not gone, and if I have any foresight worth a damn I can see nothing but work ahead, but I feel determined whereas before I felt hopeless. Ive kept on with Job Seeker, even with the job Im aiming for right in front of me going on about how ideal I am for the position, etc… …I mean, one can never be too careful. Jobs are indifferent, impersonal; keeping that in mind helps because when the first one decides to not move forward, YOU can move forward and keep looking.