I have a disease and I need some advice

I know a woman with MS. Can I chant the demonic incantation “talak tala menzu etc” for her? Chanting while visualizing her, and requesting she be healed?


I really love this, it really struck a chord with me.


I’m not sure if you can use that incantation for another as i have never tried, but you can always give a go yourself.

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There’s a spiritual bath i’ve used way back that consists of yellow mustard powder, sugar and salt. I think you’re supposed to add these ingredients to a 1/2 gal. Of water and scrub/ wipe your self down( prayer/ set your intention) and rinse off. If memory serves i came across it on lucky mojo site.


Thanks everyone for replying with ideas.

Yep. Summoning is an issue. In the Prayer I read for Raphael also said that Asmodeus is scared of him (Book of Tobit reference I think). Yesterday I read a Prayer for Saint Nectarios where it said something like “demons fear him”. It also said there that everyone who asked him for help got healthy or at least people didn’t suffer too much. I feel like I should trust him because he did some miracles here in my country.
While reading the prayer I felt like I need to move a painting of Sigil of Saturn I offered to Azazel a long time ago. That’s not placed in my room anymore.

I’ll try.

I’m still scared to do something different than what my parents say. I’m almost 17, I feel like I must listen to them. I’m really scared of this bible quote: “A man also or woman that hath a familiar spirit, or that is a wizard, shall surely be put to death: they shall stone them with stones: their blood shall be upon them.”. I’m don’t feel like it’s a good idea to start pathworking now ;(

I thought that too but maybe we’re wrong. I still have a hope it will save me. I’m sure that hope and intent is really important here ;D I can’t really choose not to be a good Christian because this family.

I see what you mean … I wish I was enough powerful to choose myself but this fear I have right now is destroying me.

Thanks for your suggestion. You’re right. Changing the way I think / Changing the daily routine / Changing what I eat… I think being as healthy as I can is as efficient as healing magic. I need to get rid of this fear and raise my vibration naturally.

I guess so. Maybe this disease is a life lesson. It’s late now, surgeons are the only hope probably.

In a few hours I will receive the medical interpretation of the MRI scans I did yestarday to see what I have.

I was curious and I looked on the scan to see how my brain looks like and I saw really scary unusual things there. You can’t imagine how scared I was to see something abnormal like that without knowing what is it. Fear made my body shake all night

Here’s an interesting experience I had during the MRI. I had to stay 1h and 15m without making any move. I don’t remember it too well but I feel like Raphael came to me and said something like “Don’t worry, everything will be fine. Trust me”. Also said something like “I’m here. Call my name anytime you need my help”. Kinda helped me to relax. Also said something like “You should listen to your parents. They love you a lot.”. I asked Him if I will successfully stay without making any move in the MRI device and He said “Yes. You will be so happy after you finish.” and He was right. When the MRI finished I started laughing of happiness (I didn’t expect that). I don’t usually hear spirit’s voices so I asked Him if His appearance is real or is just my imagination but I completely forgot what He answered to this question.

Looks like the only thing I need to do is to be patient and calm down. I’m gonna abstain from using any divination to predict the result. I’m scared of the pain I’m gonna go through, not scared of death… but I also don’t wanna die because I’m too young and I have a lots of things to do. If I die trusting God I will go to nice astral places such as Christian Heaven I guess.

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17’s very young to be diagnosed with MS? Are the doctors certain?

I’m not doubting your word, just truly curious.

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Ah. I was gonna ask how old you were. It’s OK to listen to your parents, but it does not mean you have to believe everything they believe.

If they won’t “allow” you to do rituals – do you have a private space (your own bedroom, or a locked bathroom) where you could do them? If your time is limited you could look to things like the Gallery of Magick’s works; Mystical Words of Power, or Sigils of Power and Transformation, which do not take much time to complete.

I don’t really have the privacy to speak loudly when I perform rituals either, or to chant/vibrate mantras. Try performing the rituals silently, speaking words with your “inner voice” and imagine it loud and resonant so that it touches the far corners of the universe. Or simply whisper to yourself. Or, consider an astral temple. If you search this forum for “astral temple” you should find a good few mentions.

Please don’t be afraid. Do not take the bible literally. IMO, this passage relates back to the 10 commandments. “Thou shalt worship no other god before me / do not worship false idols”. Now, keep in mind that when Moses asked the Lord what he should say to the Israelites, the Lord said to Moses: “I AM WHO I AM. Tell them, ‘I AM has sent me to you’.”

The God of the bible is I AM. Say this to yourself: “I am”. Repeat it. “I AM”. That is God. Your conscious awareness of being, unconditioned.

Now you get to choose what to place after it. What are you? “I am wealthy”, “I am in perfect health”, “I am loved by my family”. That is the essence of God.

Re: Raphael; in my experience, no matter where you are or how you call him, he will hear you. If you cannot vibrate or chant his name, then, again, call with your “inner voice”, and imagine your inner voice booming so loudly that it reaches the far corners of the universe. RA-PHA-EL.

You might also wanna check out the book Archangels of Magick.


Honestly, when it comes to magick, hope doesn’t really cut it. “We” aren’t wrong. The Christian god is one god among many. If you choose to put your entire life in his hands thats your choice. But from my experience, you get better results when you command the spirits for change to come over hoping to them that they show you mercy

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You’re right. I did choose just to ask for help and I’m sure Saints will help me.

Thank you. I flipped through them, they are useful. I will probably do the Healing Ritual in a few days if I feel it’s necessary.

Yep, I always talk to him with my mind’s voice

I haven’t received the concrete response yet… nobody interpreted the MRI scans. Maybe tomorrow I will receive more details. 3 days ago I just went to a neurologist and she suspects I have MS. My symptoms are similar with the ones from brain tumor too. Above my brain I saw something weird on the MRI but I’m not an expert and I don’t know what is that. My mom (family doctor) thinks it’s just a big, dilated blood vessel that presses on the brain and gives me that tingling feeling in the legs… But I also don’t see really good with the right eye (my eye doctor thinks it’s neuritis, a common thing for MS).

The probability to have MS is under 0.5% for my age. I was young and stupid so probably I abused curses and failed some of them and they got back to me? Or maybe I’ve been cursed by someone ?? I don’t think so cause I have a magic mirror on my altar that reflects all curses and negative thoughts, I also used to do anti curse baths every month… (I’m a kinda “well-known” occultist in my city, a lot people hate me and a lot of people love me … I wouldn’t be surprised if I find out that somebody cursed me).

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That is a potential aneurysm and needs attention. It could have something to do with your symptoms.

(Note: am not a doctor)

I hope you get good news for your health mate. Best of luck with Raphael and the other rituals.


I don’t care who they are, they’re not gonna stop me from being healthy.


Incredible work! Everything about this image and sigil is beautifully provocative. I look forward to engaging with her in pathworking. :pray:t3:


@sanaRo thanks again for posting and @Alinal I agree with you did the pathworking and had and have a good feeling :slight_smile:

What’s going on out there is no joke, now is the time to be fully covered and protected against all the madness.


I can’t speak for what is right for you. However, in my experience, when family members tell you that they know what God is thinking, usually they are just trying to get you to do what they want.

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ty every1 for replies. looks like I have an aneurysm + multiple sclerosis.
i started treatment today. interesting coincidence: im at a hospital for kids and above my bed is this sticker, randomly.


the probability of that being here is really really low.
ill change my routine, food and completely heal. Saints are helping me, symptoms are getting better.

i also found this crystal to help with ms

the problem that worries me is the next covid wave. I hope I will not be vulnerable


I hope things get better for you now that you are getting some treatment.

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So, I confessed my sins, I visited some churches, kissed relics, prayed daily (almost) and I changed my diet to a gluten free and sugar free one.

A miracle happened. Recently, I did an brain angiography (medical imaging technique used to visualize the inside, or lumen, of blood vessels and organs of the body) and the aneurysm magically dissappeared. The doctors are kinda confused because the MRI showed something else before… The only thing they saw was just some skull erosion where the aneurysm was located.

Also, the brain demyelination from the multiple sclerosis disease slowly dissapears. The brain starts to look normal and I didn’t even start the treatment. We think this disease it’s because of a virus but nobody can really tell where is it from. I hope I will completely get rid of MS


  • I realized that I did the medical tests on the date of the Feast of Saint Paraskeva of the Balkans (we prayed to her for healing)
  • My family unexpectedly received some medical tests results on another holy date related to Saint Paraskeva of the Balkan.
  • I also realized that I went to the city where the hospital is located exactly on the date of the Feast of Saint Nectarios of Aegina (I prayed to him a lot of times)
  • 3 normal pigeons (probably the Saints?) and a White Pigeon (the Divine) appeared at my window 10 minutes before the medical investigation took place (it’s kinda crazy, they looked at me until the investigation was over)
  • At school, at the religion education class, I was texting someone on the phone about the fact that I had been praying to Saint Ephraim the martyr and the teacher unexpectedly started talking about the Saint Ephraim the martyr. What are the chances of that!? That was a really good opportunity for me to publicly tell the teacher and whole class about the help I got from the Saint and that’s exactly what I did

It’s an interesting experience. I’m really thankful.


i dont know these saints, but if they helped, im glad

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I’m sorry, @WanderingMonk but you cannot offer medical advice on this forum. It is against the rules and is a huge liability for its owners.

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Oh sorry about it, i ll keep it in mind.