Complex brain surgery with archangel Raphael

this is something i did in my early days doing magic.

i was very concerned about my failing health, i knew FOR A FACT that i had been lead poisoned and i was starting to lose vision in my left eye.

so i evoked the archangel Raphael, his response to my request was more in depth than i had even imagined. not only was i suffering the effects of brain damage from the high levels of lead i was exposed to in high school, but there was an older head injury that was making everything worse.

i fell on my head when i was a kid in the summer of 1994, an event i have NO memory of, and because of that my skull flattened on the left side. Raphael decided it would be best to release the pressure on my brain while at the same time transmuting the metal within my body.

as i was instructed i lay down in my circle. for the record i did not do anything, i just lay there and let a legion of angels work on me. Raphael did the hardest part himself, moving the bone of my skull.

it was the strangest feeling in the world. i could literally hear the bone popping and cracking, and feel it too, but it didn’t hurt. as he worked he explained what he was doing to me. the lowest layers of bone pressing against my brain were being destroyed, and a new layer was being made on top, just under my skin and hair.

like a dumbass i moved my head a few times, putting pressure on the newly formed soft bone. since it was still soft it would have formed to the shape of whatever i placed upon it. thankfully i had called upon a being smarter and more understanding than myself so i kept my focus and did not move my head after those 3 times that i sank into comfort.

the entire process took about 6 to 7 hours spread over 2 days. after that i submitted to more treatments to repair brain tissue that had been destroyed by the lead.

my skull isn’t completely curved, its still flat in places, but its enough so that there is no longer pressure on my brain.

by now you’re wonder about the lead, i’m told it was mostly turned into silver, what was left over from that reaction was transmuted to iron.

silver and iron are VERY beneficial metals to have in the human body. silver breaks down viruses and bacteria and assists the immune system, and iron helps mostly with the proper function of the inner organs( liver, intestines, ect.)

all in all i am SO SOOO grateful to the archangel and his legion of healing spirits. if you’ve got a problem with your health and a shitload of time on your hands, maybe a lengthy evocation of Raphael and his legion is the right choice for you.


This is an incredible experience you had! Congratulations on such a miraculous event being called out of existence. This story is really encouraging, thank you for sharing it!


Did you ever go back to the doctor to verify what Raphael did? I mean I’m sure he worked on you but could there be any record of it showing your improvement?


wow that’s great

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i am blown away by this experience!!


Truly mindblowing!

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Wow!! Thank you for sharing…

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nice work mate hope i can heal my illness like that :slight_smile:

has any one elts had this kind of dramatic out come from magic?

Magick can change : the cells in your body morphs you mind and soul becomes stronger and new evolution of the mundane race

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